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  1. I was born on base. my dad was air force mom is turkish i am american citizen by american soil. I work for UPS united parcel service, and its pretty much a deadend when asking them about a transfer. so i looked online and found no numbers to the UPS there. Now if i were to get a job transfer would i have to get a work permit? I was kind of hoping that (and remember im just dreaming) that they would love to have a person transfer who speaks turkish and speaks englsh, and who is already fully trained to do the job. i know as easy it is to picture that, that usually isn't the case. but my aunt just opened up a resturant too and she wants me to help her out too idk how i would go about that. then there is my Grandmother in the village i want to be with and look after. My career is important to me as i invested alot of time with them. but my family will always overrule that, if i can't get a transfer
  2. I Apologize if i posted this in the wrong place. I was wondering how likely it would be for a business to accept a transfer from America? I want to be closer to my family and and have my kids experience living in Turkey for a while. Or would it be easier to find a decent job there?
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