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  1. Hi! Ok so here goes nothing, im trying to get as many opinions as possible to help me make a decision, i know at the end of the day it's up to me. So in July i went on holiday to turkey and believe all the stereotypical talk that all the turkish are after visa's etc and i did see a lot that with some of the men. I never thought anything of it and just continued to be myself as you do on holiday. I added them all on facebook and would talk to them occasionally, especially one of them. I started of talking to him as i would anyone else but it slowly turned into flirting. I found myself smiling everytime i saw i had a message from him. and before you say 'Oh wise up he's turkish he's only after one thing', thats what i thought to but i just saw it as some harmless flirting with someone i'd never see again Again things slowly progressed and i found myself sexting him (no pictures - i wouldn't do that) and i guess what i'm saying i found myself falling for him. But here's the thing at first he asked me to come visit him in october when we first started chatting, and in my head i just though oh yeah think im gonna over in october at the end of hotel season for his entertainment. I know this is bad but i lead him to believe i would come over if my mum would let me. But anyway we continued to talk and i could tell you nearly everything there is to know about him. and then one night i got extremely drunk and snogged this guy and someone put a picture on facebook and i woke up to the message of 'nice picture' and he stopped talking to me. When i continually apologized until he admitted he was hurt as he thought we really liked each other.... He knows i am a virgin and told me that he would like to be my first and maybe my last. He's so sweet and my best friend also thinks he is genuine. I also know that he has had an english girlfriend before which lasted for 3 years... We have been messaging nearly everyday and he has asked to do skype so we can talk, and that is all i will do! but to be honest i find myself falling for him and i think he is genuine, he wants me to come in feburary to see him over his birthday and while he is in his hometown... My only worry is that if i go over in feburary is that he'll be expecting certain things which makes me nervous...... please give me your thoughts
  2. Hii, ok so in july i went on holiday to turkey and absolutely loved it! The hotel staff were all really nice especially one of the guys, i only got to speak to him near the end of the holiday as one of the other hotel staff were all over me :/ but anyway he was always nice to me and getting me up to dance and throwing me into the pool etc. I never thought much about it and just that he was doing his job, he flirts with everyone its his job, however one night he came and asked me why i wasnt wearing a bra with my dress....ive heard worse....anyways He added me on facebook etc. When i got home we never really facebook chatted but he was always liking the pictures i was posting of myself on nights out with my friends etc. He posted a picture of himself and i commented on it, later one i got a message asking what my comment meant (it was letters like YMCA) i explained it to him and when he got it we started talking and he told me he really liked me etc but the other guy from the hotel was always around me. He asked me did i like him and i said he was nice to talk to and all (i did like him but i didnt want to come right out and say it) but i did say you say that to everyone as thats what my mum had drilled into my head but he got quite annoyed and kept saying he wasnt like that and how could he prove to me that he wasnt like that. But we kept talking and he kept saying he liked me and wishes he was here with me and that i could come over to him etc. I also know that he had a long term relationship with a girl from england and it doesnt seem he cheated on her, however she was able to go over for whole summers etc and even if things did progress for us my mum would never allow it. However i am planning on visiting again next year and staying in the same hotel which he works. I understand that summer romances are doomed but yeah... I do like him and as cheesy as it sounds i do smile when i see he has messaged me! I am 19 and ive never had a boyfriend so im a little naive but at the same time im not stupid but it is always nice to have some interested in you. I guess i just want to talk it through with someone as i do not know if he is being serious or not and i cant talk to my mum or anyone about i know they do not think the turkish are serious etc. so yeah just what you guys would do in place?
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