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  1. Hi guys, I am about to apply for a resident permit at Istanbul. Can any one tell me whether my passport will be stuck during this process, or do they return the passport after the submission of the application and the necessary documents?
  2. Fusions, In my opinion your above stated observations as stated in the overview are correct. I was once involved in Turkish real estate for a short period of time, offering Istanbul real estate to overseas clients. During that period, I came across many foreigners who were tricked by their agents, it was sad listening to their ordeals, pretty decent people getting scammed by estate agents. Guy like myself couldn't simply carry forward.. so finally decided to take an exit. check the website www.turkeymyhome.com Regards, Silkroute
  3. Hi guys, I wish to know the names of those TV channels that are broadcasting local Turkish new in English. I would appreciate.. Silkroute
  4. Hi guys, I am wondering if someone could teach me some basic turkish phrases in order to manage life in Turkey. I would prefer online or Skype lessons Regards, Silikroute
  5. Noorah, Please don't hesitate to invest in Turkey. All is going well, Turkey has the strongest economy in the region.
  6. Walikum Asalam Criss. I am not a family lawyer but can share with you my experience. In Turkey definitely a divorce takes a longer time if one of the partner wants to delay. I guess it could stretch anywhere between 2-3 years. I would like to share with you my Soap Opera, it might sound amusing.. I am married to a Turkish lady since several years. Unfortunately due to our differences plus an on going situation my travel abroad was restricted from the country of my residence with the result we drifted apart. I heard recently that she went to another country and managed to marry a gentleman abroad as polyandry isn't legal in Turkey. The funny bit is that we both are still legally married in Turkey and our marriage stands registered in Turkey. What i mean to say, If there is a will then definitely there is a way DIVORCES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN - Oscar Wilde.
  7. I am no economist or a fund manager, in my opinion the International players and the global money market is playing with the Turkish Lira as it showed vulnerability. I heard from some close quarters, the money markets around the world have made fortunes while simply trading against the TL, taking advantage of the situation. There is no doubt that the inflows of US dollar and foreign exchange investments shrunk , tourism sector took a hit, hence putting more pressure on the economy. In my opinion Turkey has strong fundamentals, having large young population and a broad based economy, stronger than majority of the European economies. I see a come back around 3.0 level range by the middle of this year.
  8. In my opinion by the middle of 2017 the central districts of Istanbul would see a correction between 10-20%. while the other emerging districts and newer developments could see a decline between 25-35% . The best time to take a decision would be around August 2017 as the market trend will be more transparent. This bearish trend will inevitably bring property prices down significantly in the southern coastal regions. It will be all win win for the buyers as the Turkish Lira will continue showing its weakness.
  9. Hi, Seems there a situation.. unfortunately I can't figure out your question.
  10. Ayman,Yasmin & Suse,some good news for the buyers. Pl read this news article. http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/istanbuls-housing-prices-decline-amid-oversupply.aspx? PageID=238&NID=107308&NewsCatID=345
  11. In my opinion Esenyurt has some small pockets of unpleasant areas, by in large one of the cleaner districts of istanbul with a well planned infrastructure having adequate educational and medical facilities, perhaps aesthetically not so pleasing as compared to its neighbouring districts. Istanbul stands amongst the largest cities in Europe, having a diverse culture and a growing population. Its unfair to label Esenyurt as a Slum. Personally I have been visiting Esenyurt year after year, while I was involved in the real estate. One of the most prestigious residential projects are located here,i.e Koza Park, Akkoza,Delta Deluxe, Future Park. Eviva,Crown Palace by Babacan and so on. Talking about slums, you would be surprised to see slums and ghettos in the middle of prestigious districts such as Sisli and Fatih. Avcilar has more slums as compared to Esenyurt, while Kucukcekmece has good and bad neighbourhoods. I would rank Esenyurt as a reasonably good middle class district of Istanbul, having quick access to the main highways the E5, E6 and the Marmara sea.
  12. Knowing Ken, he wouldn't recommend someone,without a background check. My friend has recommended the following neighbourhoods that might be considered upscale. 1. Kleopatra 2. Tosmur 3. Oba
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