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  1. Merhaba everyone, not sure where to post this but have a question... Hubby is coming for a UK visit in Jan and flights are so expensive. He is thinking of booking with ukraine international where he has to stop at Ukraine (and stay in the airport for connecting flight to gatwick) he is worried he can't do this but I said his visa allows him to travel from istanbul to Gatwick any way. Just not sure if I'm correct. Would appreciate any information. Thank you xx
  2. Merhaba! :0) Sorry to be annoying, sure your fed up with visa posts...:0( I want to invite kocam to UK for Xmas with me, just for 2 weeks and we are going to apply for a two week visa. He has no interest in living here and I will be moving there next year. Anyway, he has a letter from his employer, 3-6 months payslips and bank statements, his id card updated to married. I'm confused about what to say and provide for the invitation to UK letter as all my research says different things. So if anyone can help I would be so so thankful. (I work night shifts so not the sharpest knife in the drawer so to speak haha) x
  3. Aaw thank you... I've been quoted 267-500 sterling and that's so expensive.... Hubby said to wait as prices will go down, they normally do but am worried they won't. I'm fly into to sabhia gokcen before holiday in marmaris then to visit in-laws in Konya. and most I've paid is 150! X Have to fly either 16/9 or 17/9 x
  4. Merhaba ) I'm just wondering if prices to Istanbul go down? I'm flying out to see my husband 17\9 and at the moment prices are high. Never had this problem before.do I book now in case prices go up or chance they will come down? Thought I'd ask in case someone knows more about flights and seasons etc x
  5. Jen

    Turkish Ring Size

    Merhaba! Am after some advice, hope someone can help ) My BF wants to buy me a ring and I am a UK size J. But I cannot find a ring size converter for Turkish sizes anywhere on the net... Any advice would be much appriciated xx
  6. Can anyone recommend where I can get a good flight and hotel deal from Gatwick to Turkey?
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