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  1. Hi Mohsin; I think you are overthinking about this whole flirting thing in Turkey. Don't think too much about what to do, what to say etc. just get things going like normal when you two meet. I mean just be yourself, act like how you normally act, do what you normally do. For instance if you are hungry when you two meet, go to a cafe/restaurant and actually have some food. If you (you and her) not hungry then go grab some coffee or go to Devrim Stadium if you'll meet at ODTU :). Have fun during whatever you will be doing - don't be so nervous about dating and relationships. As for Turkish girls (I mean the modern ones and assuming that your date is a modern thinking girl as well), they like to be friends first so don't be judgmental about being friends before taking things seriously. I guess that you quickly want to get things seriously since you are searching for a girl/woman whom you can spend your life with but the thing is that Turkish girls (actually most of the girls around the world) wants to be friends before jumping into a serious relationship. I couldn't understand your thoughts about everyone having close friends and/or multiple friends. I think it's absolutely normal for a university student to have a lot of friends/connections and I also think it's a good thing. Anyway, hope my comments will help. Briefly, I advise you to stay calm and relaxed, have fun and don't think to get married with a person before your first date Cheers, Emre.
  2. Hi Amy; Firstly, Let me say that both of the incidents are not harmless in fact they are clearly harassment. I'm sorry for what you've gone through during your time in Turkey. I feel ashamed on behalf of those primitive f.cking idiots as a Turkish man. Unfortunately this is the reality in Turkey - Sad but true. You can only be safe in a few central and good neighborhoods in Turkey like some parts of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir (most parts), Antalya, Bodrum etc. As for your frustration not saying "f.ck off" and things like that to those harassers, I'm glad that you didn't since they wouldn't take you seriously and they might have laughed because you got angry. I can also emphasize that you couldn't defend yourself for some reason that you are in Turkey because similar thing happened to me in Aberdeen a couple of months ago. My experience wasn't a sexual harassment but to sum it up a couple man took my turn in taxi line by force and threw beer bottles from the car to me while swearing with no reason. I would normally defend myself with whatever it takes in Turkey but all I did was looking them with empty eyes - very frustrating. I stopped myself without a conscious decision because I was in another country (in which I entered with VISA) and wanted to stay out of trouble. Anyway, once again I'm very sorry that you've gone through a serious couple of incidents and I apologize on behalf of those worthless persons if it helps.
  3. I know a lot of foreign chefs (I don't know them personally) working at 5 star hotels in Istanbul. You can try to contact them. They might show you the way.
  4. Hi Rebecca; You're 18, he's 21. It's just a summer crush with a guy who works in a hotel. Don't think that this is real love or some kind of miracle. Hope I could choose the words not to offend you. Emre.
  5. I think Cesme has already become another Bodrum. I've been going there since 2003 and last 3 years I noticed that it became new Bodrum. Rich but mannerless and fool Turkish tourists racing their money against each other at luxurious but cheesy beaches, clubs and restaurants etc.
  6. "uneducated" tells everything. I'm sorry that guys like this one make people think all of the Turkish Men are like that.
  7. Hi Ken; It seems that you've put a lot of effort and experience for this article. I'll read it and comment as a Turkish man when I have time.
  8. Firstly, welcome to Turkey; Turkiye'ye hosgeldin. Well, I'm sure that you'll see landmarks and popular places in Istanbul such as Galata Tower, Sultanahmet, maybe Ciragan and Topkapi Palaces etc. I'll try to recommend you some places and restaurants for shopping, entertainment etc. As a local, I strongly advise you to go to Taksim Asmalimescit region for nightlife. Not only there are plenty of bars, pubs, clubs but also you can see people from all around the world having fun in streets & places. Just be a little bit careful since Istanbul is a dangerous city Of course you'll see İstiklal Caddesi in Taksim in which you can find anything you want :)For shopping, you'll see a lot of shopping malls. A few of good ones are Zorlu Center AVM, Kanyon AVM, Istinye Park Avm. All of these shopping malls are located in European side of Istanbul. You should also go to Rumeli Hisari, there are good restaurants there. Especially you should have breakfast at Kale Restaurant or Lokma Restaurant with brilliant Bosphorus view. Then you can walk to Bebek Sahili by coast line. Have a coffee in Bebek Starbucks which is nearby the sea. You can also have lunch/ dinner in nearby restaurants such as Kirinti. I also recommend Beşiktaş Çarşı where good breakfast restaurants, shops etc. are located. Another day you can go to Akin Balık at Galata. It's a seafood restaurant nearby the sea. Good view, tasty food with fair prices. As for Anatolian side, You should go to Bağdat Caddesi in Kadıköy where you can find good shops, restaurants. You can take a walk and/or hang out with your friends in Caddebostan Coast which is very close to Kadikoy. Well that's pretty much what I do when I go to Istanbul Hope these advises helps. Have fun.
  9. Well, you know half a dozen languages with logistics experience. That's impressive. If I were you, I would work for an oil company in UAE or US, make a lot of money (maybe millions) in 5 years and then move to Turkey as a rich person Of course you can find job(s) here, even the jobs matching your experience for instance big logistics companies or holdings but salaries and working hours/conditions in Turkey will not satisfy you. Here you've read a feedback from a Turk.
  10. Hey Happyyabanci; Lovegame is almost the same in every country. I think you should play it cool. Turkish girls have "affirmative action" on foreigners and you'll definitely get her. Just be cool.
  11. Hi Greg; I'm a 27 yo Turkish Man. Honestly thinking, you do not need any advice for this situation. Your thoughts are completely sound and logical. Seems to me, only case you two try to make this relationship work is as follows: You arrange her a social work (non paid but helps to get visa), a graduate program at any university near you, or even a cheap language school or something enables her to come to the UK. So she moves to UK temporarily, looks for a job and/or work permit while studying (or doing whatever). If she makes it and also if she will be happy to live in UK (leaving all her friends and family in Turkey) then maybe you will have a future. Odds are low but I still think it's worth a try since living in UK for her will somehow be fancy and prestigious (I guess). Good luck.
  12. Flight prices from marmaris to istanbul depend on how early you buy the ticket. Nonetheless going by car will take around 13 hours and i wouldn't recommend you to do that. Both flying and going by car will cost you approx. Same amount but of course flying will be easier. If you are a brave person, rent a car and drive with sightseeing.
  13. Generally speaking, we don't hate all people of any nation. For instance Turks do not hate USA or American people. Maybe they hate political moves of US or other countries. Me? I hate all politics in the world.
  14. Well Iky, I can tell you that you should not look for 100 % matching translates between Turkish and English since 2 languages have different grammar structures. I'm not a Turkish Instructor but I'll try to clarify your confussion: Merdivendeyken dikkatli ol. Ken is the suffix meaning "while". So the translation is "be careful while you are on the stairs". Gelsin ki görsün - He should come so that he see it. Where he comes from? in this sentence, "he" is the "hidden subject" which is not written with the sentence. You may also translate this sentence as "she should come so the she see it" because there is no differentiation exists about "he" and "she" in Turkish. hope this helps. good luck.
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