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  1. We also ran away from Bodrum after experiencing it for 18 months! And we looked for anywhere off the Bodrum Peninsula! We live in one of the small villages about 10km from Koycegiz and find it perfect. Koycegiz itself is growing fast - mostly Turkish escaping the cities - and becoming more crowded, although for many it is still considered a quiet small town. In actual fact, Koycegiz does not have a large expat population - probably not as many as Dalyan which I consider very touristy in summer and too quiet in winter, with many places closed. And nowhere near the level of Bodrum, or even Fethiye and Marmaris! Koycegiz is a market town that is active all year round and we go there for shopping or a meal out by the lake - there is also a beach if you want to swim in the lake or go caneoing, etc. One of the benefits of being in this area is that we are away from the main tourist areas and yet within easy reach if we want the "city" - one hour to Fethiye in one direction, or Marmaris in the other, and one hour from the capital Mugla, 40 mins to Dalaman airport. We have the beauty of the lake, which I swim in all year round, many close by beaches, and the thermal pools and mud baths which we visit at least once a week throughout the year. And I haven't noticed too many mosquitoes! We have been here five years now and wouldn't consider moving - even though we're a bit off the beaten track (the more off the better as far as I'm concerned!) Good luck to you in your search!
  2. Just over a week to the next Koycegiz WOW! meeting on 4 October. Everyone welcome - you just need basic English to join in so it's a good opportunity to explore something new and practice the language too! Share, chat, relax, learn, enjoy, mingle, chill, meet...... 11 am to 1 pm. Dogusbelen - Close to Koycegiz, and on the Dolmus route. Hope to see you! https://www.facebook.com/events/297747473762971/?ref=2ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
  3. Just over a week to go before the next meeting! Looks like it won't be quite so hot then, thank goodness! Those of you who attended last time and have done the work on the personal energy shield, don't forget to bring it along for the completion. We'll be discussing Shamanism and what a Shamanic journey is all about. It should be an interesting discussion - two people have done Shamanic journeys on the medicine wheel since the last meeting. If anyone wants directions let me know; plenty of parking and the dolmus from Koycegiz takes about 25 minutes and stops 5 mins. walk away. Hope to see some new faces! https://www.facebook.com/events/1442824912629893
  4. Saturday 6 September is WOW! day.... Mark it in your calendar now. 11am to 1pm in Dogusbelen, close to Koycegiz The topic chosen by those at the last meeting is SHAMANISM. So if you want to discuss the what's, why's, and wherefore's of Shamanism, do come along. The more the merrier! No charge for attending, plenty of parking, close to Koycegiz and on the dolmus route from Koycegiz. https://www.facebook...442824912629893
  5. Oil wrestling competitions taking place next Saturday 16 August! They are being held in Kavaklidere this time, just beyond Mugla. Definitely worth going - I really enjoyed the last ones. We have painters and plumbers working in our house at the moment, but if they've all gone by Saturday, I'll definitely be there!
  6. Ammo, how many countries have you lived in? I'm guessing from this thread that you've never lived anywhere other than Turkey before. I've lived (lived in, not visited) Sweden, Libya, India, Swaziland, Egypt, Jamaica, Turkey, and the UK. While not perfect, the UK is far from being the "most sh*tty country in the world". There are others on my list that qualify better for that! Until you've had more experience you can't expect your comments and your opinion to be taken seriously. Grow up! (and if you hate it so much, just go home....)
  7. I've heard from someone else from Holland that they take away your old driving license. Not in my experience for a British license - maybe it's for other European licenses? My husband and I went together to get a Turkish licence for me (he is Turkish) We went first to the traffic office in the Belediye and asked what they wanted. Then we got a notarised translation of the paper part of my British license, went to the village surgery to get the eye test certificate, got a couple of photos, and a photocopy of my British blood donor card showing my blood group. Took everything back to the traffic office and I think we collected the Turkish licence the next day. They did not ask for my British license - they had the notarised copy, and it didn't have to go anywhere to be verified! Obviously no standard procedure! If they do take away your original license, can you report it lost back in your own country and get a replacement? Having said how easy that was - I've tried now applying for a motor cycle licence and am stuck because I can't produce a secondary school leaving certificate! Such things aren't issued in British Schools. I have GCE certificates, but god knows where they are and whether they'd be acceptable! And bear in mind, I already have a Turkish driving licence which, logically, requires that I am able to read and write - or am I missing something??
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