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  1. Selam everyone! This is my first time using this forum but I'm in awe and in need for some expert advice! I am an American woman(I have no religion, I wasn't baptized) and I am dating a turkish man(a Muslim). We have been together 10 months now, and we've been through several hardships. When we first got together I was 2 months pregnant. I now have a 2 months old baby girl. For the first few months we had certain disagreements about things. He didn't want to take part in anything that had to do with my pregnancy he said or with the baby e always said it wast his daughter. However, he still took me to doctor appointments and now that she is here he loves her unconditionally. He calls her his own and says she is the start of our family. One of our biggest issues is my past. It's hard for knowing that I was with anyone besides him, seein I am his first. And I know that in the Muslim religion a huge thing is not having sex before marriage or whoever you do you must marry, so I've heard. He also doesn't let me do certain things, I can't go anywhere without him, I can't wear anything that's somewhat provocative, and anyone in my past is a no no. Even though he is a bit controlling, I know he truly loves me. He proves it to me everyday. He tells me he wants noting but me. He's needs me and I am his life. And I love him so much, too. I've always been mistreated in relationships and for once I am happy. He wants me to read the Quran he thinks I'd love the Muslim religion. He tells me not to do it for him but to give it a chance. We've talked about marriage and I want it as much as him. He wants us to move to his city though, seeing we both live in the US now. I'm just concerned. For my daughter, for myself. If we do marry, I'm not sure on rights in Turkey, and I've heard a lot of bad stories about American woman marrying Muslim men. I didn't know if this was turkish Muslim or another country or does it even differ? Mostly looking for opinions. Please and thank you.
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