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  1. Saed

    Let us meet !

    Hello Ken I tried before to organize such meetings but there was no sufficient expats in Mersin
  2. Mersin has now 14 private fully licensed Arabic school where Arabic is the main teaching language for kids from kindergarten until high school. These schools teach Arabic, English and Turkish and mainly they serve Syrian students and other Arab students. These schools were set up by Syrian businessmen who moved to Turkey because of the civil war raging in Syria nowadays, they started new life in Mersin and with it new schools, shops , restaurants and other related businesses. * Pictures are from Success Way private school in Mezitli / Mersin
  3. Here you have more pictures of Mersin, they are free copyrighted, so they are available for everyone.
  4. Hi Janey Yes by all means... I have more and I am very happy to share them with you.
  5. Saed

    Let us meet !

    Hello everyone I tried before to organize meeting for expats in Mersin, but because there is NO enough expats here, we could not make it, now, I am inviting those interested to register their interest here and we shall agree on a time. Also, local Turks are very welcome to join us and practice their English skills.
  6. Saed

    Mersin Meets up !

    Hello Edibe, We can arrange a meets up soon.. I shall start a post about this.
  7. I dont have instagram, but I will put them here from time to time. Indeed, Mersin is hidden Jewell, so virgin and so beautiful.
  8. Thank you Ken... Mersin is really stunning, it has amazing beautiful sea side stretching 12 km filled with gardens and playing grounds for children.
  9. Hidden Jewell on the Mediterranean... Mersin is shining as never before.
  10. Hello and welcome to Mersin. I sent you PM.
  11. Got it and replied back.. Good Luck
  12. Hello sam, Since you can speak Arabic, there are many professional Syrian doctors living and working here in Mersin, they can help you a lot, many of them have American boards in their specialization, top class doctors really.
  13. Saed

    Mersin Meets up !

    Ok, so is anyone interested in organizing some meets up ??
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