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  1. Saed

    Let us meet !

    Hello Ken I tried before to organize such meetings but there was no sufficient expats in Mersin
  2. Mersin has now 14 private fully licensed Arabic school where Arabic is the main teaching language for kids from kindergarten until high school. These schools teach Arabic, English and Turkish and mainly they serve Syrian students and other Arab students. These schools were set up by Syrian businessmen who moved to Turkey because of the civil war raging in Syria nowadays, they started new life in Mersin and with it new schools, shops , restaurants and other related businesses. * Pictures are from Success Way private school in Mezitli / Mersin
  3. Here you have more pictures of Mersin, they are free copyrighted, so they are available for everyone.
  4. Hi Janey Yes by all means... I have more and I am very happy to share them with you.
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