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  1. Thank you so much Sunny I had got myself so mixed up with all the info I couldn't process it Thanks Dawn
  2. Hi all we hope to be coming to Turkey next year and bringing a car with us ive read so many posts im now totally confused.As it stands im British but having been married to a Turk for 6 years I can apply for my residency permit.My husband now has a British passport and a Turkish one. We want to bring a BMW about 10 years old right hand drive and stay for 6 months.1 Do we just arrive at the border with our car papers?2Do we have to register with Turing.3What is the estimated cost if this is so.thank you for any help you can give as I am slowly going bonkers Dawn
  3. Thanks for that I just had a look its not too badly priced about 600 euros from Villach Austria to Istanbul for 2 adults 1 car nearly 900 milesthanks Dawn
  4. Hello We are hoping to come and live in Turkey next year and I am looking at the easiest way to drive there.I would have loved to drive the Italy/ Izmir route but its not in service anymore. Now we have Turkish tv at home and my OH has seen an advert for the car train from Germany to Istanbul.Has anyone used this or have any information about it.??? thanks Dawn
  5. Thank you Sunny. In retrospect I think I will do the 6 month stay it seems to be the easiest for me and if in the future we live in Turkey full time I will sell my car and get a banger there. Now for question 2 has anyone used the car train from Dusseldorf to Istanbul that looks like a good way to travel.Not so much hastle Dawn
  6. Thanks for the replies I thought if I was retired I could bring the car for 2 years? and have you any idea how much insurance will cost and any other pitfalls I could encounter.Turkish citizenship isn't an option at this time as my langusge is minimal
  7. Hello I am retired and I intend to spend next summer in Turkey I want to take my car with me. Now I have been reading other posts and I am getting mixed up. Can some one give me any advice. I am married to a Brit/Turk and can apply for my kimlik if needed Thanks Dawn
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