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  1. New military service conditions (Turkish) https://www.devletdestekli.com/askerde-tezkere-birakma/#yeni-askerlik-sistemi-2022-tezkere-birakma
  2. Yes, quite possible, Mimi... it did cross my mind too, since there seemed to be no record of anyone searching for it!
  3. I believe the required term was shortened about 3 years ago (?) to 6 months. One of the boys working at the pazar went for his service for 12 months, but when the new rule was introduced he was discharged immediately as he had already served 7 months...
  4. If you have a name, perhaps you could try if they have a record on social media?
  5. I'd be somewhat suspicious in these circumstances, but would hesitate to judge before finding out more information. Surely your girlfriend's sister, to whom you sent the money, would be keeping you up to date with what's happening, & should be answering your questions..? Hope it all turns out OK..
  6. How about this one... https://wise.com/ You can use it in Turkey..
  7. Stein, it's certainly not impossible for a Turkish guy to marry a foreigner.... there are many here married to Turks (myself included). The main difficulty may be the family, how strict they are regarding religious & cultural traditions. Perhaps your guy's family have expectations for him to marry a "certain kind of girl", meaning someone like them, from their own community. If this is the case, much as he may see you as a favourable match for himself, he hesitates, knowing his family's views. As Mimi says, he will marry you if he decides he really loves you. All the best..
  8. Hi Stein, I totally agree with above advice. You are in love with someone you can't really know until you meet him in person, and meet his family as well. That way you will see his background & decide if he's actually what you are imagining him to be....
  9. Just seen this update on rents in today's Hürriyet : https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/lawyers-warn-against-illicit-rental-price-raise-169876
  10. If it's something really important or urgent to send, there's always cargo... but it's very (I mean very outrageously) expensive..!
  11. Hi Acell, sorry to hear of your family's predicament. Can't help you much but I suggest you approach your family doctor (or SGK) to find answers. HES codes last up to 365 days (depends on how long you requested them for in the first place). Once they expire you can immediately get a new one by typing HES(space)kimlikNo(space)Last 4 digits of seri No of kimlik(space)365 & send the message to 2023. You'll get a reply within about a minute. The 365 is for a year but you can enter a lower number if you wish. Sorry unable to be more help, good luck & geçmiş olsun!
  12. Hi Bunny, welcome! A lot of scams happen electronically, including romantic scams. And electronic translations are not guaranteed to express the true meaning of what was intended. So he is talking of marriage already through a language app after only a month? Red flag! Nothing is really real until you see a person in real life & get to know them. A live phone chat, where you can actually see him talking & interacting with you (even if you don't understand), might give you a clearer picture. But sorry to say, I personally wouldn't take this as anything serious, but as always, it's up to you to decide, of course. Please take care!
  13. Still doesn't make sense Chris. I really wonder in what way it could possibly be pandemic-related, but it's a good excuse to provide! Slow as it may be, the supply chain is still moving, so why not snail mail?
  14. Very strange! Might it have something to do with Covid, I wonder? Outbreaks in the UK & some EU countries appear to be surging...
  15. Bills can arrive anytime (at least they do here in Çeşme), whenever they feel like it ! If your Turkcell Plan is pay-as-you-go (I thought they were for 30 days?), you can let it roll over automatically simply by making sure you have enough credit loaded on in time..
  16. Annual Emlak Vergisi is paid at your local Belediye office, so that would be at the Kepez Belediyesi if that's where you live. The Büyükşehir Belediyesi would be in the main town & is for the whole province of Antalya.. Each belediye usually has its own website, so try looking there. You'll need your kimlik number & a password to log in..
  17. Buy the ticket & activate whenever we want? Never heard of this being available in Turkey, although there was such a system in place in the UK when I was there a few years ago. One could buy credit without reference to any phone number, then activate it onto any mobile phone. And the ticket came with detailed instructions too. Yes, the phone companies don't care if you overlap your packets, nor do the cashiers if you buy them at supermarkets..
  18. I agree with Mimi, it almost sounds like he has cut you off, for whatever reason. If he has your contact details he would have contacted you, if he had wanted. Might be a good idea to forget him...
  19. Whew! What a lot of banks! And not very fruitful. About 16 years ago (not long after we came here), a friend from back home came to visit us for 2 weeks. When he saw the high interest rates compared to back home, he decided to make a modest investment, & managed to open an account at our local Ziraat branch with not too much trouble. Using his passport he got a local tax number & these 2 documents were sufficient for the bank (in those days at least). Sorry not much help as things have changed a lot since then. Hope you can find a sensible staff member at one of those banks to advise you...
  20. YES! They say things like Allah Allah! or Allahımmm! Definitely the equivalent of OMG!
  21. Balık baştan kokuyor = The fish smells from the head down. Often used in referring to political corruption...
  22. Yes, wasting food is a sacrilege. At home we never throw leftovers out. I even save the peelings from fruit & veg to give away to neighbours for their chooks (read chickens). Everything should be recycled. And yes, anyone is entitled to take home whatever is uneaten at restaurants... after all, they have paid for it!
  23. You can say that again Alejandra! Property prices here in Çeşme have skyrocketed. You can't find even a tiny flat for less than a million!
  24. Oh dear, MissMoss, that is just horrendous! That's not a proper doctor but rather a ruthless businessman trying to cheat you out of money, without regard for your well-being! If only it was possible to write public reviews of one's experiences at hospitals, like they do with hotels! Really sorry to hear about the terrible ways it has affected your life. I hope that guy gets investigated & rewarded with the punishment he deserves! I wish you the best in your efforts...
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