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  1. Meral

    Sposorship letter

    Seems to me, if somebody needs a sponsorship letter for travelling outside of Turkey, then perhaps it is a requirement of the destination country, to ensure the person won't be a financial burden on that country or its citizens.... ? In any case, the noter document should be satisfactory for the purpose.
  2. It's been 15 years now since I came to live in Turkey, at first with very limited Turkish picked up from my husband. Being used to the way he spoke, I found it difficult understanding the way other Turks expressed themselves. I hesitated to answer the phone for fear I wouldn't be able to grasp what they said, & even now I have to ask them to slow down & repeat. Never did take formal lessons, but I constantly keep my dictionary nearby (now very dog-eared!). In the early days we watched soapies (dreadful storylines, but at least they spoke slowly). The dramatic pauses between speaking gave time to figure out the meanings. I tried to read the newspapers & gradually started understanding things. Listening to the news is more difficult when they speak too fast. I try crosswords & have learned meanings of words in that way (some aren't even in the dictionary!). Nowadays, I get by not too badly, but could always be better. I guess I'll just keep absorbing it as necessary, for as long as I'm here. At least I'm not alone, hehe.....
  3. Becky, I'm so glad you found out the true situation now rather than later. I hope you enjoy your evening out with the guy from work, and also have happy holidays, but I will be politically incorrect & wish you a Merry Christmas!
  4. Oh dear! This is certainly a sharp turn of events! If he has asked you to buy him stuff, Becky, then I can only imagine mother & son must've sat talking & realized there would be extra income available when you join the family. Perhaps you never thought it might happen, since they both loved you so much, and you them. I'm sorry your dreams have been shattered, but at least you've been saved from some of the fates reported by other members above. Your happiness doesn't depend on others, & I wish you a good happy life.....
  5. I was wondering how your relationship with your old friend might be affected... I mean, she will be your mother-in-law & all 3 of you will be living under the same roof. How does she feel about her son marrying one of her old friends from school days? The dynamics in the household may change in some way; it would not be the same as when you were just a guest for 3 weeks. I recommend you discuss this with both of them before making a final decision. I wish you good luck & happiness.
  6. I guess the specific question is the topic header, & I cannot figure it out either.....
  7. Wow, congratulations Lisa! What a fantastic interview!
  8. Vale Abi... (Sue Eratlı),  passed away in Köyceğiz on 15 October 2018..... RIP. 

  9. OMG! That's VERY controlling behaviour, & it will get much worse if you marry him, especially if you continue in your job after marriage. As a mental health counsellor, you are probably aware of this, but perhaps a little in denial because you are in love & he's so nice to you on the weekends when you're together. You have an important decision to make soon..... I wish you the best, whatever your decision....
  10. Meral

    Inheritance Law

    Well, I did some research & found this revelation from this link : : 3. Debts of the estate and disclaimer of inheritance All rights and liabilities of the deceased pass to the heirs at the time of death. The heirs are successors not only to the assets of the deceased person, but also to his debts. In some cases, the wealth left as inheritance may not be sufficient to cover the debts of the deceased. An heir who wishes not to be liable for the debts may disclaim his share of the estate within three months of the date he learns of the death of the deceased. In case of disclaimer, the estate passes to the next closest relatives of the deceased, who in turn, may also disclaim the estate. What a pity, the son from the newspaper article died "4 months ago" ! Obviously his Mother was unaware of the above (as are many of us) & now in the sad situation of having to repay her ex's debt. Doubtless the creditors must have been aware of the legalities & not let on, so they could recover their money ! Well, this is Turkey! Anyone who has a debt, or a close relative with a debt, should become acquainted with these laws in case they fall prey to the same traps as this unfortunate woman has done.
  11. Was that really only last Wednesday? I'm looking at the X-rates right now.... USD 6.46, euro 7.36, £ 8.24, & our Aussie dollar on 4.71. And the banks are giving us 18% interest ! But inflation is dragging everything back down! I wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow...... ?
  12. Meral

    Inheritance Law

    It absolutely staggerred me to read of a recent case in the papers.......ıl-sonra-gelen-borçla-şok-oldu/ar-BBLyySg?li=BByfdlx In a nutshell, a woman (with one son), divorced from her husband, after 15 years has received a legal notice to repay a debt (with interest) on a loan taken out by the ex-husband AFTER their divorce. As the story goes, the ex died without repaying the loan, whereupon, under Turkish inheritance law, the "debt" was inherited by their son (being the only "first-degree" relative). But the son died 4 months ago in a work accident, therefore his mother (as the son's only "first-degree" relative) has now seemingly inherited this debt ! And of course she can't pay as she gets only a meagre pension. It seems so unjust, & I'm sure I've read somewhere that heirs are free to refuse an inheritance for whatever reason (though most don't, of course). Can any lawyer clarify whether this debt can be enforced upon this woman? I'm wondering because my brother-in-law seems to be involved in similar circumstances.
  13. Meral

    Dual citizenship military info.

    Djawhar, Thank you for your kind reply. And I'm sorry that you are stuck between a rock & a hard place, ie. not being able to either work or study. There may be another way for you. Foreign students without a working knowledge of Turkish can apply to Turkish universities via a special entry exam known as YÖS (Yabancı Öğrenci Sınavı) . It is in English, and also available to dual citizens like you, BUT first you must get out of Turkish citizenship (temporarily until studies finished). My daughter did this 11 years ago, she got out of Turkish citizenship, then claimed it back later. While out of citizenship you will get a Mavi Kart , which recognizes you as a Turkish non-citizen, with all the usual rights of citizens except you cannot work, vote in elections or serve in the army! Here is a link (in Turkish, but your father can explain it) The exams are held in many of the larger universities. Sorry I couldn't find this information in English (it did used to be before). METU is a government university in Ankara, where the language of tuition is in English. According to this link , under the above scenario you should be exempt from tuition fees as a Turkish citizen with a Mavi Kart (blue card). Even if you say your Turkish is zero, I must say that your English is absolutely impeccable! Good luck !
  14. Hi Ad Jam, Yes, presumably 3+2 means 2 living areas. Of course you could use one of the living areas as a bedroom, but you'd need to check the actual plan first for suitability. For example, the living areas might be "through" zones, with traffic walking through (not suitable as bedroom). Many ads for sale or rental have lots of photos but rarely a floor plan.... good luck!
  15. Meral

    Dual citizenship military info.

    Hi Djawar, Today I visited the military branch in our town & explained your circumstances. They did find it somewhat complex & asked for more information. In particular they wanted to know....... currently, are you working ? Or are you studying ? Also, did you get Turkish nationality from your mother or your father? (I didn't understand why they need this). They did say no, you will NOT be dragged from the airport to do your military service because you can apply for extensions every year until you finish your studies. They said, if you agree to provide your full name & TC Kimlik number, they can check it & give a full explanation to your enquiries. So now it is up to you. If you want to proceed further please PM me.....