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  1. Hello Oncebitten, welcome! Your post really saddened me. As Cukurbagli says, it's not supposed to be like this, but unfortunately some Turkish & Kurdish men can be extreme in this type of behaviour, & you do not deserve this. No matter what you do he can't or won't change that behaviour because to him it is quite normal. I'm surprised he is letting you go to visit your family! Yes, you would do well to escape him in this way, but please do take very good care that you don't give him cause to suspect your plans beforehand..... I wish you the very best of success!
  2. Hi Crystal, welcome. Reading your post left me very concerned at your situation. Your description of your boyfriend's behaviour shows up so many red flags, if I was in your shoes I would never marry him but run away as far as possible. He sounds very controlling, he would never change & you would never be happy. If you have not yet met his family you have no way of knowing the truth about his background. Sorry my thoughts may not be to your liking, but there's no way to whitewash someone like that. In the end the decision is yours to make, & I wish you well.....
  3. After 2 years on Bimcell, I'm quite happy with it. I have noticed its signal is slightly fainter but that doesn't seem to affect the calls at all. Star, I chose to keep my Turkcell number so didn't need to buy their Simcard. They had to notify Turkcell first, then texted me the date & exact time the transfer would happen -- about 4 days (weekend in between). You will lose any credit you have with Turkcell, so it's good to choose a time when your credit is low. At the appointed time the Turkcell signal drops out & Bimcell signal kicks in, with one lira of credit, enough for a quick test call. Then you must go to Bim & buy credit (minimum 15 lira), or a package of your choice, and you're all set! Hope it all goes well... Good Luck!
  4. The dotted "i" in Turkish keeps its dot when capitalized, whereas the undotted capital "I" has no dot when small. They are pronounced differently. If you want to change it, try asking at the Nüfus Daire (Registry of Births) if you can have the spelling amended.
  5. Hi Eva, welcome. If it's a landline you can call 11811 & give the name & address, they will look it up & give you the current number. Also try this website http://www.ttrehber.turktelekom.com.tr/ (hope you know Turkish). Not sure if it's possible to find a mobile number (although mobile users are registered here). Failing all that, what about good old-fashioned snail mail? Good luck !
  6. Yes, Redders is right, and I also don't think you can get out of it if the military service has already been started. By the way, if mobile phone use is not permitted, then of course you are not allowed to do it secretly. If you were, it wouldn't need to be secret...
  7. OK Star, sorry I missed the meaning.... I'm glad too, that you didn't pay it !
  8. Hi Djawhar, Just saw this article in today's Hurriyet Online News.... sounds almost too good to be true! http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/turkish-scholarship-program-eyes-foreign-students-141068
  9. I had thought that, when the dollar crisis was at its worst, RTE announced that all sales & rents of properties were to be conducted in Turkish lira.... ? You should check this, Star, as maybe some landlords/agents are not complying with the kararname .. ! :/
  10. Hi Umit, Welcome to the forum! Yours is the 3rd request for a copy of the PM, so I will just print it here for you, plus all & sundry who may want to know. But please note this information is quite old now & some of it pretty obsolete as many new laws have been introduced since then, especially to do with military service (this post was geared in response to specific queries from original poster alexeikirillov) ..... Here is the copy of the original PM (from 2012) which you requested. Some of the information may be out of date by now. *********************************************************************************** You were asking about my daughter's dilekce. First I will explain that we are Australian, and my husband is Turkish. We came to Turkey 8 years ago when my daughter was 13 without much Turkish. We were not confident that she could pass the very difficult and formidable Turkish university entrance exam when she was 17. But there was an alternative way to enter a Turkish university -- to sit for the exam designed for "foreign" students, available for Turkish students with another citizenship. To do this, she must not have Turkish citizenship, so she had to surrender it. A complication was, because she was under 18, her Dad had to renounce his citizenship at the same time....but now they both have it back. She and her Dad each had to write a separate dilekce to explain the above. She had to tell them that she had only been in Turkey 3 years and did not feel confident to pass the exam in Turkish, so wanted to apply through the foreign test. Her Dad's reason was that the govt would not allow a child under 18 to be excluded from citizenship, so he was obliged to do the same. In both cases they said it was temporary. She had to provide her kimlik, a letter from her school, and proof that she had registered to sit the foreign exam in Ankara. Plus a nufus kagit orneği (printout from the Registry) and her Australian passport (to prove she had another citizenship). Also I had to write a letter to confirm my permission. (In the end, that was all for nothing, because she was accepted by a British university which wasn't interested in her university test performance -- they only wanted her high school results.) Yours will be different of course, according to your circumstances. But you probably already know that Turkey is very bureaucratic and may ask for all sorts of paperwork which for us may seem irrelevant. By the way, we also have a son, aged 34, and we are intending to clear him from military service with this new law. I hope that you will get your latest extension. And I fully understand that you don't wish to pay 10,000 euros -- it's much too high, and also not fair because not everyone can pay. As I see it, your only remaining option is to not ask, but tell them that you will renounce citizenship, whether they like it or not. But it means you will have to cut your ties with Turkey and never return all your life, otherwise they will detain you until you fullfil your obligation to their country. Of course we can always hope that the laws may change in the future, but we don't always have time or patience to wait for that to happen. Even if you want to pay the money, the govt says is making this offer only for 6 months (as we understand it), and if the Dutch law is not yet finalized, things may not fit together for you. If you can't or won't pay the money, are you considering coming to Turkey and actually fullfilling your military service ? If you can come for 3 weeks to do the basic training, and if you pay 5112 euros before 31/12, you will finish it, and do not renounce citizenship until the Dutch law is passed ? I don't know if any of this information will help you, but I wish you the best in your work and study, and hope you can sort this problem out. And please post the results on the forum, because we always like to know how an interesting story ends. ******************************************************************************** Hope this will be helpful to you. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask & I will answer if I can. Cheers, Copyright 2017 Turkey Central LLCPowered by Invision Community
  11. Well done as012a2568! Turkish may be hard to learn, but English must be even harder for foreigners, not just the pronunciation but the spelling & idioms too, so Turkish isn't so bad in comparison really! I've got to the point where I can sort of follw the news, & also think in Turkish (a bit), but continue to learn the more I mix with Turks. I think that's the secret.... sink or swim!
  12. Meral

    Sposorship letter

    Seems to me, if somebody needs a sponsorship letter for travelling outside of Turkey, then perhaps it is a requirement of the destination country, to ensure the person won't be a financial burden on that country or its citizens.... ? In any case, the noter document should be satisfactory for the purpose.
  13. It's been 15 years now since I came to live in Turkey, at first with very limited Turkish picked up from my husband. Being used to the way he spoke, I found it difficult understanding the way other Turks expressed themselves. I hesitated to answer the phone for fear I wouldn't be able to grasp what they said, & even now I have to ask them to slow down & repeat. Never did take formal lessons, but I constantly keep my dictionary nearby (now very dog-eared!). In the early days we watched soapies (dreadful storylines, but at least they spoke slowly). The dramatic pauses between speaking gave time to figure out the meanings. I tried to read the newspapers & gradually started understanding things. Listening to the news is more difficult when they speak too fast. I try crosswords & have learned meanings of words in that way (some aren't even in the dictionary!). Nowadays, I get by not too badly, but could always be better. I guess I'll just keep absorbing it as necessary, for as long as I'm here. At least I'm not alone, hehe.....
  14. Becky, I'm so glad you found out the true situation now rather than later. I hope you enjoy your evening out with the guy from work, and also have happy holidays, but I will be politically incorrect & wish you a Merry Christmas!
  15. Oh dear! This is certainly a sharp turn of events! If he has asked you to buy him stuff, Becky, then I can only imagine mother & son must've sat talking & realized there would be extra income available when you join the family. Perhaps you never thought it might happen, since they both loved you so much, and you them. I'm sorry your dreams have been shattered, but at least you've been saved from some of the fates reported by other members above. Your happiness doesn't depend on others, & I wish you a good happy life.....
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