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  1. I found a reference to a Kabin-Nama mentioned in this article pertaining to such a situation in Bangladesh: https://www.lawthinkers.com/muslim-sunni-marriage-procedure-in-bangladesh/ Though it doesn't seem to be a Turkish word as such, it surely must have roots in some sort of old Arabic-type language. Kabin-Nama must be the marriage certificate because nama is so similar to the Turkish name.. Long shot...
  2. Only the previous week was it reported that all passengers coming to Turkey must show a negative test result carried out in the 72 hours before boarding, or they would not be allowed to fly. And yet, passengers can still develop the virus, which then only shows up after arrival ..? Either some people can carry infection without the test picking it up, or the test itself is faulty. And then these individuals can pass it on... I'm still in 2 minds about the vaccinations because no-one really knows how things will work out..
  3. For those with Turkish citizenship, using a non-smart phone, it's slightly different. Type HES, followed by Kimlik, the last 4 digits of the Seri No from Kimlik, & number of days (up to 365), with one space between each item. Ibrahim Abi, I don't know if it will work without being registered with the e-devlet system, but if your friend has a kimlik he could try. Or if a foreigner, try with the birth year... (??) I wish him luck. BTW, I've also found differing ways govt institutions & banks deal with HES. Local Işbank goes all out registering both HES code & İD while
  4. That must be how new words get invented then Chris! Must add oşkur to my list of words to use in certain relevant situations!
  5. Hehe, I guess we might have to find people from those eastern Ankara regions to ask if they've ever heard the word used. Could it be that the guy who used it just .. er, well.. made it up?
  6. What a wonderful couple.. helping the world & with politics left well aside!
  7. Pure speculation on my part... could it be a strange way of saying (in disgust) teşekkür when you really mean the opposite (since it's apparently something derogatory)?
  8. Never heard such an expression & couldn't find anything in dictionaries. As you say it seems to be derogatory, might it be some sort of local contraction of osuruk, which means fart...?
  9. If it was only 6 months ago you bought the Turkish SIM card, your phone has likely entered the "passive" mode. Passive mode starts 180 days after you last put credit on, & means you cannot make calls but you can receive calls for a further 90 days. If you top up your credit during passive mode, your phone will become active again. If not, your SIM will be cancelled & you may have the option of buying your number back again up to 12 months (but not 100% sure of this), otherwise just buy a new SIM. Not sure how things work if you were being billed monthly.The following is from
  10. You're right Göreme, the website isn't up to scratch! As Ken says, you can buy a ticket at the Izmir bus terminal as buses do generally go every 30 to 40 minutes, or phone them for same. I haven't used the route for almost 2 years so there may be some "viral" changes. If you're planning to return via the same route, be sure to make a phone booking for the Çeşme-Izmir leg as it's often crowded during tourist season. But if you want to go straight back to Istanbul, other bus companies such as Ulusoy, Kamil Koç or Metro depart from Çeşme direct (so you won't have to change buses at Izmir
  11. Here's the website https://www.cesmeseyahat.com/ You can book online or just call them...
  12. Yes, that would be so, Sonia. But now, because of COVD-19, that kids have had to do their schooling at home, online or via TV (with parental supervision), it might just catch on a bit more. Same might happen with jobs as people find it's plausible to work from home.
  13. Hi Selim, I think your thoughts about Turkey's economic & political situation are amazingly accurate -- obviously you are closely following what's going on here. Years ago we had interesting discussions on this forum about Turkey's chances of being accepted into the EU,. I was (& still am) of the opinion it wouldn't be anytime soon. In fact Germany did say at one stage it would never happen while RTE stays in power. The education system is indeed a disaster, having seen so many changes under the current ruling party. Youngsters have little hope of finding decent jobs,
  14. MEIzmir.... I actually saw it on HalkTV night before last....
  15. And now it seems the head of the MHP Devlet Bahçeli has put forward a proposal that users must log in to their social media accounts by kimlik numbers..... this is extremely concerning to say the least! I hope it doesn't succeed.
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