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  1. Thomasarm, I've followed your story from the first post & I must say how much I admire your patience & perseverance. You've also been very considerate of all our various opinions & advice, reacting very graciously even if comments might have been a bit discouraging or negative. Now at last after about 6 years you are set to marry Seda, and I wish you both the very best for your future together.
  2. Hello Meral,

    So the Vakif gives more interest than others for any amount of money, right? I just go to the branch and ask from manager of t he bank or ...? What exactly should I ask since I am not a citizenship and I want to get a best answer. Do they answer with patience?

    I emailed all of them, still just halkbank answered to me. It refers me to website!



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    2. Star


      I know Turkish I am Azeri Turk:)


    3. Meral


      Thanks Star, I somehow assumed (from one of your posts) you were Iranian, but Azeri Turk means you are essentially Turkish, so you will have no problem at the banks.... :)


    4. Star


      Meral thanks for your help really.

      Yeah there are many Azeri Turks in Iran.

      Say hello to your husband:)

  3. Hi Star, the accounts we have at each of those banks are 35-day term (or time) deposits, the rates are annual but paid at the end of each 35-day period (actually you can choose how many days you want to keep the money in, but if it's under 32 days you will get a lower rate). Of course 15% tax is taken from the interest every time. If you withdraw money before the rollover date you will lose all the interest for that period, so it's best to wait until the 35 days is finished then withdraw without penalty. The rates may not apply to any amount of money, the banks have charts which show how much they pay for whatever amount. Examples: https://www.ziraatbank.com.tr/tr/UrunHizmetUcretleri/FiyatVeOranlar/Pages/FaizOranlari.aspx http://www.halkbank.com.tr/channels/1.asp?id=1477 The rates shown are standard but you can negotiate a higher rate ! If I had $4000 I wouldn't change it all to lira -- inflation is high at present and you may lose. Best to get advice from Ken for this ! As for the last sentence, I was only wondering, in light of the current economic situation, how long they could sustain these high rates before something breaks down somewhere......
  4. Yapı Kredi sounds pretty good, but they didn't have a branch in our town when we first came here so we went with Ziraat, who now give us 12% (I think you can sometimes negotiate a higher rate). We later opened an account at Vakıf, its interest rate (currently 14.5%) is consistently higher than Ziraat's & it's recently become a full govt bank. We closed our account at Halkbank 4 years ago after that Süleyman scandal but recently opened another account there, now paying 14%. Don't know how long these rates can last against the current inflation rate.... it feels like something's going to crack somewhere soon......
  5. Yes, hubby has Aussie citizenship, otherwise it wouldn't have been possible. But if your daughter will be over 18, she can opt out of citizenship on her own (as an adult). And if she travels abroad for study she shouldn't need a Turkish passport (they are so expensive). Universities in the UK (& likely in other EU countries) are only interested in secondary school final results, not in any Turkish uni entrance exam, so she needn't even sit for that if her mind is made up to study abroad. Good luck with it all.............
  6. Hello Janey, sorry I didn't see your message as I haven't been logging in regularly of late, but here I am, thanks to an email from Ken! Yes, my daughter sat the YÖS exam, but please bear in mind it was nearly 11 years ago, in April 2007, and things may be a little different now because the education system seems to be constantly mucked around with. Nesrin was 13 years old & knew only basic Turkish when we moved here, & although she got through lise quite successfully, we feared her Turkish might not be strong enough to pass the dreaded University entrance exam, so we opted for YÖS. She had dual citizenship but to sit for YÖS she was required to give up Turkish citizenship (temporarily) & be a "foreigner" for the duration of studies in Turkey. (A small complication: her Dad had to give up his citizenship at the same time as she was still under 18, but that's another story!) So she was taken out of citizenship & applied for a Mavi Kart, a sort of kimlik that lets you live here & study like any other citizen but without the right to vote, be elected or do military service (for guys). But I'm not sure if it gives the right to work. You can use the Mavi Kart together with a foreign (eg. Australian) passport to travel freely in & out of Turkey. That worked very well, but in the end, after having passed the YÖS exam & gained enough points to study her chosen course, she decided after all to study in the UK (we thought Australia was just too far away!) And both she & Dad re-applied & got back their Turkish citizenship. She got her PhD at age 23 in 2013. Perhaps you might also consider this option for your daughter (it's probably no more expensive than studying in Australia). Good luck with it all ! If you have any further questions please feel free to ask....... I will check in again ! Cheers, Meral.
  7. Hi Meral, I noticed on one of the forums that your daughter renounced her Turkish citizenship to sit the foreign university exams.  My daughter's school has just suggested this to us for her (We are also Aussies living in Mersin).  How did you go about it and how hard was it to get it back?

    1. Meral


      Just seen this now Janey (thanks to Ken alerting me about it) -- have posted reply on main topic page !  Meral xxx

  8. Bimcell

    So now I've been using Bimcell a couple of months & pretty satisfied with it -- so cheap ! Porting your current number doesn't cost anything, and applying through any Bim supermarket is easy. BTW they don't have a faturali option, it's all prepaid. I also discovered there's a PTTcell, which would have to be the 2nd most economical on the market..... ? But I'm happy with Bimcell!
  9. Turkey today

    Oh, so sorry .... eyes were on the cats rather than the writer, hehe. Still, those cats sure do look alike .
  10. Turkey today

    Lovely pic! But that's not quite the same cat which was with you in Izmir last week.... although it could be his brother, LOL !
  11. Turkey today

    Likewise, but I'd skip the midye as well --- just the pide & dondurma will do me !
  12. Crooked emlak in Old Town Side

    That's what I thought too IbrahimAbi, I guess they just didn't want the money they lent to the buyers to leave the bank (it was Garanti), and I doubt it's legal. They were all talked into having a term deposit for a month, the bank thereby ensuring the funds would stay for at least that time, but Hubby will close his account after that, when he gets back home. All I could think was ...... well, this is Turkey (after all) !
  13. Crooked emlak in Old Town Side

    My MiL passed away 3 months ago, leaving a small flat in Ankara which has just been sold (sale finalized yesterday). The emlakçı normally charges 2%, but since he's a long-trusted agent of my SiL, agreed to take only 1% and in fact took less than that, rounding it down from 1340 to 1000 lira. I'm amazed the sale went through so smoothly.... all parties concerned met at the Tapu office on the day, signed forms etc, then returned later. The new tapu was issued to the emlakçı, everyone proceeded to the bank from where the buyers had applied for a loan, and the money was immediately transferred to the accounts of the 3 beneficiary siblings. And all within 4 days of the buyers committing to the sale! Back home this process would have taken at least 3 months! The only catch was, the bank refused to credit the funds to the beneficiaries' current accounts at other banks, so they were obliged to open new accounts at that bank to pay the money into..... good way to (forcefully) attract new customers !
  14. Turkey today

    Leaves you hungry for more...... hehe !
  15. Turkey today

    I like this thread..... <3