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  1. Meral

    Dual citizenship military info.

    Seems very complicated. I will go & present your questions to the Turkish military here (they have a small office in our town). Just give me a couple of weeks. Don't worry, I won't give your name, it will just be a general enquiry......
  2. Meral

    Dual citizenship military info.

    Hello Djawhar, welcome to the forum. I cannot fully understand your situation. You say you are are living in Saudi Arabia as a Chadian citizen. Are you a citizen of Saudi Arabia? Why must you be out of your father's residenceship before living as a Turkish citizen? Did the Consulate confirm that you are actually a Turkish citizen? It seems to me that if you are living as a Chadian citizen, you could study in Turkey as a Chadian, then no problem with Turkish military (???). This answer is just based on the information you have provided. So if you could give more information, things might make more sense to us. Maybe another member might know more about this (I hope).
  3. Meral

    Military service

    Hi Fusun, welcome to the forum. I understand your worry for your son, especially as you say he has done his first yoklama. Your son may be taking a risk by just turning up with a British passport; you should check if his passport states anything about dual nationality in it. If they detain him at the airport there could be a problem (it has happened before). On the other hand they may not notice (depends on the vigilance of the passport control officer, either arriving or departing). To put your mind at rest, the Turkish Consulate should be able to advise on his current military status, best done before he leaves....... Good luck!
  4. Meral

    Renouncing Turkish Citizenship

    Hi Sosis, Welcome to the forum. It's been a long time since the above topic was around. I've checked my old PMs but unable to find the one you want. I've asked for our Admin to help out so will keep you posted. I just wish I could remember what I might've said in that PM . Whatever, will try to help.......
  5. Meral

    New Biometric Kimlik

    Wow Tilki, £45? In Turkey the charge was 16 lira apiece... aside from the costs for photos etc. With the current x-rate of sterling well above 6 lira at present, $45 seems OTP! :3
  6. Hi Surprise, welcome! The police would certainly be able to trace the number plate back to its registered owner, but I'm uncertain if they would do so simply at the behest of a citizen. The owner of the vehicle would have to be a suspect in some sort of crime in order for the police to be involved. However, you may care to approach the police, just to ask...... Sorry I couldn't be more helpful...
  7. Meral

    Please help mee

    Hello Zainab, welcome to the forum. You do not mention how long you will stay in Turkey, or if it's indefinite. I assume it will be a fair time since your daughter will be going to school here. It's been a while now, but when we first came here, we considered sending our daughter to a private school conducted in English, but found it devoted only a few hours every week in English, the rest in Turkish. We thought the exhorbitant fees for that wasn't worth it, and also, since we were going to be living here she'd have to learn Turkish sooner or later, so she was enrolled in a normal Turkish school, still being young enough to pick up the language via the "sink or swim" method by mixing with other kids. And she did!!! Don't worry that she will "lose" fluency in her own language; you can take care of that by speaking to her in your own language (since you don't know Turkish anyway), and no doubt you can learn some Turkish from her. Whatever you choose, good luck !
  8. Meral

    Foreigner and public hospitals

    This might be slightly off-topic, but related to it anyway. Recently it came to light that private hospitals in general have been charging emergency outpatients outrageous amounts for treatment. A man who fell in a carpark & sustained a bleeding wound to his head went to the nearest hospital, a private one. They wanted to charge him for 2650 lira "because they had no SGK agreement", which he refused, but they wouldn't let him leave without signing a saying he left of his own free will. On the form they gave him to sign, he wrote that because he was informed they had no SGK agreement he was leaving the hospital without being treated, & signed it like that. At this, they decided to treat him under the official guidelines - did a brain MR, stitches in neck & full examination. At the checkout, the woman was amazed & asked what he did to get his treatment fee reduced from 2650 to just 158 lira. Story is here Next day the hospital's patient relations officer phoned him to apologize. The article continues to explain that private hospitals MUST treat emergency patients & charge them only what the SGK specifies in their schedules (according to type of treatment). I don't know if endoscopy is considered emergency. Nor am I sure if foreigners (ie without SGK) would be covered. It would seem inhumane to refuse to treat someone bleeding to death, but a foreigner might possible be charged more.
  9. Meral

    Have I "lost" my Turkish nationality?

    I agree -- you must still be a Turkish citizen. When you come to Turkey after you retire, it's a simple matter to confirm it at any Nüfus Dairesi. Or if you need to know before you travel you could authorize a Turkish lawyer to check on your behalf.
  10. Meral

    Giving up a TR citizenship for a child

    Hi Petra, welcome to the forum! If your daughter is under 18 years of age, her Turkish father would normally need to agree to her opting out of Turkish citizenship -- in fact he would likely be required to give up his own citizenship as well (as happened with my daughter, for totally different reasons). You haven't mentioned why you don't want her to keep Turkish citizenship. If it's nothing that stands in her way (or yours) for any particular reason, she can give it up herself when she turns 18, by applying through the Birth Registry here. I hope a lawyer member may see your post & clarify this information, and detail how to go about it. Good luck !
  11. Meral

    Turkcell or ttnet

    They are all different companies but use Turk Telekom's lines to supply services (which makes it their parent company). If you have a problem with internet that your service provider can't solve, they have to call in Turk Telekom to check the lines ..... as we found out when we experienced problems (no internet & dead phone). TT came out promptly & fixed it.
  12. Meral

    Adoption certificates and birth certificates

    I hate to repeat myself... but have you thought about trying the Turkish Consulate in the UK ?
  13. Meral

    eating out? check your receipt

    We get Sırma, 6 X 19lt bottles at a time, delivered for 35 lira. The same firm has been delivering it to us for over 10 years, no problems!
  14. Meral

    Adoption certificates and birth certificates

    Your situation is very difficult. The govt here has recently introduced an e-search facility to trace your family tree, but it's next to impossible to search for something when you don't have a starting point (like your bio parents' names). If there are no names on the paperwork your Mum has, perhaps she may remember some other details of how you came to be placed with her, eg. name/address of orphanage or hospital, or at least the area. There may be some reference numbers on the papers which might mean something (I mean, might be someone's ID number, or appear on a registry somewhere in Turkey). If I were you, I would go to the Turkish Consulate just to grope for somewhere to start. The next bet might be a Turkish lawyer, but it's hard to find someone really reliable; some will just charge for their time & come up with nothing.... but, you never know ! Please try the Consulate -- after all, it's the horse's mouth!