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  1. YES! They say things like Allah Allah! or Allahımmm! Definitely the equivalent of OMG!
  2. Balık baştan kokuyor = The fish smells from the head down. Often used in referring to political corruption...
  3. Yes, wasting food is a sacrilege. At home we never throw leftovers out. I even save the peelings from fruit & veg to give away to neighbours for their chooks (read chickens). Everything should be recycled. And yes, anyone is entitled to take home whatever is uneaten at restaurants... after all, they have paid for it!
  4. You can say that again Alejandra! Property prices here in Çeşme have skyrocketed. You can't find even a tiny flat for less than a million!
  5. Oh dear, MissMoss, that is just horrendous! That's not a proper doctor but rather a ruthless businessman trying to cheat you out of money, without regard for your well-being! If only it was possible to write public reviews of one's experiences at hospitals, like they do with hotels! Really sorry to hear about the terrible ways it has affected your life. I hope that guy gets investigated & rewarded with the punishment he deserves! I wish you the best in your efforts...
  6. Updates on Rent (sorry, in Turkish) : https://www.msn.com/tr-tr/finans/haber/kiraya-tüfe-üzeri-zam-yapılabilir-mi/ar-AANjDO3?ocid=mailsignout&li=BBpmdUa https://www.msn.com/tr-tr/finans/haber/kira-fiyatlarıyla-ilgili-son-dakika-zam-açıklaması-ev-sahibi-ve-kiracıları-yakından-ilgilendiriyor/ar-AANji4m?ocid=mailsignout&li=BBplW3i
  7. I rather suspect that landlord is trying to recoup the rent increase he didn't apply the previous year ... !!
  8. No problem Ken... have there been any problems with this, or are you just being extra cautious? I know there's a lot of hacking going on everywhere, hoping the troublemakers won't target our forums.
  9. You'd need to check with British authorities... perhaps try checking their website for information.
  10. We haven't had mail for several years. Whenever my bankcard needs renewing, it never arrives. So I have to call my bank in Australia & they send a replacement by cargo (only took 3 days last time). I've given up on snail mail, everything gets done electronically now!
  11. Yes, it will take a while to clear it all out of your mind, & then you'll be able to see him in his true colours. You would almost have to feel sorry for the girl he is marrying; she doesn't know these things about him yet but will realize one day & (having married him) be even more disappointed than you are right now. At least you now have the chance to move on from this & give yourself a chance to meet someone who appreciates you.
  12. I'm shocked at the way he has treated you, Softhearted, & it does seem to me he doesn't know his own mind but caves in to community pressure, meaning it's easy to make him do what he thinks society wants him to do. If his feelings for you were really strong he'd be able to resist that pressure he's under. But that sort of man seems unable to love any one person fully, which means the girl he is marrying will likely be disappointed in the same way in time. And yes, it is possible he may try to come back to you at some stage. if he does, you should know he may disappoint you again, because he is emotionally unstable. I wish for you to look for someone else... when you are ready.
  13. Hi Nona, welcome to the forum . Only civil marriages are recognized in Turkey, ie. conducted by a civil marriage celebrant. Religious marriages may be conducted by imams, but if it's just done in the family, it just means the parents have given their blessings & consent, & so it's seen as respectable in the eyes of the community. That's why his parents would feel more comfortable about it. Actually, if you google "Turkish Marriage laws", you'll get a heap of useful information from various sites. Hope it helps..
  14. Yes, I agree with Cukurbagli that it's probably a dialect thing. The real word for suffering/torment in Turkish is eza or eziyet. But my dictionary defines ezgi as: 1. melody. 2. tone, timbre (of a voice). 3. style, tempo. 4. worry, depression. So you see, in Cyrus they do have a point!
  15. My family & I are all registered with our local Sağlık Ocağı & I believe everyone under the SGK must be registered with a Family Physician. My son was fortunate never to have needed to see a doctor & wasn't registered with e-nabız. And as he registered he saw that a Family Physician had been allocated to him who was far out of our area. So we changed that online & made his appointment successfully online for this coming Monday. You get to choose which vaccine you want during the appointment process. @Emilio How is your process getting along?
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