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  1. I found this interesting : https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/pfizer-beats-back-variants-as-astrazeneca-receives-a-timely-boost-20210510-p57qj0.html
  2. Yes, I had my 2nd shot last Wednesday -- all over & done with ! At the very least we are protected against severity of the disease but still must take routine precautions. Totally getting used to it now, just starting to wonder how long it might take to get back to "normal", but I know it'll never be quite the same..
  3. Well, someone is obviously allowed to fly drones over Turkey .. https://www.airvuz.com/collection/video/the-best-drone-videos-of-turkey?id=SySO-ArVe
  4. Hehe, I suspected that! My son works at a housing co-operative & said he has seen small drones flying around above the area, purportedly from some of the residents. I'm left wondering why markets are allowed to sell them so freely for people to buy so freely & fly so freely. Well... probably waiting till a serious security breach happens!
  5. Was it only for bringing drones into Turkey then? Because now anyone can buy one from BIM of all places..!
  6. Mint = Nane (they use it a lot here)..
  7. This was in yesterday's Hürriyet: Hurriyetdailynews.com/pfizer-ceo-vaccine-third-dose-likely-needed-within-12-months-163983
  8. I got Sinovac too (wasn't offered anything else since that's all they had at the Family Doctor's). I read today that China finally admitted Sinovac wasn't highly effective; only 3% after 1st dose, rising to 50.66% after 2nd dose (but only after 40 days). On the other hand, Sinopharm was rated 79%. Another article I read stated that Sinovac Phase 3 trials were being conducted in certain countries, including Turkey... so I guess we are apparently part of that trial... I wasn't keen on Pfizer because it's something totally new & hadn't been through the usual trials, whereas Si
  9. I got my first jab today -- came 40 minutes early & they vaccinated me immediately. No side effects at all!
  10. My appointment is on 7 April... hope all goes well for all of us!
  11. Meral

    NOTER credibility

    Not sure what you mean Star. I could be wrong, but from what I understand, the noter doesn't independently verify the information in the documents for their truth or accuracy, but rather just register, witness & keep records of them, which can be retrieved at any time thereafter for whatever purpose. https://www.guidesglobal.com/notaries-in-turkey/ Does anyone else have information on this?
  12. Hi Ali, welcome to the forum. I'm guessing you are also from a Turkish family? It's never easy living with 2 different cultures -- one rather stricter than the other. And it also depends on exactly how strict the parents are. In Turkey the relationship is normally strictly monitored by the girl's parents if they are traditional.. the idea being no hanky-panky before marriage! Vacations or trips with friends -- depends on the parents. If they already approved your engagement, you can ask them! Good luck!
  13. I found a reference to a Kabin-Nama mentioned in this article pertaining to such a situation in Bangladesh: https://www.lawthinkers.com/muslim-sunni-marriage-procedure-in-bangladesh/ Though it doesn't seem to be a Turkish word as such, it surely must have roots in some sort of old Arabic-type language. Kabin-Nama must be the marriage certificate because nama is so similar to the Turkish name.. Long shot...
  14. Only the previous week was it reported that all passengers coming to Turkey must show a negative test result carried out in the 72 hours before boarding, or they would not be allowed to fly. And yet, passengers can still develop the virus, which then only shows up after arrival ..? Either some people can carry infection without the test picking it up, or the test itself is faulty. And then these individuals can pass it on... I'm still in 2 minds about the vaccinations because no-one really knows how things will work out..
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