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  1. Speaking as a single female from the west of the west - California, USA - I can tell you that the only stigma comes from the family because society treats us the same as any other person. Our money spends just as well as a married person's money does. Conan, I'm sorry you're going through this. Maybe your neighbor will come around, and maybe he won't. But live your life being the best person you can be, and if he misses out on getting got know you, it's his loss.
  2. Saed, do you have an instagram account? I'd love to follow your pictures - especially if they're as pretty as these are.
  3. I hadn't heard of numbeo.com before Ken, thanks. It's interesting to see the cost of living difference between Los Angeles and Antalya - eye opening
  4. Loving the man with the bow tie... he's adorable
  5. Sometimes I like my tea with milk, sometimes not. I do love honey in my tea always. I am an American, born, raised and still living here. I have friends from all walks of life. My parents aren't originally from America, they came here, by choice, from other countries - NONE of which border my country. They met a couple of years later, and here I am. As an American, I have the right to agree with my government, and the right to disagree with them. I also have the right to voice my displeasure and to sing their praises publicly should I desire to do either of those actions. I have the r
  6. I'm sorry that he hasn't contacted you, UngureanuElena, that is extremely stressful. At least you are able to speak with his family, that's a good sign. I'm sure that he'll be in contact when he is able. Keep your spirits high, stay positive, and things will work out the way they are meant to.
  7. Hi HisCanadian, I'm not Turkish, nor a man, (I'm an American Woman from Sunny Southern California) BUT I guess I'm not sure how nationality would really make a difference. Call me naive, but I would imagine that it would depend on your man and his family and their personal views. I also imagine that it depends on the plans you both set out together and where your respective families fit into that plan. Have you asked your Man? He's probably the best person to offer insight as to how his family would react to your marriage, and the level of importance they place on others' opinions. Wish
  8. Ash - Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to you and Tugrul and may your life be full of laughter, love and understanding. Thank you for sharing your story with us as you do give women hope. I'm so happy for you both! Xoxoxo...
  9. Hi MohamedAly - are you asking because you have a specific Turkish girl in mind? Or are you asking in general? If there's a specific girl in mind, why not just ask her?
  10. How exciting! I do not know the customs, but I'm sure if you are respectful, courteous and mindful of her parents, you will do just fine. Remember to breathe. Good luck!
  11. I've been doing the research on this end, but I want to make sure I know what the process is on the other end as well. Based on all that I've read, it looks like my friend shouldn't have too much trouble getting a non-immigrant visa to visit the US for a vacation.
  12. thomasarm, I'm curious as to if you've learned anything new, if you wouldn't mind sharing with me as I find myself in a very similar situation. Feel free to message me privately if you're more comfortable with that. Ken - if the person (Turkish) has been at their job for almost 10 years and is in management, do you think that would help their chances in getting a tourist visa for the US?
  13. Thank you for the video post YabanciGirl - I'll be traveling later this year and this certainly made me raise an eyebrow.
  14. It is unfortunate that your relationship has to sustain these obstacles. I wish you the very best of luck Moni85.
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