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  1. And this is why I would never get surgery abroad.... I wouldn't even go to a dentist abroad, would rather pay 5 times the price here. Two of my friends (who are Turkish) had what I would call face changes while in Turkey last summer. One had surgery and fat injections, while the other one had botox. They both look like chipmunks. Also, one can tell on tv all the female personalities who have had something done. There is that similar Turkish chipmunk look. I would rather look old than look like a chipmunk. But more important than look preference is the safety issue. Of course one can get bad surgery anywhere, but it is safer having something done in one's own country where one knows the laws and is able to get more reliable references. Just my humble opinion.... Graceanna, you may have lost $500 but you can count your lucky stars that you didn't have surgery with that doctor...
  2. Sorry to be blunt, but this sounds very fishy to me. I don't believe he is a dentist. If he were serious and you've been talking for a month, he would have given you more personal information. I would re-evaluate your trust in this person.
  3. Vu8, your post made me chuckle! Especially the part about dogs lunging at you and biting you! I spent the summer in Kusadasi, and there are certainly a lot of stray cats and dogs roaming around. The cats seemed to be very friendly and come up close to you. One of them would try to nibble at my leg, but the rest would just be looking for food. As Ken said, the dogs tend to roam around in herds mostly at night. They can be noisy. I easily get scared when a herd of dogs starts approaching me in the dark because you never know what can happen. Apparently, they can also sense your fear, but nothing ever happened to me, even though they would come near me to see if by chance I had any food. I also didn't stay too long on dark roads near dogs, nor did I try to pet any them. So it's not as if you are walking down the street and have to fear being attacked by them! Don't worry about it too much.
  4. My goodness, poor you, that is horrible. After reading your post, I am afraid of ever going to the hospital there.
  5. Thanks as always Ken. Still looking around and still uncertain about what I like and don’t like....
  6. You are right. For those of you who have lived in both Kusadasi and Antalya, or Izmir and Antalya, which one have you preferred. I hear that Antalya is very humid.
  7. Hi everyone. Just thought I’d post some of my thoughts/feelings after being here for 1.5 months. I know it’s not a long time, but I am not as excited about the thought of retiring here as I once was. I feel that the Turks are not as warm and friendly as I remember them to be from my previous visits. I fear also that I won’t find any friends that I can share my time and experiences with. When I watch the news and when I walk down the streets, I hear a lot of screaming, I see fights, I feel there is a lot of violence in this country. If I compare it to the French coast, it is dirty, lawless and disorganized here. The properties that I have visited are cheaply built and overpriced. I don’t feel that I will be able to spend longer than a few months at a time here. I also have a renewed appreciation of my own country and city (Canada, Montreal). Maybe I just need to get used to it here. Don’t mean to sound negative. Thoughts anyone?
  8. I did, but only to look at what I had in my account and what I have left. Didn’t see an English version. Just entered my password and I didn’t have to do much more. If you have more complex operations to perform and you don’t speak English, not so easy.
  9. So I just withdrew money from my Wise transfer and no fee with Garanti Bank. No fee for opening my account, depositing money or withdrawing money. I suspect that most banks here are the same.?
  10. I guess I am looking for a place where it is easy to make friends, get around and find things to do year round. If I retire in one of those places, I don’t want to be sitting around bored with nothing to do. I guess I am looking for a diverse expat community. I might want to go to a school to improve my Turkish, take cooking courses, find people to go hiking with...
  11. I see.I was told that the prices went up after the earthquake because a lot of properties were damaged and there was a lack of them. I guess I want to know in which place it would be easier to find friends, and participate in various activities... I also enjoy being close to the beach and a more relaxed pace. So maybe Kusadasi is a better place for me.
  12. PS. May I add that the internet is really crappy here. Have tried both Turkcell and Vodafone, the latter being a bit better.
  13. Hi, I have been checking the properties in Kusadasi and the prices have soared since I was last here, 3 years ago. The properties are overpriced and they look like Ikea-type boxes. I was thinking of looking in Izmir. Which would be the best neighborhoods and would you recommend one place over another and why (Kusadasi vs Izmir). Thanks.
  14. I just opened an account at Garanti bank because it was eaisier than doing it at Yapi Kredi. I opened up a US $ and TL account, with zero funds in them. It costs me nothing to keep them open and nothing to deposit funds into them. Just transferred some funds from Wise and I will see if they charge me to withdraw the money.
  15. Thanks Ken. I am not concerned about airport exchange rates since my ex is picking me up. Just wondering whether to bring the cash and change at doviz downtown, or use Transferwise and withdraw the cash for free through my ex's account. I remember the ATM withdrawal fees being exorbitant last time I was there. Think I will try Transferwise and maybe bring a small amount of cash.
  16. Hi Softhearted, Sorry to hear about your heartbreak. A lot of Turkish men cheat. Probably a lot of men in general cheat, but I think that Turkish men maybe more so because it is more difficult for them to get sex. I have been with my ex (he used to be my husband but I divorced him) on and off for 16 years and he tells me stories of all his friends who have foreign mistresses/girlfriends from all part of the world. Often, their Turkish wives are even aware of the situation but don't say a word because they benefit from it (gifts and money for the kids). I am sure my ex also cheats but I don't really care because we live far apart so what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. For me, his loyalty is more important than who he has flings with. All this to say that yes, your ex will most probably reach out to you again, especially since sex with his new virgin wife will probably be much less exciting for him than it was with you. The male Turkish mentality can be quite stupid frankly. They want a woman who is a motherly type and will look after them in the old-fashioned way, yet at the same time, they want the woman with whom they can have wild sex. And usually, these are not one in the same woman. It will take you time to heal, but time heals all wounds and I am sure you will find another guy to love again.
  17. Hi, I read a post about this subject last year, but things change quickly. I would like to know if it is better for me to bring Canadian cash and transfer the money once in Kusadasi, or whether I should transfer my dollars into Turkish lira through Wise using my friend's account over there. Also, is it better to pay in cash over there, or by credit card? Thanks.
  18. Mimi


    I see. So tipping is not expected at hairdresser?
  19. Mimi


    Hi everyone, Wondering how much of a tip would one leave at a hairdresser's? Also, any recommendations for a good one in Kusadasi? Thanks. Mimi
  20. Hi Dona, My ex and I bought a place in Kusadasi a few years ago. Unfortunately things didn't work out and I have since sold my share, but there are some really nice places you can find there for very reasonable prices. Not crazy about the new construction however, I found them to be small and often in the outskirts of town. I love Kusadasi, it is the perfect size and is close to everything. You have good restaurants, good shopping malls and beautiful views. It has the feel of a big city without being one. Hope you find a place that fits your needs, I am jealous! I hope to be able to retire there one day. Mimi
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