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  1. Mimi

    Property value

    Hi, Would anybody be able to tell me whether housing prices in Kusadasi have dropped, stayed the same, or increased since this time last year. Thanks.
  2. Mimi


    Redders, thanks so much, you are a real gem!
  3. Mimi


    Thank you. Is there an email or website I can go to? I don't have a bank account in Turkey and I live in Canada, so there is no way I can get there.
  4. Mimi


    Thanks for your response. Since I have no idea what the number begins with, is it more likely that I would have been given a tax number or a foreigner number for the purchase of property? I have never lived in Turkey.
  5. Mimi


    I recently bought a property with my ex and i was given a number at the time, but did not take note of it. Would this be an ikamet? If I’m asked for my turkish ID, would this be it? How would i go about locating it again. Is there a web site? Also, have property prices dropped in the area of Kusadasi since the drop of the lira or have they stayed the same? Or even gone up? Thanks for your input.
  6. Hi, My boyfriend's first wife sued him for not payment child support and alimony for 14 years. He was hit with an amount, plus interest. He told me that if he didn't pay the amount, he would have to serve a 3 month prison sentence. His family paid the amount, less the interest. Because they did not pay the interest, my boyfriend cannot have any property in his name, or else his ex can seize it to pay the unpaid interest. When I told the story to my Turkish friend here in Canada, she said that's not possible, that they will not put a person in prison in Turkey for not paying child support. I don't think my boyfriend would have made up this story, it's not as if he asked me to pay the money or anything and I've known him for 15 years now and we have a child together. So my question is, to the lawyers out there, can a person be made to serve jail time for lack of payment (he had a previous court order to pay his ex the support, but never paid). Thank you.
  7. Hmmm, i feel your dilemma. Question: if he couldnt tell the woman that he was dating you because of the boss (sounds kind of lame), how is it that he can post pics of you on his phone now? Also, turks have a strange relationship with money I find, they dont seem to mind borrowing it from others...
  8. Mimi

    French schools in Izmir

    Hi, Does anyone have an idea about the cost of French schools in Izmir? Thanks.
  9. Mimi

    Tapu in the name of a minor

    Thank you. Could you also tell me the approximate cost of using a lawyer for my purchase transaction? you can pm me if you want.
  10. Mimi

    Tapu in the name of a minor

    Trying again. Is anyone able to venture an answer on whether a minor can be put on a tapu?
  11. My boyfriend and i want to buy property in the name of our son who is 11. The reason we want to transfer the property to him is that we have other children on either side from different mariages. We were told that this is indeed possible, but im not sure i believe the people who informed us since they are real estate agents who would say anything to make a sale. So can the tapu be in the name of a minor? Thanks.
  12. Mimi

    Izmir taxi

    Also found the following option, which seems even better: http://www.kusadasihavalimaniservis.com/en/
  13. Mimi

    Izmir taxi

    Just saw now there there are Havas buses that depart from Izmir airport to Selcuk and Kusadasi all day and night for about 30 TL.
  14. Mimi

    Izmir taxi

    Just to get an idea, approximately what can I expect to pay from Izmir airport to Alsancak by taxi?
  15. Mimi

    Izmir taxi

    Just checked and the hotels in Izmir are not all that expensive, and some of them have airport shuttles (not sure about that time of the morning though), so I think it will be better for me to take a taxi to a hotel in Alsancak, spend the night, visit Izmir the next day, and then just take a regular bus to Kusadasi the following day. Thank you again.