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  1. Maybe the bride was fed up with her spouse and got rid of the ring on purpose!
  2. Mimi

    Sposorship letter

    Yes, I see. In Canada, sponsoring someone is not the same as letting someone use your residence as their address. I guess the idea of sponsorship carries with it broader implications. And it is something that a government official will make a decision on. The entry requirements into Canada are much stricter than Turkey. Probably same with the States. It is even difficult to sponsor a spouse or a father. For example, I cannot sponsor my son's father to enter Canada, it would be refused. Usually to let someone into the country, even on a short visa, you have to prove that the person has something to return to, such as a house (owned, not rented) and a big bank account.
  3. Mimi

    Sposorship letter

    Don't know about Turkey, but you cannot sponsor a foreigner to Canada if you are not Canadian yourself.
  4. Mimi

    Sposorship letter

    Meral, you are right, for example people in Canada sponsor family members or even friends to come visit them. It is the sponsor him or herself that writes the sponsorship letter. For sure there are companies that can do it for you, but the people I know have all done it themselves. Why pay when you can do it?
  5. Also strange that they would transfer her from Istanbul, which is the country's largest city, to Ankara. I don't believe it.
  6. Sorry to say but it sound super suspicious to me too. Why didn't she give you her hospital room phone number? For that amount, she should have a couple of private phones in her room. I would stop sending her money at this point.
  7. These Turkish guys look so good on paper, over the phone and/or virtually. In person though and after the initial magic wears off, it's another story....:))
  8. Hi Stein, I am Jewish and Canadian, and married into a traditional Turkey/Kurdish Muslim family. The family didn't want me but my husband still married me. We are divorced now, but I still come over to Turkey and stay with him. We have a son together. So the answer to your question is, if he really loves you, he will marry you.
  9. This military school whereby he can write to you but not video chat with you also sounds fishy to me. Although I must say that Turkish people do tend to go overboard with their feelings and even friendship very quickly. I guess it is part of their ..... charm??!
  10. And this is why I would never get surgery abroad.... I wouldn't even go to a dentist abroad, would rather pay 5 times the price here. Two of my friends (who are Turkish) had what I would call face changes while in Turkey last summer. One had surgery and fat injections, while the other one had botox. They both look like chipmunks. Also, one can tell on tv all the female personalities who have had something done. There is that similar Turkish chipmunk look. I would rather look old than look like a chipmunk. But more important than look preference is the safety issue. Of course one can get bad surgery anywhere, but it is safer having something done in one's own country where one knows the laws and is able to get more reliable references. Just my humble opinion.... Graceanna, you may have lost $500 but you can count your lucky stars that you didn't have surgery with that doctor...
  11. Sorry to be blunt, but this sounds very fishy to me. I don't believe he is a dentist. If he were serious and you've been talking for a month, he would have given you more personal information. I would re-evaluate your trust in this person.
  12. Vu8, your post made me chuckle! Especially the part about dogs lunging at you and biting you! I spent the summer in Kusadasi, and there are certainly a lot of stray cats and dogs roaming around. The cats seemed to be very friendly and come up close to you. One of them would try to nibble at my leg, but the rest would just be looking for food. As Ken said, the dogs tend to roam around in herds mostly at night. They can be noisy. I easily get scared when a herd of dogs starts approaching me in the dark because you never know what can happen. Apparently, they can also sense your fear, but nothing ever happened to me, even though they would come near me to see if by chance I had any food. I also didn't stay too long on dark roads near dogs, nor did I try to pet any them. So it's not as if you are walking down the street and have to fear being attacked by them! Don't worry about it too much.
  13. My goodness, poor you, that is horrible. After reading your post, I am afraid of ever going to the hospital there.
  14. Thanks as always Ken. Still looking around and still uncertain about what I like and don’t like....
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