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  1. ok, thanks for the info.
  2. What do you call a delay? One week seems pretty quick. Would it be allowable for banks to stop all transfers?
  3. Hello, I am expecting an amount of money to be transferred from Turkey to Canada. It's an amount that is less than 25k. A friend told me he thinks that funds are being frozen because an amount he sent over from Turkey to Canada was never sent by his bank. Has anybody heard of banks stopping money transfers from going through? Thanks. Mimi
  4. I was just going to ask you that question Ken, and I'm not worried cause I'm too far for you to punch me in the nose... I have never lived in Turkey for longer than 2 months, and I can express myself more or less decently. However, I don't understand what anyone says to me! I used to understand my ex, but only cause he had limited and repetitive vocabulary....
  5. Mimi


    Sounds like a plan..... I'm so excited about suing my ex. I feel like I'm avenging Becky and all other women who have been scammed! Woohoo!!! Actually, my ex wasn't that bad, but I'm on a roll now and no one can stop me!!
  6. Have a wonderful Christmas Becky, you have given yourself the best Christmas present of all!! They must be sitting there counting their broken egg shells those low lives. I hope you have a romantic date and that he's a nice guy just like you deserve.
  7. I don't know these people but I don't like them and I suspect that Becky had to pay for many other things while she was there. Sorry for being blunt, but I suspect that the son wanted to marry you hoping to get his greasy hands on your pension. I have heard so many crazy schemes of men trying to get money that nothing would surprise me. As for Becky's dreams being shattered, I don't think they are cause she will not end up going. She will have other and better dreams instead. They would only have been shattered had she carried them out.
  8. Mimi


    Ok. I thought I had become expert Turkish male criticizer!!!
  9. Yeah Becky, you are smart, good for you! Gee I hate people who try to take advantage of others, in particular his mom's friend?? Ayip, ayip, ayip. And ayip to the mom too. You should have told them that the warmth of your love should suffice to keep them warm in winter, hah! I was married to a Turk and we bought a place together. Luckily, his friend (who lives in Canada) came to assist with the purchase and made sure my name was on the tapu (deed of sale). I gave 1/3 of the money, but my name is on it as half owner. Well after 3 months and more demands for money, I decided I wanted out and now I am in the process of suing my ex. And I am so happy that I made sure that my name is registered as part owner. The man is the father of my son, and I am sure that if my name had not been on the tapu, he would have had no qualms about making off with money that should belong to his son. These men have no shame and they will eventually get what they deserve.
  10. May I ask what happened that made you change your mind?
  11. I think you have made the right decision. But that doesn't stop you from visiting these people if you are so fond of them and spending a few months with them over the winter. Izmir weather is great in January.
  12. Why do you need to get married Becky? Why not just live with them? See what they say to that and if they don't agree, then something is fishy....
  13. Mimi


    Hi, Don't know where to put this topic. I noticed that people have various tags on this site. How are these tags assigned? I have expert member. How did I become an expert member?!!
  14. Anyway, people can keep on telling you whatever they want to tell you but in the end, you have to experience it yourself. I did and I learned. The semi hard way. I lost a lot, but I protected myself as well and I'm so glad I did.
  15. l totally understand that Becky because I had the same dream. I still do. However, the dream is better served without a man or other person in the way. Turks are kind, warm and generous people. However their family values and concept of women and North American culture are very different. For them, you are the rich foreigner, even if you are poor. For the man, you are there to serve them and concede to their every whim. The men are lovely when they are in wooing mode. After that, good luck! As for wanting to retire there, I would love to do the same. But on my own so I'm not dependent on anybody.
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