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  1. Thank you for the comments - it's great getting some feedback, especially from native speakers I wasn't aware that the siz/sen thing was still in style, but I've probably overgeneralized based on Northwestern European culture which emphasizes formal joviality rather than formal formality. Addressing people politely in Sweden/Finland (and often in Canada for that matter) would just be odd By the way, BellaRado, is it possible to find Namık Kemal in English anywhere? I am somewhat interested in the period from the making of the Republic and onwards, I am currently reading Andrew Mango's Atatürk biography, and Namık Kemal seems to be a big thing for both the jön türkler and Atatürk...
  2. linde

    Quality souvenirs

    Thank you for the comments. I will try out Bitez, if things pan out that way ... and thanks for confirming that I can expect to find some of the stuff in supermarkets
  3. linde

    Quality souvenirs

    Hello Last time I was in Bodrum, I had to experience the fact that a lot of crap is on sale near the harbour. I am looking for typical Turkish/Middle Eastern things such as nazar's (evil eyes) and tespih's (bead chains of sorts). Furthermore, I would like to buy a cezve (Turkish coffee pot), tea glasses and stuff like that. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding a place to go, if I am looking for this? I am unfortunately probably not spending more than a day in Bodrum (and, effectively, Turkey) before moving on to Greece, so I am not going to have very much time to look. Besides, I would like to buy a couple of bottles of Tekirdağ rakı to take with me. Does the tax free shop at the harbour carry quality Turkish liquor? It's a while since I've been in Bodrum. Is it, furthermore, possible to purchase liquor in supermarkets (I mean given Erdoğan's latest policies and everything), in case they don't have it?
  4. Thank you for your response. That is exactly the point of it, actually: Refusing politely. If you would propose something, for instance if assaulted by shopkeepers (the old story), and actually having to react to them, what would you say (in Turkish)? I have a relatively good command of Turkish grammar (native Finnish speaker - some general similarities), but I have no idea how things I think up using a dictionary actually sound to people. edit: I am, by the way, as you might guess, not at all good at semantics, so I am somewhat concerned that my statement might be something on the lines of "No thank you, I don't care", which would sound weird
  5. Hello, Does the phrase "yok sağol, ilgilenmiyoruz" make any sense in Turkish? I am, by the way, completely aware of the -yoruz being a plural - it is deliberate Regards, linde
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