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  1. I have been offered an interview from Wall Street Institute via Skype which I will be having on Thursday. I just wanted to know if anyone knows if it is a good company to work for? I have read about them however I wanted to know any opinions if anyone did have any.. Also what sort of questions will I be coming across? Would it be the same as it would in the UK? or is Turkey more lenient when it comes to interviews? As I have heard from friends and family it is more of a casual conversation rather than an interview. Would be great to hear from anyone who has any advice or opinions for me! Thanks to everyone in advance, Dilem
  2. I am currently undertaking a TEFL course and will be finished soon hopefully. However before I successfully finish I just wanted to know if anyone could give me an good tips and advice on how to go about trying to find a position in a private school or dershane in Izmir to teach English to students. I do know Izmir very well as my father is from Izmir and I have decided that I no longer want to live in the UK and want to settle in Izmir after completing this course. I would appreciate if anyone could advice me on any useful information they could give me?
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