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  1. Thanks Adiec appreciate your response. My embassy won't post it to me as I have to collect it they said. I just hate these bureaucratic things :/
  2. Hi all, I have looked into what I need to get married in Turkey (and I wish I had known about all this sooner!). So anyway I will be applying to the Irish Embassy in Ankara for my certificate of no impediment. I am just confused about when you actually have to go to Ankara. I will have to send my documents to Ankara along with the fee but can I post it or must I hand them in person? The man in the embassy told me that once I get the certificate I will need to take it with me to the ministry of foreign affairs in order to be stamped etc. But it would be in English so how can you get it translated in such a quick amount of time? I wouldn't be based in Ankara which is why I would rather just spend a day in Ankara rather than several trips back and forth. If anyone has been through this process I would appreciate some info. I know there are a lot of British on the forum but the process could be different for the Irish embassy and there is not much information online about it.
  3. Hey, I know that there are strict regulations surrounding electronic products but I don't know the details either so hopefully someone else can help you out. I have often brought my camera and laptop with me to Turkey without any problem, I don't think there should be a problem in that sense. But a couple of the stuff is a different story. But here is a previous thread that may help: http://www.turkeycentral.com/topic/19207-electronics-from-us-to-turkey/
  4. It is a really good university, you will enjoy it. There are lots of foreign students too but make sure you make friends with the Turkish students too as they will be able to help you around and give you tips about what to do etc. Some students can be shy speaking English with a native English speaker but just encourage them I miss it now, enjoy it, you will be surprised how the year will fly by!
  5. I studied at Bogazici too for a while! Etiler/Bebek is quite expensive for a student. Of course the exchange rate for foreigners is high but you could find cheaper. Lots of students live in Besiktas. There are some buses that go from there to Bogazici. Also you can take the metrobus to Zincirlikuyu and then get a bus from there. There is on campus accommodation in ucaksever campus but its expensive and the rooms are very small. You also have to deal with the rules of who you can invite etc. So I wouldn't advise it. As Hobbit has said you could use a 'servis' bus. This is what I used to do. This allows you to live that little bit further. So basically they are private buses which go to certain areas around Istanbul. So some buses will take students to Kagithane, some will take students to Bayrampasa etc. Most of these buses will be waiting in the south campus so when semester starts you should take your boyfriend with you to find a bus that would be suitable for you. A private bus is more expensive compared to public transport but it is less stressful. You will be guaranteed a seat at least. If you use public transport it is very likely that 85% of the time you won't get a seat because the hours you start/finish college are similar to the hours people commute to/from work. Don't expect much help from Bogazici's international office. They will help you at the start of the year with documentation and forms for museum cards/Istanbul cards but they won't go out of their way to help you with accommodation.
  6. Oh that's good to hear then...too bad I didn't think about investigating this ages ago..all those miles I could have saved on!
  7. Hey, You know the miles and smiles that is part of Turkish airlines. I just wondered if there is a catch to it..like do you have to pay to be part of it? And do you have to be Turkish in order to join it.
  8. For a gift it is money or gold. They don't have a tradition of gift lists at all. Mainly because their families save up their household items (ceyiz) from when they are young. For dress it really depends. I mean some people go to weddings very casual but a lot of the younger crowd like to wear black tie and ball dresses. You will probably end up looking like idiots abroad - it can't be helped lol! When you hear the music and see the dances you will be like what??? You just have to kind of pretend you know how to dance but really you won't have a clue. I went to a wedding in Istanbul and the brides family was from Trabzon...be prepared for loud traditional music which will leave you with a headache.
  9. I also wouldn't advise living in Taksim. However the poster said she lived in Kadikoy where she seems to feel isolated from foreigners. I think she would feel isolated in Beylikduzu also even though its a lovely place.
  10. Beylikduzu is really far from the center though. Even though the metrobus is present I wouldn't suggest it. It is a safe area though I agree.
  11. Hi, I would give the following recommendations based on the fact that they probably have more of a population who could understand English/are used to seeing foreigners. Of course anywhere in Istanbul you have to use common sense and no place is 100% safe. Also it is hard to give recommendations without any knowledge of what you want price wise. Yesilkoy/Bakirkoy - they are both nice modern areas and close to the airport, but rental prices can be high because of this. Besiktas - a lot of tourists stay here Etiler - expensive but hosts a lot of foreign students because of its proximity to Bogazici Univerisity. Avcilar is also close to the airport but you may not bump into a lot of foreigners. The plus side is that it would have cheaper rents compared to the others and it is connected to the metrobus line.
  12. destiny

    E45 creams

    I haven't come across e45 cream in Turkey. I've seen like nivea stuff but the price is unbelievably high compared to my own country. Arkonem is a popular Turkish brand. But to be honest I find such creams/cosmetics so expensive which is why when I travel to Turkey I stock up on that stuff from my own country. I am sure there is e45 cream somewhere. You can find this sort of stuff in places like 'watsons'. However if you go to the bigger chains of like carrefour and migros you will also find a cosmetic section.
  13. Just shows how wrong our stereotypes of burglars are..would never expect these women looked like burglars!
  14. Hi it is hard to give advice without a few more details like what area of study are you interested in. Anyway this is a website by the Turkish government in relation to scholarships for foreigners wanting to study in Turkey. http://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/index.php/en/ Some universities have very good scholarship programmes too for Masters studies. As regards to living on your own, my advice would be to live on campus until you got used to the city. A lot of students used to do that where I studied and then when they got to know people more they would rent out an apartment together which is cheaper.
  15. My experiences in Turkey, culture difference, in love with a Turk etc check out my blog - http://irishgelin.wordpress.com/

  16. It was so sad to read your post brokenflower. However it is our moments of sadness in which we grow most. I am sure you will eventually come away from this experience as a better person although right now it may not feel that way. Love with a Turk can be very bittersweet especially when someone you once knew as a free spirited soul becomes so conventional.
  17. You can keep thinking about this for another year. But why waste time. You either decide to not waste another year of your life thinking about it or you go to Turkey as soon as possible. You can stay in a hotel of course I wouldn't advise you stay at his home or something. If it goes well you will be happy you didn't wait another year and if it goes bad you will also be happy you didn't wait a year. Time is valuable don't waste it thinking of what could be when you can see what it is. And being a manager of a restaurant doesn't mean you can't take a week off until next year.
  18. For anyone who meets someone on the internet without meeting them in real should be careful regardless of where they come from. You can never truly know a person this way. I think if you like each other the sooner the better you meet. Depending on his career it might be hard for him to come to the US. If he has a good steady job then it should be no problem but if he doesn't don't fall into a trap of giving money. Otherwise maybe you can go to Turkey for a vacation with your children. Surely he has to meet your children too. Start planning and see how serious he is about meeting. If he starts giving excuses I would be cautious.
  19. It is really nice that you love her so much that you would leave her in order to cause her greater pain in the future. That is really admirable. It is really down to whether you want to take the risk of seeing what happens. I think you have picked out the right issues and I don't want to tell you what to do but distance at your age is hard as you said you want to settle down. It is a lot of work travelling back and forth. As a Muslim myself I could see the problems that arise if you were to have children. Like you said she is Muslim and although she may not practice I would presume she wants her kids to be raised with the basic belief of Islam i.e. belief in one God. And I don't mean to sound rude but you are an atheist - there isn't really similarity there. I think the best thing to do is to discuss these things with her then maybe you will have a clearer idea of what to expect. Wish you the best in your decision.
  20. As Meral said Turks are very loyal to their parents especially the mother. So many relationships in Turkey between Turks do not succeed because the mother is not happy with the relationship so it is not simply a case of you being a foreigner either. However, some people are more traditional and they expect their sons to marry a Turkish woman who was not married before. There is a lot of gossiping too in Turkey amongst women so when a situation like this happens you will hear them say oh did you hear her son married a woman with a child! It is sad for both of you really as you both have done nothing wrong but I agree with Meral do not pressure him. It is so difficult for him to go against his parents wishes. I really wish that you two can be together but if it doesn't happen it was just not meant to be and maybe it is better to not get involved in such a thing that will have a lot of family problems and stress of trying to please everyone. People should be more open minded but unfortunately they aren't.
  21. Sorry but you can't be making excuses like Turkish men just have it in their nature to control just to justify what you know is already wrong. My boyfriend of 4 years is Turkish and there is none of this take a picture to show me where you are or getting angry when I go out with my friends. Do you really want to marry someone who treats you like a child? You wouldn't be on this forum if you thought it was ok. There are Turkish girls your age and who have a similar education as you and have a job - there is no way they would put up with this so why do you think it is ok to put up with it? You obviously have potential to achieve what you want and the fact that he doesn't encourage you in your career is sad. Kusadasi is a whole lot different from Nevsehir. You have to think how you will feel living there - there aren't going to many foreigners like in Kusadasi. You will be living with his parents - that is a great way to ensure they always know where you are even when he goes out. I'm sure when you want to go to the shop for food or something your mother in law will be joining you! And then I agree with above comments about taking marriage seriously. You can't be going into a marriage with an attitude of well if it goes wrong I can go back to my family. What if you get pregnant and have a child. It is not going to be so easy to walk away then and if you end up unhappy do you really want this guy to have a reason to be in your life forever through a child. Not to forget that if in a few years you make a decision to leave him you will be going back to your country with a gap in your work history. It will be hard starting up again. You are already unhappy, you already know something inside you saying get away from him, so give yourself a slap and wake up. If you really like Turkish men there are plenty more to choose from and plenty more who wouldn't be asking you to send pics to prove where you are. May God give you strength to make the right decision and bring happiness to you.
  22. Aw glad to hear it went well. It is really great that the family warmed to you as it is really important for your marriage that you have a good relationship with the family especially his mother. I am sure you will have more chances to get to know them as they seemed to really like you!
  23. You should check out the QS world rankings, there are a few turkish universities in their rankings the top ones being bilkent and middle east technical university. I can't say if they are good for computer science though, you would have to check that out further.
  24. I get what you are saying about western media being against islam and islamic politicians, that is totally true at times. But the fact is Erdogan is a hypocrite who uses religion for his own gain. If he was really religious he wouldn't be doing a lot of things he is doing like allowing the police to beat up people in the street, introducing economic policies that make the gap wider between rich and poor. Just because he introduces a few policies such as allowing women to wear headscarf doesn't mean he is a good islamic politician. You have to see pass the exterior. And actually before the gezi protests Erdogan was pretty much well respected in the western media and a lot of academics saw him as a role model to guide a democratic muslim country, thankfully they finally saw the real him.
  25. Yes definitely go to the bazaar. You could bring a dress with you but to be honest you might as well have a look over there too, there are really a lot of shops that specialise in engagement dresses. Personally I don't like the dresses most women wear there for their engagements. They tend to like those satin long dresses, some are nice some aren't lol. But you can find a lot more styles there.
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