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  1. Thanks Adiec appreciate your response. My embassy won't post it to me as I have to collect it they said. I just hate these bureaucratic things :/
  2. Hi all, I have looked into what I need to get married in Turkey (and I wish I had known about all this sooner!). So anyway I will be applying to the Irish Embassy in Ankara for my certificate of no impediment. I am just confused about when you actually have to go to Ankara. I will have to send my documents to Ankara along with the fee but can I post it or must I hand them in person? The man in the embassy told me that once I get the certificate I will need to take it with me to the ministry of foreign affairs in order to be stamped etc. But it would be in English so how can you get it tra
  3. Hey, I know that there are strict regulations surrounding electronic products but I don't know the details either so hopefully someone else can help you out. I have often brought my camera and laptop with me to Turkey without any problem, I don't think there should be a problem in that sense. But a couple of the stuff is a different story. But here is a previous thread that may help: http://www.turkeycentral.com/topic/19207-electronics-from-us-to-turkey/
  4. It is a really good university, you will enjoy it. There are lots of foreign students too but make sure you make friends with the Turkish students too as they will be able to help you around and give you tips about what to do etc. Some students can be shy speaking English with a native English speaker but just encourage them I miss it now, enjoy it, you will be surprised how the year will fly by!
  5. I studied at Bogazici too for a while! Etiler/Bebek is quite expensive for a student. Of course the exchange rate for foreigners is high but you could find cheaper. Lots of students live in Besiktas. There are some buses that go from there to Bogazici. Also you can take the metrobus to Zincirlikuyu and then get a bus from there. There is on campus accommodation in ucaksever campus but its expensive and the rooms are very small. You also have to deal with the rules of who you can invite etc. So I wouldn't advise it. As Hobbit has said you could use a 'servis' bus. This is what I use
  6. Hi Thalia, My partner is also in the army although he just has to do the 6 month service. I find it strange that your bf will get a 1 week vacation in which he will work. What work - does he mean within the army or outside the army? My partner gets one day on the weekend free. Pretty sure this is a a right they have in the army. He doesn't get a week off at any time. But maybe there is a difference between the 6 month and longer service. Does he call you from the army or skype you on his free day?
  7. Oh that's good to hear then...too bad I didn't think about investigating this ages ago..all those miles I could have saved on!
  8. Hey, You know the miles and smiles that is part of Turkish airlines. I just wondered if there is a catch to it..like do you have to pay to be part of it? And do you have to be Turkish in order to join it.
  9. Well I am not Turkish so I don't know why you are insulting me as such. You know there are other people, non Muslims, non Turkish, who do not support the actions of Israel. I know you are going to tell me there is a big lobby in every government against the Jews. Play the victim but people don't always buy it. We are no longer living in 1940s Europe. This is 2015 and Israel is far from being the victim. I am deeply passionate about supporting the Palestinians and it has nothing got to do with religion or nationality. It is a choice of what I believe is right and wrong. Too bad if you don't agr
  10. For a gift it is money or gold. They don't have a tradition of gift lists at all. Mainly because their families save up their household items (ceyiz) from when they are young. For dress it really depends. I mean some people go to weddings very casual but a lot of the younger crowd like to wear black tie and ball dresses. You will probably end up looking like idiots abroad - it can't be helped lol! When you hear the music and see the dances you will be like what??? You just have to kind of pretend you know how to dance but really you won't have a clue. I went to a wedding in Istanbul
  11. It is not particularly Turkey's business, it is the whole world's business. Why do you think that while Israel massacres innocent civilians that nobody will say anything. Mind you, Netanyahu was quick to travel to Paris recently, I could say that it was also none of his business. Oh my..condemned I am! No, to be honest I just boycott Israeli goods. Other countries tend to be sanctioned when they do something wrong but Israel gets away with a lot, having a best buddy on the UN Security Council. I feel more passionate about economically boycotting Israel. I don't think that
  12. I also wouldn't advise living in Taksim. However the poster said she lived in Kadikoy where she seems to feel isolated from foreigners. I think she would feel isolated in Beylikduzu also even though its a lovely place.
  13. Beylikduzu is really far from the center though. Even though the metrobus is present I wouldn't suggest it. It is a safe area though I agree.
  14. Well I am not Turkish either but I know a lot of Turkish people have a problem with the actions of Israel such as what happened last summer. I do not support what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. I boycott all Israeli products where possible. Yet at the same time I am not a supporter of Erdogan. Erdogan seems great speaking out against Israel however I wish it was more real than it is. Look at government controlled TV channels and one advert after the other is promoting Israeli products. I think Erdogan should take a tougher stance on Israel and properly enforce a boycott of their
  15. Hi, I would give the following recommendations based on the fact that they probably have more of a population who could understand English/are used to seeing foreigners. Of course anywhere in Istanbul you have to use common sense and no place is 100% safe. Also it is hard to give recommendations without any knowledge of what you want price wise. Yesilkoy/Bakirkoy - they are both nice modern areas and close to the airport, but rental prices can be high because of this. Besiktas - a lot of tourists stay here Etiler - expensive but hosts a lot of foreign students because of its prox
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