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  1. I know this is a difficult discussion to have with a Turkish man as my husband is Turkish. I think knowledge of STI's is low in Turkish men... My husband seemed to think that I was accusing him of being dirty when I insisted that we use protection until I knew he was tested. I think he genuinly thought that washing yourself well was enough to avoid having any kind of infection... or worse! I was quite lucky that just before meeting me, my husband had been offered a job on a cruise ship and one of the requirements of acceptance was that he must pass a ful check-up, which included all STI's and
  2. It really gets to me when people say to avoid men from touristic areas. Of course you are far more likely to find a scammer or love rat there. They have the opportunity to be introduced to European women there. You believe they are all in the touristic areas because that where we travel to. We don't meet the scammers in other areas... But I think you'll find that a lot of the online dating scammers are actually from very westrenised city areas. Why do women turn off their heads when it comes to these men? If you wouldn't accept something form a man in your own country, it's because you know
  3. Just catching up on these threads and just wanted to add my 2 pennies worth. I see you've decided to go ahead with the marriage so I wish you good luck. I just hope that you're not going into this, just hoping that things will be different. And I hope that things do turn out for the best. Really I do I believe that being controlling, jealous and obnoxious or possessive, is not something that you can just put down to being Turkish. I had a boyfriend once that sounds a lot like the above... I was 17 when I met him and he was 21... He prayed on my innocence and lack of experience in adult rela
  4. Well we finally did it!! Tugrul and I married last week on our 1 year anniversary of meeting! I have to say, I have never been happier. We did have a rocky patch when Tugrul first got here, as I already mentioned, as our relationship was put into a pressure cooker on fast forward and we had gone from barely seeing each other, to living together.... with another family.... whilst he adapted to his new surroundings.... whilst I adapted to being financially responsible for 2 people.... Whilst planning a wedding.... whilst he was out of work and whilst still getting to know each other. But we
  5. I love this!! Wonderful news Linda! So good to hear some good news and positivity. An intelligent and lovely woman and now you can enjoy you rlife as husband and wife knowing that you have been through hell and back together and came out the other side better and stronger. I hope the visa situation clears itself up quickly so that you can get on with your lives together as a family Keep fighting honey. Take care xx
  6. Hello all, After all of the help and advice you have all given me over the months, I wanted to give you all an update. It's now been nearly 11months since I met my fiance Tugrul and we are due to marry on 7th June (Our one year anniversary). Tugrul arrived in the UK on 16th March and our lives have been turned upside down, inside out and the wrong way around in just the last month. Just with any whirlwind romance, moving in with somebody, before having months of experience of eachother, is very difficult for any couple, but when you also throw in cultural differences, a small language ba
  7. Hi Winegirl! Thank you. Well that went waaaay to fast!! I'm not back in the UK! I had the most wonderful time as always. We stayed with Tugrul's mum and she was as welcoming as always, allowed us to share a bed and even bough me gifts and made me a lovely scarf! I have now learnt how to cook Tugrul's favourite dish (Secret family recipe) and my Turkish really improved just on those few days! We went to the cinema and took his nephew ou for the day which was nice because it gave us a chance to do the things that regular couples do together. Tugrul's visa application is now in and we ha
  8. Latest Update! Well all is still going wonderfully with Tugrul & I. We are still very much in love. Despite some differences and disagreements, we are really learning each other, what makes each other tick, and how our opinions can differ but also what makes each other happy and what we both want out of life. I have learnt not to back down and let Tugrul win every argument and he has learnt that I will not accept him being Turkish as an excuse for moodiness, jealousy, strong opinions, etc. Although we have had our differences, we haven't argued any more than I may have with an english pa
  9. Thank you ladies! It was positively wonderful and his family are amazing!! I'm so relieved!!! Now the hard work starts! I had these in Taksim and they became a staple of our diet after drinks!! Amazing!! And as we were a 2 minute walk from Taksim square, if we got the munchies after movie and beer night in, Tugrul would round a grab a couple of these! He eats and eats! But I have to say, they are amazing! And so are the muscles they sell on the street! The lemon juice cuts right through the awful alcohol aftertaste! It's perfect! I'm pretty sure I gained a few pounds whilst I was ther
  10. Hi Gem, This caused me some confusion originally because of the new rules. It says it is applicable for settlement visas but does not specify. I always thought that a fiance visa and spouse visa were settlement visas. The Life in the UK test is for ILR, which you can get after living in the UK for 5 years. That's why's it's only available in the UK. My fiance has taken the Cambridge KET test, which is equivelent to A2 as Fil says. Tugrul sat his test in Nisantasi, Istanbul. The company we went through was British Side. It cost us £65.00. Please let me know if you need anymore informati
  11. Hi Rosalyn, On personal experience, my fiance has never told me what to wear or complained when I've been out without make-up but we're still in the early stages really. When I really make the effort and dress up, he is always the first to compliment me and tell me how good I look, and if I feel like dressing up, I'll often ask his opinion because if I'm dressing up I'm doing it for him ans well as me. I have to say though on a couple of occassions I went out skinny jeans with vans and a girly jumper and he told me how lovely I looked and that he loved me looking like that and relaxed so I
  12. Well, I'm home from Istanbul and had the most amazing time. Absolutely gutted to have to leave Tugrul and come home once again. We saw a lot of Istanbul together, spent nights in watching movies, cooked for each other, and generally did all the sorts of things that normal couples do whilst we lived together for a short time. This was going to be my test to see if I could really see us still happy after spending time living together, getting used to each others' bad habits and ways, seeing eachother outside of the beach/ hotel areas and in a normal living environment. Yes there were a few dis
  13. Just a quick update. I'm now home from Istanbul and had the most wonderful time. Tugrul's family were absolutely wonderful and so welcoming. Tugrul's mum absolutely loved her gift and I have been asked by all of his brothers to bring more honey in January as they loved it! I met Tugrul's family on my 2nd night in Istanbul. We took to Dolmus and a taxi to his Mum's where she had his brothers, uncles, aunties and cousins round. Everybody made me feel so welcome and special. Out of respect I did the whole kissing hand thing, but gave me a massive hug and kisses. Quite overwhelming but lovely.
  14. Haha!! I know you're right! But I'll dream for a little while yet hehe! Then I'm sure reality will come crashing down on me like a tonne of bricks! Sorry, my stepdad's just put a thought in my head... I was planning on taking some honey for Tugrul's mum (from my very own honey bees), but he's said maybe I'll have problems at the airport... Does anybody know if you can take honey into Turkey? I would have it in my luggage as it'll be more than 100ml, but travelling alone, I don't want to be stopped by customs at Ataturk...
  15. Yes, minely is hugely too big! Tugrul tried it on my stemum to help him choose one but neither of them realised I have really tiny fingers! Haha! At the moment I've wrapped thread around it to stop it falling off. To be honest I think that diamond can be over-rated and I live dainty little pretty jewellery... perhaps we could replace it with one that fits but not necessarily go for a diamond... That way we have something that fits that we can exchange at the engagement. Perhaps one day when we're both settled (wherever that ends up being) and we have our first çocuk, Tugrul can get me a sp
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