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  1. I know this is a difficult discussion to have with a Turkish man as my husband is Turkish. I think knowledge of STI's is low in Turkish men... My husband seemed to think that I was accusing him of being dirty when I insisted that we use protection until I knew he was tested. I think he genuinly thought that washing yourself well was enough to avoid having any kind of infection... or worse! I was quite lucky that just before meeting me, my husband had been offered a job on a cruise ship and one of the requirements of acceptance was that he must pass a ful check-up, which included all STI's and a HIV test. I have even seen the certificate. Even so, I still insisted that condoms were used until he arrived in the UK. At which point we both went to the clinic together and were tested so that he didn't feel I was putting it all on him. It was the beginning of our life together, a fresh start and where we could both put our pasts behind us. It worked well for us. I hope that you are able to keep strong too, if only to protect yourself. I know it is difficult and I can't say hubby didn't sulk.... but it was short lived and when he realised that I was going to let it go, he conceded and hopefully you will get the same agreement, if not immediately but eventually. Good luck x
  2. It really gets to me when people say to avoid men from touristic areas. Of course you are far more likely to find a scammer or love rat there. They have the opportunity to be introduced to European women there. You believe they are all in the touristic areas because that where we travel to. We don't meet the scammers in other areas... But I think you'll find that a lot of the online dating scammers are actually from very westrenised city areas. Why do women turn off their heads when it comes to these men? If you wouldn't accept something form a man in your own country, it's because you know that it's wrong... so why do you accept it from a turkish man?? I understand that these men have ways of making you feel special, but when you know that they have a reputation, it doesn't take a genius to realise that you should practice caution... My husband has never asked anyhting of me in the time that I have known him and despite looking out for every warning sign possible, he has never given me a reason to doubt him. He has never asked me for money (for himself or his family), I have never found out anything about him that he didn't already tell me, he wasn't already married, I have access to all of his accounts, facebook, email, telephone, twitter, etc. I have met all of his family from both Turkey and Germany. Yes he has joined me in England so you could say that he was just trying to get a visa from me... But even since we married he has always treated me with the utmost of love and respect. As soon as he was able to work, he went out and got himself a job and he works long hours, just to provide for us. I have never been made to feel more loved and confident in myself. And guess what.... I met him in BODRUM! Please ladies. Act with caution. I hate to see these stories because I hate that men prey on women's emotions and scam them or become somebody they weren't and begin controlling them, etc. And nobody hates it more than my husband. Whilst he was working in Bodrum (after I met him), I was contacted several times by a chef from the hotel that he worked at. Out of politeness I replied and asked Tugrul if he knew him. He didn't, but when he found out that he told me he "loved me" after never meeting me and despite me saying that I have a boyfriend, he confronted him. He warned him and told him to stop playing games. Again he messaged me, but he'd changed his name and all of his pictures on his profile. Only because I hadn't deleted my message history was it that I knew it was him. I didn't tell my husband as I didn't want him to do anything silly and lose his job.... But sure enough, one of Tugrul's friends (a guest at the hotel) told Tugrul that this new named guy had contacted his girlfriend too.... Tugrul immediately called me, made me tell him everything that he had said and send him the messages. He marched up to the hotel managers office with his chief and the guy was immediately dismissed. No pay for that month, no notice to serve and absolutely no job for next season and no reference.... It's harsh, but it meant that he wasn't in a position to prey on English women.... I guess the moral of the story is to not lose your heads. If it seems off colour, it probably is. And if you wouldn't accept any behaviour from a man in your own country, do NOT accept it from a Turkish man. Turkey isn't the only place it happens. It just very popular destination at the moment. Have you not heard of the greasy italian waitor or the slimy spanish barman? Do you wantch Benidor? Turkey is not the only place where this sort of thing happens. They are just the people that everyone draws attention to at the moment. A friend of my family was conned out of thousands by a Morrocan man.... and it even happens in England, America, Germany! It happens everywhere so please don't tar all men with the same brush. It's biased! I would say to any woman meeting any man, from anywhere, act with caution and protect yourself. It's what we do in our own countries so we should do it with anyone else. A cultural difference is not an excuse to be treated badly or asked for money...
  3. Just catching up on these threads and just wanted to add my 2 pennies worth. I see you've decided to go ahead with the marriage so I wish you good luck. I just hope that you're not going into this, just hoping that things will be different. And I hope that things do turn out for the best. Really I do I believe that being controlling, jealous and obnoxious or possessive, is not something that you can just put down to being Turkish. I had a boyfriend once that sounds a lot like the above... I was 17 when I met him and he was 21... He prayed on my innocence and lack of experience in adult relationships. For 4 years I thought it was normal... I lost all of my girlfriends because I wasn't allowed out (Although he would never specifically say I couldn't go). If I suggested that I was going out it would turn into a huge argument or if I went I would have endless accusations thrown at me and eventually I stopped even asking, just to avoid it. He would go out with his friends, leaving me sat in waiting for him until 6 am.... I would work and then collect the groceries, before taking a bus, a train and a 1 mile walk home. He was self employed and often home by 4. He could have collected me in half an hour, but out of selfishness, would let me travel alone. However I would then get questions... Why are you late? Where's your bus ticket? What time did you get on the train? How do I know you didn't get a lift with a guy from work? Eventually I was sending pictures of myself on the train just to prove where I was! On a rare occassion that I went out, I was home by 11 because I was worried how he would react. He made me take a picture to show where I was.... Then he made me take off my makeup and send another so that he knew I wasn't going back out!! Then there was the debt... He was in a huge amount of gambling debt and begged me to bail him out. I got myself in over 10k worth of debt and being on just over minimum wage at the time, I struggled for a long time, unable to pay bills, etc. And did I ever see any of that money again? Ha!! I'd have more chance of having tea with the queen! He was English... As much an english lad as you can get... No Turkish whatsoever. Well,eventually I saw the light and that he didn't really love me atleast not anymore... He just didn't want anybody else to have me... So I packed up, shipped off and left him and I haven't looked back since. I vowed after leaving him that no man would ever have that hold on me again. If anything, I have become a bit of a control freak myself. Now married to a Turkish man, I have never been made to feel that I have to change any of my behavious, what I wear, where I go or who I smile at. On one occassion Tugrul told me to button my blouse up and I flew off the wall at him, becoming defensive.... only to be red faced when I realised on of my buttons had popped undone and was showing a lot more than I had planned! I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's not being Turkish that makes men act this way. they either are or they're not.... Yes how they are raised probably has a lot to do with it, so maybe it is more common in Turkish men... But we can't tarr everyone with the same brush. I'm sick of being told that my Turkish man is going to change, control me, stop me going out, chain me to the kitchen counter.... Because he can only control me if I let him control me.... I have no room for psychological bullying... Perhaps there should be columns about English love rats.... because it really doesn't matter where you're from... There are jerks like that everywhere...
  4. Well we finally did it!! Tugrul and I married last week on our 1 year anniversary of meeting! I have to say, I have never been happier. We did have a rocky patch when Tugrul first got here, as I already mentioned, as our relationship was put into a pressure cooker on fast forward and we had gone from barely seeing each other, to living together.... with another family.... whilst he adapted to his new surroundings.... whilst I adapted to being financially responsible for 2 people.... Whilst planning a wedding.... whilst he was out of work and whilst still getting to know each other. But we definitely came our the other side and with just the right amount of compromise on both parts, we survived and will continue to do so. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world and for now, I am so glad that I took the risk with my Turk I have married my best friend and I trust him with my life. We are two peas from the same pod and although we are both stubborn, we have learnt to compromise on both parts. He treats me so well, always carrying bags, opening doors, covering me in the night if I look cold, cooking wonderful meals and running me a nice hot bath and pouring me a large wine for when I get in from a hard day at work. I know all of this will wear off, but the way he looks at me is like he's looking into my soul. He's so intense, yet he' so relaxed. And he's hysterically funny! A day doesn't go by that I don't laugh so hard my tummy hurts. But he can be serious when he needs to be. In his first month here, he escorted me to my Nan's funeral and was such a comfort. He even helped me to comfort my younger brothers as I'm so protective of them and I was getting upset seeing them cry (He'd only met them a few times). I don't know where I would be without my husband now and I still can't believe how much our lives have changed in just 1 year. We applied yesterday for Tugrul's FLR and he was granted it without question which is fantastic!! He can now begin to look for work, which is great. It will take financial pressure off of me and allow Tugrul to begin to settle and feel like he is home. Being able to support me and "bring home the pork-free, turkey bacon" will make him so happy! Although he's a modern man, he's still very much a proud Turk and relying on me for everything has been the hardest thing for him. We are due to return to Istanbul in August to visit Tugrul's family and then we can start thinking about a proper honeymoon! Woohoo! I wish all of you ladies and gents that are starting out all of the very best. Be cautious, but be happy. Enjoy it for what it is and try not to get swept up. Things have gone quickly for Tugrul and I, but if I'd had any doubts, even up until the day we got married, I would have pulled out. I'm a very strong minded woman. We are waiting for a couple of years before we have children as we still do not have the foundation to start adding children to the mix. Both of us want to be sensible about all of this, even if his Mum is already trying to feed me up on olives and telling me she sees babies in my coffee!! Haha! Wishful thinking I think Anyway, waffling and gushing I'm afraid. Thank you all for your help. If anybody has any questions, I'm always free to help where I can x
  5. I love this!! Wonderful news Linda! So good to hear some good news and positivity. An intelligent and lovely woman and now you can enjoy you rlife as husband and wife knowing that you have been through hell and back together and came out the other side better and stronger. I hope the visa situation clears itself up quickly so that you can get on with your lives together as a family Keep fighting honey. Take care xx
  6. Hello all, After all of the help and advice you have all given me over the months, I wanted to give you all an update. It's now been nearly 11months since I met my fiance Tugrul and we are due to marry on 7th June (Our one year anniversary). Tugrul arrived in the UK on 16th March and our lives have been turned upside down, inside out and the wrong way around in just the last month. Just with any whirlwind romance, moving in with somebody, before having months of experience of eachother, is very difficult for any couple, but when you also throw in cultural differences, a small language barrier and the fact that one of you is in an alien country and unable to work, things can be very difficult. The first week was wonderful, just as had all of our other time together, however after the novelty wore off, I returned to work and Tugrul was left at home terribly bored. We argued over the most petty things, wound eachother up and took offence over things that were not meant to be offensive. Why? Well I'm sure there are many reasons. Both of us were very insecure. Him, that he was in a new land and that I may use it to my advantage and he would lose his independence, and me, that he was Turkish and I'd heard so many horror stories, I was positive that if I backed down to anything, I too would lose my indepence. Both being firey and stubborn, this was a recipe for disaster.... So.... as you should in a relationship, we decided to sit down and TALK! There was surprise on both parts and we were both quite upset that the other felt as they did. Tugrul was so honest with me. He told me how difficult he was finding things. He missed his friends, his family, his independence and his life. I was upset and asked him if he wants to go home.... His response "No, because I missed you more than I miss all of those things". I was honest with him about my fears and he won't be ashamed for me to say, he cried. The fact that I could think that of him really hurt him... He does nothing but encourage me. If I suggest seeing my friends, he tells me to go for it. If I can't decide on an outfit, he chooses the sexiest. If I come home from work tired, he pours me a glass of wine, cooks dinner and puts a washload in the machine. He is absolutely not your stereotypical Turkish man. He does hold Turkish family values, is obsessively clean and wants nothing more than to provide for me and protect me as my husband, but all of those things, I love about him. He is a gentleman, honest, kind and although he is an old fashioned, red blooded male, he is not afraid to play a more passive role. I can honestly say that I thought I was fully prepared to date a Turkish man but I don't think that anyone can understand how difficult it is until they do it. Long distance relationships are hard.... But they are the easiest part. The hardest part is building a relationship once you're together, learning each other under stressful circumstances and supporting each other. Tugrul is still finding it difficult to settle in, and I know he will continue to, atleast until he is able to work. We starts college tomorrow, where he is improving his english and gaining qualification which should help when he can start to look for work. And hopefully he will make some friends and feel more settled and independant. We are going ahead with our marriage, because after a lot of talking and realising where changes need to be made and compromise is needed, we are so happy together and we now work together as an amazing team. We love eachother dearly and wouldn't want to be without each other. That is what marriage is. It is not perfect. It takes work and understanding. I wanted to give an honest update because I see so many women contemplating a relationship and looking for advice, but they aren't necessarily ready to listen to it (Just like me). Perhaps reading other people's experiences will help them. Some relationships work and some fail.... It's the same everywhere. But when you add complications and differences to the mix, the chances of them failing is greatly increased.... even if you find a nice, non-stereotypical Take-a-Break, Turkish man who isn't using you.... It is not easy. Please don't be fooled into thinking it is. You have the long distance relationship.... That is hard and can cause a lot of heartbreak and loneliness, then if you go down the route deciding to live together, there is the stress and difficulty of applying for visas. That drove me to the edge and my doctor even wanted to put me on antidepressents.... I ended up really ill and losing 2 stone! Collecting information, making sure you haven't missed anything and then the submission itself! We were lucky enough to have a straightforward application. With Tugrul's german background, my salary meeting the requirements and us having nothing against us apart from the short time we had been in a relationship, we had a 3 week wait and a first time Yes! Which is rare to say the least. I thought that was the worst over, but as I said before, once he gets here is when the hard work starts.... And I know it's not over for me... Tugrul is happier, but desperate to work, we have a last minute wedding to plan, then we will need to do the application all over again within the UK for him to get FLR. Once he has that, trying to find him work will be another mission. One that neither of us is expecting to be easy but that we will conquer together. And then we will deal with houses, finances, children, etc just like any other couple. I have no regrets in following my heart and I am by no means trying to put anybody off if they believe they have found true love, but I do believe that before rushing into anything, women should fully understand what it is that they are starting. It is a snowball of events and takes two strong and loving people to make things work. Love itself is not always enough, but if you truely love eachother and have a solid, honest openness and will between you, you can make it work. In the last month that Tugrul has been here, I have learnt so much more about him, his character, his background and upbringing and the more I learn about him, the more I love him. I can't wait to be his wife and I know he will make a wonderful husband and eventually a fantastic Baba. Thank you again for helping me to get to where we are now. I can honestly say that your advice and words of warning have helped me to not get too swept up in things, to keep my eyes open and to be realistic, whilst following my heart and my dreams, ut not letting them rule my head. Big big hugs and lots of love xxx
  7. Hi Winegirl! Thank you. Well that went waaaay to fast!! I'm not back in the UK! I had the most wonderful time as always. We stayed with Tugrul's mum and she was as welcoming as always, allowed us to share a bed and even bough me gifts and made me a lovely scarf! I have now learnt how to cook Tugrul's favourite dish (Secret family recipe) and my Turkish really improved just on those few days! We went to the cinema and took his nephew ou for the day which was nice because it gave us a chance to do the things that regular couples do together. Tugrul's visa application is now in and we have completed everything so the next things is just to wait and see if he's accepted which is but exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! I really hpe this was the last time I had to say goodbye because it is so so difficult. It seems to get harder instead of easier! Anyway, we shall see.... I hope everything is going well for you too and wish you the very very best. Kisses! xxx
  8. Latest Update! Well all is still going wonderfully with Tugrul & I. We are still very much in love. Despite some differences and disagreements, we are really learning each other, what makes each other tick, and how our opinions can differ but also what makes each other happy and what we both want out of life. I have learnt not to back down and let Tugrul win every argument and he has learnt that I will not accept him being Turkish as an excuse for moodiness, jealousy, strong opinions, etc. Although we have had our differences, we haven't argued any more than I may have with an english partner and we're able to overcome things really will as Tugrul is great at talking things through with me. I have had English partners that would just ignore the subject and think that's how you solve things... Anyway, I'm off to see my fiance tomorrow and have never been so excited!! My Turkish is finally coming on, thank goodness as we'll be staying with Tugrul's parents on this trip! We will be submitting our visa application on Monday so homefully once Tugrul is here we will finally get the chance to be like an ordinary couple for some months before we marry. I am so looking forward to being Tugrul's wife. He looks after me so well and treats me like a queen. Always has. Of course, I know there is always a chance that things could still go horribly wrong. I'm open to that and although I don't want it to, I am still trying to protect myself where I can. I honestly trust Tugrul more than I've trusted anyone before and think he would have slipped up at least once by now if things weren't 100%, but you never know. If I hadn't heard so many negative stories I wouldn't be protecting myself now. Which I feel is both a blessing and a curse! I think every relationship is different and as long as we go into them with our eyes open and know the risks involved, weigh up whether it's worth the risk and take actions to minimise potential losses, then we should give it a go. That's what I have done and so far so good. I wish you ladies and gents in multi-cultural relationships all the very best. Know that it is difficult but as it stands, I have a little slice of heaven, even if t doesn't last (Which I really hope it does and can see it). Thank you to everyone for your support & also advice over the months. I will keep you updated and if anybody wants to ask any questions or has anything to say, I am here to help Next stop Istanbul!! TTFN! x
  9. Thank you ladies! It was positively wonderful and his family are amazing!! I'm so relieved!!! Now the hard work starts! I had these in Taksim and they became a staple of our diet after drinks!! Amazing!! And as we were a 2 minute walk from Taksim square, if we got the munchies after movie and beer night in, Tugrul would round a grab a couple of these! He eats and eats! But I have to say, they are amazing! And so are the muscles they sell on the street! The lemon juice cuts right through the awful alcohol aftertaste! It's perfect! I'm pretty sure I gained a few pounds whilst I was there but it was definitely worth it! x
  10. Hi Rosalyn, On personal experience, my fiance has never told me what to wear or complained when I've been out without make-up but we're still in the early stages really. When I really make the effort and dress up, he is always the first to compliment me and tell me how good I look, and if I feel like dressing up, I'll often ask his opinion because if I'm dressing up I'm doing it for him ans well as me. I have to say though on a couple of occassions I went out skinny jeans with vans and a girly jumper and he told me how lovely I looked and that he loved me looking like that and relaxed so I think it just depends on the man, his taste, etc. xx
  11. Well, I'm home from Istanbul and had the most amazing time. Absolutely gutted to have to leave Tugrul and come home once again. We saw a lot of Istanbul together, spent nights in watching movies, cooked for each other, and generally did all the sorts of things that normal couples do whilst we lived together for a short time. This was going to be my test to see if I could really see us still happy after spending time living together, getting used to each others' bad habits and ways, seeing eachother outside of the beach/ hotel areas and in a normal living environment. Yes there were a few disagreements, but we dealt with them exactly how I thought we would. Tugrul isn't particularly jealous, which I was worried about from stories, but he is very protective. Especially as we were staying in Taksim. He wasn't happy with me walking alone and even when I went out with my Stepmum to get bread for the morning, he called me twice during my 2 minute walk to make sure I was ok. He said it's only because he worries in those sorts of areas and that he would be fine in areas that he knew, like his hometown or if it was somewhere that I'm used to like the UK. I would have been more concerned but his friends and brothers were the same and would link my arm if ever I was walking apart from Tugrul. I'm really, really happy with how things are going and the time we spent together has definitely cemented our feelings for each other. I just wish we didn't have to leave eachother every time! We've decided I will return at the end of January with everything that we need for his fiance visa. We will then do the application together. Until then, he started his new job on Monday and I have a busy time at work, plus we have Christmas and visa things to sort out and I'm moving home beginning of January, so I'm hoping all of that will make time go quickly and we will be together soon! Meeting his parents went wonderfully. His mum is such a lovely person and everybody was so welcoming and loving. I was sad to leave them too. Whilst I was there, we had a traditional turkish engagement (Or as tradtional as possible when you're from a different country!) His mum even bought us turkish engagement rings, There were smiles, laughter and happy tears! Before I left his mum even bought me a gift of a Jumper and thermal leggings as Tugrul had told her that Englad is really cold. The perfect little gift and I really wasn't expecting it. Since I've been back, despite us both being busy with work, we have fitted in speaking to each other a couple of times a day and his mum has even contacted me to tell me she loves me. Tugrul messaged my turkish stepmum yesterday and asked how I was and asked her to look out for me because I was finding things quite emotionally difficult. I've never know anyone to care so much and look after me the way he does. Ok, just realised I'm gushing! Sorry! Just wanted to fill you all in with how things are going and so far, so good. Despite the hardships and differences, we seem to be growing closer and closer and stronger and stronger. Thank you again for all of your help, encouragements, advice and words of wisdom. You are all gems! The positive and negative have really helped me through everything so far. So thank you again! If there is anything I can do to help in return then I would be more than happy! Big hugs xx
  12. Just a quick update. I'm now home from Istanbul and had the most wonderful time. Tugrul's family were absolutely wonderful and so welcoming. Tugrul's mum absolutely loved her gift and I have been asked by all of his brothers to bring more honey in January as they loved it! I met Tugrul's family on my 2nd night in Istanbul. We took to Dolmus and a taxi to his Mum's where she had his brothers, uncles, aunties and cousins round. Everybody made me feel so welcome and special. Out of respect I did the whole kissing hand thing, but gave me a massive hug and kisses. Quite overwhelming but lovely. His mum had made some amazing turkish food and we all sat to dinner together. Tugrul was very good at translating and keeping me involved and I spoke turkish where I could. (I definitely need to learn more!) After dinner, his mum explained that her brother and his wife would act as my Anne & Baba and that we would do the whole engagement tradition. First I served Bride's coffee to everyone, in the correct order, then I sat with my "Anne & Baba" and Tugrul sat with his mum and stepfather and asked permission to marry me. There was a lot of toing and froing, with my "Baba" saying that Tugrul could only marry me if he gave 10grams of gold. Tugrul was unable to pay and had to plead to marry me. I then had to tell my "Baba" that I wanted to marry him, that he was a good man and would look after me. It was all very funny and my "Anne and Baba" eventually gave their blessing. Everyone kissed and hugged and Tugrul's mum brought out two beautiful, traditional, Turkish engagement rings, tied with a lovely ribbon. Tugrul did not know she had arranged this and actually cried himself. She then put the rings on us, blessed us and cut the ribbon. It was such an amazing moment and one that neither of us will forget. After hugs, kisses and a few tears, Tugrul then joked that now I have to live with my "Anne & Baba" until we're married. No living together! Haha! His family are all very modern and relaxed. We drank raki together and as a surprise, Tugrul's brother dressed in Tugrul's mum's dress and gave us all a belly dance!! It was positively hilarious!! One of the best nights of my life. I visited them a couple of times after, during my trip. On one occassion, Tugrul's mum read my coffee and was scarily accurate! She told Tugrul regularly that she loves me and has contacted me on facebook since my return to tell me herself. She even bought me a gift of a jumper and thermal leggings before I left (Tugrul told her that it's cold in England! Haha!). The whole trip was wonderful and living with Tugrul for the 9 days in his own environment (not at his summer job at the hotel) definitely gave me a view into what life will be like with him, and the same for him with me. It's only cemented how we feel about eachother and leaving on this occassion was so difficult for both of us. I really don't know how people do these LDR's for so long because we find it so hard to be apart from each other. The next time I see Tugrul will be the end of January, when we complete his fiance visa application. I'm hoping with Christmas, moving home and sorting papers, etc for the visa, it will all keep me busy and the time will go quickly. I'm so grateful to everybody on this forum for all of your advice over the months. Of course if you have any further advice to give I will take it on board gratefully and if anybody has any questions for me then I'm happy to help.
  13. Haha!! I know you're right! But I'll dream for a little while yet hehe! Then I'm sure reality will come crashing down on me like a tonne of bricks! Sorry, my stepdad's just put a thought in my head... I was planning on taking some honey for Tugrul's mum (from my very own honey bees), but he's said maybe I'll have problems at the airport... Does anybody know if you can take honey into Turkey? I would have it in my luggage as it'll be more than 100ml, but travelling alone, I don't want to be stopped by customs at Ataturk...
  14. Yes, minely is hugely too big! Tugrul tried it on my stemum to help him choose one but neither of them realised I have really tiny fingers! Haha! At the moment I've wrapped thread around it to stop it falling off. To be honest I think that diamond can be over-rated and I live dainty little pretty jewellery... perhaps we could replace it with one that fits but not necessarily go for a diamond... That way we have something that fits that we can exchange at the engagement. Perhaps one day when we're both settled (wherever that ends up being) and we have our first çocuk, Tugrul can get me a sparkly eternity ring Haha! Definitely would hold him to that if I were you!
  15. Yes you're right and that's how Tugrul explained it to me but he wants to get me a nicer ring for when we exchange at the engagement with his family. We're getting Tugrul a ring as well when we get my new ring. I'm not too worried about replacing my ring as it's sentimental to me now, but he's pretty adamant... When Tugrul proposed, he put the ring on my right hand. I wear it on my left in the UK and my right in Turkey.
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