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  1. The trouble is that problems do not vanish if people who make up a society do not talk about them. Sometimes complaining in public should be taken as a sort of public service. You know, if more people like my father realized just what sort of incompetent, irresponsible, irrational, greedy, dishonest if not outright criminal scoundrels way too many modern medical doctors (and other hospital staff) are, there might not have been a problem in the first place (and if the Baskent Hospital loses any customers, they might have to reconsider their evil ways).But rest assured, as soon as my Turkish speaking bloodhounds return from their vacations, I do plan to unleash them on the locals.
  2. No luck in getting my father to have the x-ray images taken to verify the presence of any added titanium, but I might report that so far the SGK-institution has not been very helpful in providing any support. At first I went to the nearest office to see if they have any employees willing to communicate in English but apparently they did not have anyone. They were only able to tell me that I should have my written documents translated. After I did that one employee quickly read them (but obviously did not comprehend much as she asked questions which were clearly answered in the material) and then declared they won’t help us. She also repeatedly noted that my father is not a Turk. It should be however noted that at least according to the “party line” they have been telling foreigners around here, SGK-insured foreigners should be treated like Turkish citizens unless there are country specific agreements. The practice seems a bit different. So I was left with the impression the woman was a racist pro-Turk who might have done more for her fellow countryman. Anyway, I have done a little research on what’s wrong in the medical community on the wider scale and found this one nice article “Oklahoma City hospital posts surgery prices online; creates bidding war”: Now that’s one rare piece of reason and decency coming out of the global health care racket! It’s also well known among educated people that at least around half of the published results in peer-reviewed medical journals are wrong. Also, according to some rather famous research by people like Kahneman and Tversky, medical professionals routinely make the sort of reasoning errors even ordinary high school students should be ashamed of. Yet, for some very strange reason the society at large allows these doctors to think they are some sort of supermen who deserve far above the average compensation for their work even when they make serious mistakes. In my father’s case it certainly seems like the hospital is not much different from a mob that runs an extortion racket. I can only hope that some day the society smartens up and starts rounding up the greedy racketeers so that the minority of doctors who are basically decent can redeem the profession. That sort of stuff certainly doesn't raise trust in the medical community...
  3. Um, sorry, I may not have been as clear as I should have been. There was of course a specific corrective procedure that the verbal agreement was all about (which did not include any titanium nails) and the written report noted that it was done mentioning it by name. And the written report did not mention those titanium nails either even if the hospital still wants 10000TL for their installation so you got that part right. We do also have several witnesses for the verbal agreement. Obviously I'm not that certain they ever installed those nails either as I suspected some sort of fraud from the getgo. I'm only certain that's the explanation they gave for demanding that extra money. Mouse64, please try not to make such baseless assumptions as the assumption that I have only had one fishy situation in Turkey so far. It's simply the first one I wrote about in the forum. I may write about other things in due time.
  4. You must have missed the question mark in the title. As in "Medical fraud in Turkish hospitals?". Perhaps the "national sport" remark would have been more accurate if I had instead used the words "regional sport" as I have personal experience only from the southern Mediterranean part of Turkey. It was however meant as a comical remark, not as a totally serious claim.
  5. Yes, I have heard that there are several foreigners in a nearby prison in Mahmutlar because they have not paid their debts. I can not however personally guarantee the veracity of that hearsay. You can read about the law online. Of course we are doing our best to ensure my father won't be going to prison for this hospital debt. And just to be clear, I have nowhere claimed to have any proof of actual wrongdoing on the hospital's part. I simply started this thread to get ideas on how to go about investigating the issue. I'm obviously not from the states myself but I have read about the situation there. There's of course this one particular ethnic group that is highly overrepresented among the medical professionals which may have something to do with the prevalence of fraud in the system but if I get any more specific I can easily get banned from the forums. To the best of my knowledge my father did not really sign the sort of paperwork one would expect. The agreement was oral. As I noted in my previous post the surgery report did not mention anything about "titanium nails" or anything else to justify the significant extra charge. So one would think the low initial price would still be all what the hospital demands but they claim otherwise. I can't help if you don't see anything fishy in that. And sorry, I did not realize that one is expected to view Turkey through rose-colored glasses on this forum. However, you are probably aware that during this "Turkish Summer" even quite a few Turks have been getting fed up with the system.
  6. It would be a safe bet my father would not have been particularly pleased, but then again, he would be free to get the needed care elsewhere with some added knowledge. Also, he would not have to worry about ending up in a Turkish prison due to hospital debt
  7. I did finally get my hands on the translated report of the surgery provided by the Baskent hospital. What may be noteworthy is that it does not mention that anything unexpected happened during the operation, it just notes that what was agreed to be done was done and that there were no complications after the surgery. So obviously it is not helpful at all in understanding the justfication for the extra 10000TL charge. I wonder if this is common around the world or just in Turkey. Maybe it's just me but I'd definitely like to see a little bit more accountability...
  8. Yes, thanks everyone! I will try to do my best to get the matter solved though it seems likely it will take some time. We still haven't received the surgeon's full explanation of why he needed to do what he did and why he could not predict the need for those nails before the operation and I have some holes in my knowledge of the situation such as I don't yet know for certain whether my father signed any documents acknowledging that he is aware of the financial risks involved before the operation (he was in a confused state and obviously had a language barrier to deal with).
  9. Yes, I would think so as well. However, the surgeon was very definitive about the price so that doesn't excuse him. The problem was identified using magnetic imaging so the estimate was not based on nothing. I do have those images with me so I can show them to other neurosurgeons when necessary to get their opinion if it would have been reasonable to expect any need for those expensive titanium nails. Obviously though if such operations are commonly very risky the surgeon should not have given such a low figure. I'm not denying my father acted without careful consideration as he was in a hurry to "end the pain". I did myself recommend to him that he should fly back to his home country to get the necessary treatment.
  10. To his credit at least the surgeon had the appearance of respectability when I briefly met him. One just gets naturally suspicous of such unexpected extra charges in a place where bilking foreigners is something akin to a national sport. I'm of course a total layman myself so I can't speak with any knowledge but it just seems rather unbelievable that a reasonably experienced professional could not see that sort of a thing coming before the operation. Anyway, we did actually manage to get my father out of the hospital without paying the extra bill which I understand is a little unusual in Turkey...
  11. Thanks for the reply. I can only hope someone at the SGK will investigate the matter after they have been properly informed of the situation. Anyway, you don't think there's anything the police would do in this case? Obviously they would need to have some independent medical experts to review the situation and I can understand it might be difficult to get that sort of effort from them. Though if they have received any previous complaints of possible criminal behavior at the same hospital who knows they just might do it. Now I'm a hopeless optimist... I guess the situation could be worse as my father is still breathing and is starting to feel better. I understand he did get some bacterial infection during the surgery as well but at least the antibiotics did their trick.
  12. My SGK-insured father recently agreed to undergo surgery to correct a problem he had with his vertebrae in Alanya at the private Baskent hospital. The total price for the surgery was less than 3000TL and was paid before the operation. However, something happened during the surgery that supposedly necessitated the installation of two titanium screws at extra cost of around 10000TL.What do you think are the chances that there's some sort of fraud involved instead of a genuine need to save my father's well-being? Just thinking quick it certainly occurred to me that the surgeon may have anticipated such a need before the operation but neglected to inform my father of this as he would not have agreed to such an expensive operation. Of course there are many other possibilities like the lack of any actual need for such costly extras.Do you have any suggestions how one could proceed in this sort of a situation?
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