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  1. Hi I am a married female and I have a male child who is 19 months old. We are a family of 3 and currently studying in the UK, we do not have English nationality, however we all have Turkish and Saudi nationalities. Generally we live back in Saudi. I am planning to return back to Saudi for good by the end of this month. But my husband and I are not getting well together. He threatened me to take my son from me and not let me see him again ever. I am emotionally damaged and I think that I will divorce him!. However, from the moment I enter Saudi, my husband can easily and legally take my son away from me. The Saudi laws allow men for such control. I will spend my whole life running in courts without being able to see my son. Thus, I am thinking to move alone and live in Turkey with my son, and leave my husband behind in UK. But I am not sure how Turkish laws operate. I want to be assured that my son is not taken from me. My husband will be living in Saudi, so is there any chance that he might take my son away from me by an action from Turkish court and go to live with my son in Saudi? Please help me I am very devastated! As women rights are very different in Saudi Arabia than the rest of the world.
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