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  1. Thanks again Sunny, I have a degree but not in English, it is in Communication Studies. I work in a university library and have done for over five years. Perhaps this might help as it shows that I have experience of working with students and some (fairly minor) experience of assisting in classes. I am trying my best with the TEFL course. But it is a bit difficult at the moment what with working full-time and the day-to-day problems that come up. I agree with what you say about grammar as I have just finished the first module and...I will have to really study in the next couple of months. Nothing is set in stone but if we move and if I can get some kind of job, teaching or otherwise (but almost everyone says that teaching is the most and maybe only option) then I would like to improve my prospects by possibly taking the CELTA course at Izmir Ekonomi or International House at some point in the future.
  2. Thanks Sunny, If I can find a job working for a foreign company then that would be great...if I can find one. Alternatively, teaching english would be my only other real possibility. I am trying to complete a TEFL course as quickly as possible. Having spoken to some local friends of my wife's in Izmir they suggested that I would have no problem getting a job at a school as native speaker even without a TEFL qualification. Nevertheless I am trying to get one as this would obviously go some way to helping. As for the work permit I am trying to figure out exactly what this means: "The exceptional cases are:1. Foreigners married to Turkish Citizens; Foreigners married to a Turkish citizen and living in Turkey with their spouse in the marital union, and who stay in Turkey legally without being subject to any condition of time for residence, may apply directly to the Ministry for exceptional work permit." From reading this again, I am not sure it applies to someone who has just arrived in Turkey but a foreigner who is married to Turkish citizen "without being subject to any condition of time for residence". But I don't know when that comes into play.
  3. Hi, I will try to keep this question simple as I could really use some advice from anybody who has experience of this particular situation. Me and my wife currently live in London. She is a Turkish citizen and currently in Turkey finishing up writing her PhD. Once she finishes we plan on finalising our plans to move to Izmir as she has a potential job offer there and we have a house we can live in. My question is would I automatically be considered as an 'Exceptional Case' as stated on the CSGB - Ministry of Labour and Social Security Department's website? I need help to understand how this works in practice and any details, advantages etc. I have just joined the forum, so I am navigating my way around to discover as much as I can but I have never moved abroad or dealt with these issues, so just trying to get some clarity matters. Many thanks in advance Antony
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