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  1. Hello Aston and Meral thanks for your replies. Aston you have answered so much for me and put my mind at rest so thankyou. So you are saying I dont need the father's permission to withdraw the dual nationality? Also you say I change the childrens names by deed poll without father's permission? And would I also be able to change their last name with permission? Sorry I got muddled up with my daughter's passport, it is exactly the same as the boys, I thhink I concentrated to much on the part that mentions about Dual. I dont want to write on a public forum the reason why I want my daughter'
  2. My Turkish husband and I have separated, I know he is living locally as I have seen him driving around but I have no address. He has not seen or supported his children for many months now and when he left he said he wanted nothing to do with any of us ever again. We are living in the UK and he has British Nationality. I have a couple of questions if anyone can answer them please. We have 3 children. The girl has Dual Nationality which is stated on her British Passport and has a Kimlik. Is it possible for me to be able to renounce her Turkish Citizenship without her father's permission a
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