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  1. Hi Aston Thankyou ever so much for this advice, You have helped to put my mind at rest. Kind Regards Guzel.
  2. Thankyou Aston That has been very helpful and good clear advise. I think mainly i dont want a divorce as im frightened of losing my child,but also like you said i had prayed he would come to his senses and realise what hes losing. He has asked me to sent him power of attorney to agree to a divorce so he can go ahead without me there (i think because its cheaper if you are both in agreement). However i dont trust this so therefore i told him to wait. I understand by the reply you sent me that once i get a residency order for my child i could go ahead myself with divorce through the UK
  3. Hi Im new to the forum (so not sure it this is the right place to post) but i have a similar problem.My husband wants a divorce and allowed me to leave turkey with our child 6 months ago to return to the UK .He pushed me to leave and said our child would have a better life here. I do not want a divorce and everytime he speaks with me he just goes on about the divorce.Iam seeing a lawyer next week as my concerns are should i and my child i return for a visit he may not let me leave again as i read previously stated that until divorced he can stop me.I have been told i do not need a divorce to
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