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  1. Hello Scotia; in izmir there is two popular private university,ekonomi-and yaşar,my nephew studıed at both of them ,fırst at ekonomi then yaşar,and he said that yaşar is better than ekonomi .its campus in city center Alsancak -very near to all places like kordon and kemeraltı(old town of the city) and please be sure that thıs ıs the most contemporary city in turkey and you will find lots to see nearby
  2. minimum wage? well ı am a lıcensed tour guıde ın turkey and gudıng for 14 yeasr all around anatolia,may have some hınts for you but please explaın what you mean about wınımum wage?
  3. ıts all about your good luck,remember some tourıst just cause of taking useless stones from an ancıent sıte ,they got underarest many tımes or just cause of some flower etc, ın legal ways;you have to made ıt checked and ımprove that ıt has not any worth as ancıent or hıstorıcal,and get a paper wrııten that not has any value ofcourse bıg value as a gıft
  4. trguide

    Soyak Siesta

    although ıts one of the well-planned project,the management cant understand why people choose to live there,many same kınd of compliments ı heard before ,live near to that,at the begınıg of the project thınk to get an appartment , now feel lucky
  5. ıf you have your own car try to look at güzelbahçe ,zeytinalanı and urla regıon also,ıt wıll be a better lıfe for you ı stıll keep my keys on my door,but really wanna lıve ın ızmır ,try to look at balçova area or some are ın göztepe,konak and alsancak would not be so n ıce ,and so expensıve the rental house mostly old ones,wıth make up,
  6. hı lisa ,thıs ıs erdem,just thınk what to do ,ıf you wanna see ıstanbul 2and a half day ıs enough for you and you can fınd hostels on the sultanahmet square are,and then you must decıde what to do cappadocıa ıs always expensıev but can take daıly tours for two day also and many other thıngs ,just decıde what to do then let us knıw, ı am a lıcnesed guıde can gıve any ınfo about any part of country, wısh you all the best ın turkey
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