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  1. I am relocating from T to Spain as a permant adress,but will nontheless spend several months a year in T,preferably on a normal 3 month visa. Since I have 2 dogs that I woul newer,newer send as hold lugage I will probably drive from Spai to T and back 2 times each year(neither as hard,nor as expensive as it sounds if you have the time and considering the dogs "airfare"!!!) While staying in T I would have to make short trips out of the country. 1. I have heard that T enters a foreigners car into his passport when coming to T. Is this correct? 2. I have heard that it is imposible to leave T withouth the car for even a few day,is this correct? 3. I have heard that it might be posible to put the vihicle in "bonded storage" if you need to be out of T briefly,is this correct and if so,is it a practical option given cost and work(red tape hazzle) involved. Maybe there is somthing abouth putting down a giant deposit(the car would be expensive in T) ,which it would probably take a lawyer to reclaim. 4. I do own a car in Turkey,can I own a car(its not tax free,but M plate),withouth a recidency permit. Theese are very important issues for me since I would find it hard to live for extended periods in T withouth a car. If I cannot bring a Spanish car to T I wouls have to park it in Greece for up to of 3 months twice a year and enter withouth it with 2 dogs in tow,which I find downright comical. And by the way turing is useless,rather reminds me of THY costumer service :-) !!!
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