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  1. thanks everyone for the advice. It has been usefull. We talk now from time to time through messenger, especially with what is happening in Turkey, but I don't suggest we meet. Neither does she, that's the problem. I'll just have to wait and see I guess. I don't think that her problem is her family, since from the stories that she told me she doesn't seem to be close or affected by them. I think that it is more the fact that she is young and that she is afraid to "commit", although I never suggested such a thing. The only thing I did, is after the time we spend together to suggest we meet aga
  2. Lucid,Thanks for your reply and your compliment on my english. I know that probably it is for the better, and I do not intend anymore to contact her. The reason that i wrote in this forum was only because she showed way too much affection before. I was wondering if people had similar experiences before, that is why I posted.Kem thank you for your reply as well, i've heard that before from my turkish friends here, one of them also warned me before hand to be careful cause as he told me turkish girls do have this changes in behavior. I thanks for the advice as well, only practical problem os tha
  3. Hi Aston,thank you very much for your reply. I agree with you, this is not the first time that this happened to me, or its not that i haven't done it to someone in the past myself. These kind of situations are in life. So i can understand all this and i also have decided not to contact her again. What confused me was the enthusiasm that she showed and the amount of time it took, that is why I decided to ask. Actually to be honest with you, I thought that the reason that she lost interest was the fact that I was not being serious enough. Anyway I will not contact her again, thanks again for you
  4. Good day to everyone, I wanted to write to you seeking advice concerning my relationship with a Turkish girl. I am a greek, living abroad, aged 33, and she also lives near my city here, about 40 minutes in distance. I met the girl (26 years old) around 4 months ago at a party and from the first moment it looked as if we connected very well. We spoke from then on every night for the coming months online about everything and she seemed to be genuine interested. In this 4 months we only met 4 times, everytime that I was asking her out, she had some short of excuse. I understood that she is a pers
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