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  1. Good day to everyone, I wanted to write to you seeking advice concerning my relationship with a Turkish girl. I am a greek, living abroad, aged 33, and she also lives near my city here, about 40 minutes in distance. I met the girl (26 years old) around 4 months ago at a party and from the first moment it looked as if we connected very well. We spoke from then on every night for the coming months online about everything and she seemed to be genuine interested. In this 4 months we only met 4 times, everytime that I was asking her out, she had some short of excuse. I understood that she is a person that doesn’t want to be pressured, so I started asking her out less frequently and let her take the initiative about when and where we should meet. Two weekends ago she came over to my place, and we spend a really nice weekend together. She was very affectionate and although she left kind of suddenly, it seemed that she was also very interested in me. Apart from the weekend we spend together, when we were chatting, she was always kind of making plans on how we would meet in our respective countries, her coming in Greece, when my holiday was there, and she invited me to visit her in Istanbul, when she would get back. From my part, I was also affectionate, showed her that I care about her, but up to this point. No promises were made on either side, because I knew that it was too soon. My problem started after the weekend we spend together. First day in all her messages she really seemed affectionate, but then as I was asking her to meet again, she declined. And after a few messages, she wrote to me that we shouldn’t be meeting so often, because she doesn’t feel free. I then told her, its ok, we’ll meet whenever you want, and that I wanted to discuss this with her. For one week there was no reply, so I contacted her again (through messenger, she refused to meet me face to face saying she was busy). So I told her that I was confused, and she said that she was sorry and that she knew why I might feel confused. So I told her that I really like her and that I thought that the weekend that we spend together was really nice for me and also all the time that we spend together. She then wrote me back , that she also had a great time with me, that there was nothing wrong from my side, but it was her. She said that she was not good in this kind of realtionships and that she needed to get away, since she realized that I was taking this relationship seriously. Truth be told I care about the girl, that is why I am asking for advice, but apart from showing her that I cared I never pushed her¸ cause I understood that she is the kind of person that doesn’t like to be pushed. So I answered back that its ok, we can take it slow, that I don’t really see where the problem is since we both enjoy each others company. She didn’t answer anything to that and this is how our last conversation ended. My problem is , since I am genuily interested in seeing her again, do I just stop contacting her and wait till she feels like (if) she wants to see me? She seems to be saying the truth since she mentioned twice that she wasn’t feeling free, so maybe ,even if that was not my intention , she clearly thinks that I put pressure on her? Or if I contact her, how do I do it? Thanks in advance for any answers I might get.
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