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  1. These are definitely two different buildings. The first one (brown and beige) could be there but it could be anywhere. The panoramic view is possibly Akbuk (as in Akbuk, Didim, Aydin) just down the road from Altinkum-Didim. It might be an "artist's impression" and there are plenty of places in Akbuk with spectacular views similar to that.
  2. I've been following this post so would love to know how things turn out for you.
  3. I have only 2 blank pages left and my passport which expires in 2017. So I was very pleased to be able to get my latest visa to Turkey as an e-visa. Cost was 20 USD and the process was easy. https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/
  4. Thanks for your help guys. I am really looking for a shop I can go to (i.e. not a place to order on-line). It will be too hard for me to order on-line and try to synchronise delivery with my visits...
  5. I can see what GDB means, but at some point a property purchaser has to put their trust in someone. No matter how much research you do you have to take that "leap of faith" once you believe you have found the right place and the right people to do business with. Anyone who is a bona fide business should allow you to take your time to build up that trust. If they try to rush you they might just be in a hurry or they could be running a scam. It can be difficult to tell especially in a country you don't live in and probably don't know the language. Also it is worth pointing out that some business
  6. Hi everyone, I love Nespresso and note that there is an official Nespresso shop only in Istanbul. Does anyone know if there is a grey market for Nespresso elsewhere in Turkey? I would love to get a machine and pods in the Didim area without having to put them in my airline luggage. I saw they have them in the hotel room at the Didim Yacht Club so feel sure there are channels (maybe wholesale rather than retail) other than the official Nespresso shop. Alex
  7. Just to confirm that I used Ahmet to buy my property in Akbuk and I think he is OK but: - He asked for all his fees up-front (if possible try to withhold some until the end) - He is terrible at emails despite reasonable spoken English. Relies on English part-timer to help with emails to English speaking clients. - He did the absolute minimum (e.g. did not set up the water and electric accounts in my name which was hassle when I arrived). While he did nothing wrong he was such a pain to deal with from overseas and I would probably not use him again. And the other thing, he is not working with
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