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  1. Thanks so much, Abi and Fil. I've spoken with the consulate in Chicago and embassy in DC but will give the US Embassy-Ankara a call, as well. Although we will continue to try to obtain work visas before departing, we might ultimately have to do what you've described, Fil. I just hope that we are still able to apply for the residence permit in Turkey when we arrive. If the law doesn't go into effect for another year, I should think this will be possible. Thanks again to both of you.
  2. Greetings, This is my first post on Turkey Central. After reading through several threads, it's apparent that this is both an open and knowledgeable community. That said, I hope you all will forgive me for asking a question that has already appeared several times in various forms on the forum. At any rate, here it goes... My wife and I will be flying to Istanbul on May 14 with the intention of seeking employment. After some research and speaking with a couple of friends who are currently teaching English in the city, we felt we had a good sense of the bases we would need to cover in order to live and work in Turkey for an extended period of time. However, as luck would have it, only a couple of days after we purchased our plane tickets a member of another forum to which we belong sent a message regarding a new piece of legislation that was passed at the beginning of this month. It seems as though the new law might change where and when a foreigner must apply for a work visa and residence permit. Here's how this pertains to us, personally. We have not yet attained jobs in Turkey. From what we've found, most schools/institutes are reluctant to invest the time in candidates without meeting them face to face. Originally, our friends had told us this wouldn't be a problem. They said we could fly into Istanbul, purchase a tourist visa stamp, apply for a residence permit at a local police station, and then find employment with a school who would help us obtain work visas. This is what they had done, but I am worried it might not be possible now. If it's not, this would essentially mean that most job seekers would fly to Turkey and meet employers on a tourist visa, fly back to the U.S. to apply for a work visa and residence permit, and then fly back to Turkey to work. I'm sincerely hoping this isn't our only option. It's possible I'm interpreting the new legislation incorrectly. Could anyone who is more familiar with these things essentially tell me if my wife and I would be able to obtain the necessary paper work after our arrival or do we basically have four weeks to find a school to vouch for us and make a trip to a Turkish consulate/embassy in the U.S.? We are so very grateful for your perspectives and advice.
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