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  1. For what its worth my experience when I changed my British driving license for a Turkish one. I went to the local Police station handed filled out some paperwork (with the help of my wife) handed in my UK license paid some money - cannot remember how much and collected my Turkish license a week later. No hassle
  2. Hello Sam, I suggest you start looking at schools in Turkey - Bachesehir college is one of the large schools in Turkey and they have schools all over the country including Istanbul. Good luck
  3. If you are concerned about aggressive dogs I would recommend getting a appliance called Dazer II from Amazon.de. It's very effective and works on annoying cats as well. It does them no harm but they do not like the Ultrasonic signal and just run away.
  4. Depending on how fast you drive but my wife gets me to the dentist in Alsancak in 40 minutes - house to dentist - it takes about 15 mins to get to the highway We live in a secure complex which is outside Kuscular Koyu and we love it - Urla town centre is about 10 -15 minutes away where most things are available. Do not know but I expect that Urla would have one. Bloody awful I keep getting dropouts when talking with my wife on Skype - she uses TTnet. My son rides round the complex and I see a lot of bike riders using the road to the seaside - agressive dogs we have no problem with. On the complex my cocker spaniel races my son probably to lick him to death!!! You are joking!! Most of the areas are within complexes are for people who want fresh air and peaceful surroundings. Restaurants etc are all within easy reach. The Deutsche Schule is in Kuscular , we have a wine factory - in fact it backs onto our house. If you want more information send me a PM and I will give you my wife's phone number and you can meet up or whatever. Please note she will not be available next week.
  5. Hello HumeraNaeem, Istanbul is a very large city and cosmopolitan, if you go to a hotel in the conservative area you may have a problem, however if you book a hotel in the European side you will not have a problem. We recently stayed at a hotel when my brother and sister came to Turkey( from Australia), my brother and sister stayed in the same room (passport had different names) and we had no negative comments. Have a good holiday
  6. Hello Hanane. Welcome to the forum. I know very little about schools in Istanbul but I can try to anwer your questions for Izmir. Izmir had an English International school called MEF (which mostly caters for the transient community of expats) and a French school called Piri Reis. They both have websites the Piri Reis one that I found happens to be in Turkish but Google is your friend !! http://www.pirireis.k12.tr/guzelbahce/ http://izmir.mef.k12.tr/de/home/ Good luck gdb
  7. Hi, I was waiting for someone more knowledgeable to answer you, but as noone has I shall give you the benefit of my experience. I am a Brit and got married in Turkey and I too have a phobia about needles. I cannot remember if it was a finger prick or not but I do know it was not that traumatic. I survived and I am sure that also will. Good luck
  8. Hi Beckshock, Welcome to the forum, I am by no means a lawyer but these are my opinions to your questions. I am assuming that you are living in the UK and have property in Turkey. Question 1 - Answer is NO - POA is only given to trusted persons to act on your behalf. Question 2 - You can get divorced in the UK and unless you (or your partner) want to re-marry (in Turkey) you do not need to get divorced in Tukey. Question 3 - Yes if you get a Court order and it is entered with the police (hence Immigration authorities etc.) Qustion 4 - Possibly to dispose of any assets you may have in Turkey/UK and to act on your behalf in the divorce proceedings (custody of child etc) I suggest you consult a lawyer - there are a number on this forum who can advise you. Good luck
  9. Hello Kian Welcome to the forum. In answer to your question I do not think anyone would recommend a "trustful real estate agent" - if there is such a person. Would you recommend a Makler in your home country? I suggest you go to the Bodrum and make your own assessment of the situation. Good luck GDB
  10. Hello, First welcome to the forum If your marriage and divorce was recorded in the UK it begs the question of whether it was recorded in Turkey. If not then you were never married nor divorced in Turkey - you were both single. I am not a lawyer but this is how I see it Good luck
  11. Hello KucukElma, Welcome to the forum - if you are planning to teach English you do not have to become proficient in Turkish. Many people in Istanbul speak English and you should have no trouble. You will need a work visa to be able to teach unless you want to do it illegally. I suggest contacting the private schools to get a position- they will also otain a visa for you. Good luck GDB P. S. I have lived in Turkey for many years and (not proud of it ) do not speak Turkish.
  12. Try Bahcesehir college in Bornova, my son goes to the one in Guzelbahce and we pay about 8000 Euros per year excluding uniform, transport etc. www.bahcesehir.k12.tr Tel: 0232 486 00 58 Good luck
  13. Hello Amrit, Welcome to the forum and the answer to your question is - Yes you can. The phone will have to be registered in Turkey by paying some money (forget how much). However remember that once registered in your name the phone remains in your name and any infringements will be yours. You can get blacklisted or even put in prison for any problems that can be caused by the use of the phone. Good luck
  14. I transfer between Grmany, UK and Turkey and pretty soon Bulgaria. I use a service called Transferwise- you can google it.
  15. We drink the tap water but only after it is filtered. There are a number of companies that provide filtration.
  16. Sounds great but be warned - if something goes wrong with your ''bargain'' and it will - you will not be covered by the companys' warranty/maintenance etc. The cost of repairs can easily cost more than what you saved on the price
  17. Good morning Faisal, I believe that your response to Fil is rather condescending, as the majority of members of this forum are English speaking and quite capable of looking up a dictionary and/or Google. "Arranged marriages" according to your Google/Dictionary definition is sometimes practised among the conservative rural population of Turkey. In general the majority of marriages are "love marriages" but parental approval of both parties is required. There are many "mixed" marriages in Turkey - e.g. mine Good luck gdb
  18. GDB

    Moving to Izmir

    Hi Amy, Welcome to the Forum. Are you aware that in order to work in Turkey you require a work visa - otherwise you are consider illegal and if caught can be deproted within 24 hours. The are many Language schools in Izmir but you can be exploited by them - low wages (if you get them), long hours etc. Your best bet would be to apply to the private " K12/tr " schools - these are private schools and teach English. The school year ends in a month or so and starts again in September - so I suggest get addresses and apply. Good luck gdb
  19. I would assume you are talking about the airport. In the General Public area there is no wifi - but if you go to one of the lounges you (will have to pay) can get wifi. I generally use the Millenium Lounge (International) and the THY (Domestic) lounge.
  20. Hi there, I travel regularly through Istanbul Ataturk from Germany to Izmir. As you are using THY all the way your baggage will be sent to Samsun -if it has customs clearance facility. When you pass through Passport control and exit the International terminal - turn left (through the waiting crowds) and follow the signs to the Domestic terminal - it takes me about 15 -20 minutes but then I am not as young as you. You should have no problems.
  21. Hello Gezgin, Your fiancee will have to get a Decree absolute from the British court where she got divorced in addition to all the other documents already suggested Both your blood test results are also required. Good luck
  22. Rather inconsiderate don't you think - a majority of accomodation thst kids live in are flats/apartments, so when they have space to run they play and the play becomes noisy and boisterous. If my son was admonished by someone who objected to him playing in a park, I would take issue with that and suggest the person complaining go elsewhere - politely or maybe not so politely depending ..... A park is for kids to enjoy themselves and an old adage comes to mind ' if you cannot stand the heat - get out of the kitchen'
  23. Hello Suzan, There are a number of schools that teach English German school, TED, Takev, American college, etc. The German school in Kuscular is pretty new (1 year ago) the same for TED college and there is a new one opening this September called Bahcesehir in Yelki. There is MEF in Gaziemir but the majority seem to be American teachers. i do not have any contacts at the moment but if you wait till Monday week I can get you some information as I will be looking at some schools for my son. Good luck GDB
  24. Hello, Firstly Turks in general love children - dont be surprised at the attention they recieve - it is quite common for cheeks to be pinched (gently) or head touched. In European countries, UK in particular, it might be considered molestation and parents would be concerned - not so in Turkey. In answer to your question - it is perfectly acceptable for children to go to restaurants - I have an 8 year old and he often accompanies us to restaurants. In Turkey the family culture is strong. GDB
  25. GDB

    Is this a scam?

    Hi, There is really no protocol - just ask politely. You can say I have to explain to my tax office or some other reason that you require to know why and how the figure is determined. If he/she is honest - you will have no problem. IF he is cheating he/she might get defensive. Incidentally you have my admiration for speaking Turkish - I have been in Turkey many years but have been unable to learn - maybe I am just lazy!!!!! Good luck
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