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  1. Hi guys! Long time no post, huh? I'm back though, I think at least. Uh, mostly because I have a huge existential crisis and I need advice. I'm still studying Turkish at my school, but my primary major is Computer Science to supplement the language study so that I will have a good chance of getting a job when I graduate. Problem is, I want to study abroad in Turkey but can't find a school with a good CS program really. Since I imagine there are schools that people talk about more than others I was hoping someone could give me the insider advice on school rankings in Turkey, for things like C
  2. I had an American Pre-Paid card in Istanbul and when I got there I realized that it couldn't be used for most things because it didn't have a pin number. So no ATMS or many restaurants. I don't know if that was just my type of card though, but it was a big surprise!
  3. My course was amazing! I don't know how fluent I became really... I can use the first three tenses pretty easily, Present, Past and Future. And I know basic vocabulary, but there's still so much to cover. I've been inspired though because of my trip. I think I'm going to transfer to another College that has the best Turkish program in the States. I'm not satisfied with my school's program, and this one is really intense and has a lot of extra help and is also based around gaining professional fluency not just normal College classes!
  4. Hello all, This is a very interesting handbook I've found online written by the National Middle East Resource Center. It contains advice on learning Turkish. It's some common sense advice but it's also one of the most well thought out and clear guides that I've read before. It takes you through the thought behind how best to learn Turkish in many different settings, though it's really for people taking Turkish in a class structure for the most part. It doesn't necessarily provide new information, just a really new way of looking at how you're learning and how you approach Turkish. I thoug
  5. My Dad ate one piece and then was like, "This has to be gone within a week right?" I said yes and he nodded before saying, "Well it might not last the ride home." XP That's a good sign!
  6. I'm home! I'm glad to say that customs was no problem at all and really all I can complain about is horrible jet lag.
  7. Hehehe. Thanks guys! So, I'm back with another question. I'm bringing Lokum back to the States, is there something I need to do when I hit customs at the airport because of this? It'll be in my suitcase so not on my carry-on. (I haven't gone through customs before on my own, only ever as a little girl. At Ataturk Airport on the way here I didn't have to do anything with customs for some reason.)
  8. Oh man, today I went with a friend to the Rüstem Paşa Camii, and I was so amazed! I've seen Agia Sophia and honestly it didn't seem that amazing to me, maybe it was the construction. But this place was so peaceful and incredibly beautiful! If you ever have the chance to go, you definitely should! It's lovely beyond compare! And so tiny and spiritual. You can just sit in there and breath. I think maybe this has made me want to see more Camii. I saw Eyüp Sultan Camii when I first got to Turkey on a school trip and it wasn't all that incredibly either, there were so many tourists, but now ma
  9. I will! I will! It was difficult at times, but only because I was lonely away from my family and also because I got frustrated easily with my slow learning - but now that it is about to end I am feeling bitter-sweet. I want to stay and keep speaking Turkish, but I also really want to go home to my family! I am positive now that I will come back though so it's good to have this kind of feeling!
  10. I did a test run and found it pretty easily across from the Point Hotel and the Metro station. I think I'll take the Havatas instead of Metro because it's cheaper if you don't have an Istanbul Card. (I'm borrowing mine from my landlady so I won't have it when I leave.) Thanks so much guys for helping me with this! And waaaaaa, two more days and I'm gone!!! Can I still hang out here and write with you all?
  11. I have a friend who's going tonight to find the airport since they're flying out so the will get back to me if that is the current location, although I asked some of my other friends and they said they thought it was! Thanks guys!
  12. Are you allowed to take the Metro with baggage? I've seen people do it, sure, but it always seemed rude to me.
  13. Oh dear. Thank you! Man, I'm super glad my flight isn't until 12 something because you're supposed to arrive at airports an hour ahead of time, I'd assume international airports should require two hours ahead!
  14. Ah, do you mean why am I interested in Turkish? I can't really explain it. The love I have for learning a language, and Turkish is such a beautiful, amazing, logical and wonderful language! This is the first time I've felt that I have a passion, when I'm working in another language. I don't mind the "work" side of things because I just love the puzzle, and not only is Turkish a puzzle but it makes so much sense! And the sound... I just love it.
  15. Hmm, the uncertainty of that sure is fun. XP Do you have any idea at all how long the trip would take? Should I plan an hour just in case?
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