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  1. Thank you Sunny, I have read all of the previous messages I could find . Trying to be as prepared as possible. Thanks for always being such a great help on this page.
  2. Hi everyone, Planning a road trip to Izmir. I know there are a few members that have driven to Turkey so hopefully someone can help me. I'm taking the route that goes through Bulgaria vs. the route that goes through Italy. I'm trying to find out if anyone can recommend a decent gas station or the last one near the Bulgaria/Turkey border. From the research I have done the fuel is very expensive in Turkey so thinking I should fuel up before I cross the border... I have ready most of the trip reports posted on this site, but any advice/tips reference the trip outside of the question above
  3. Thanks for taking the time to write back AND posting pictures! Lovely view! I'll definitely check out "the other side" in my search.
  4. Hi, wanted to see if anyone has taken the Fast Ferry from Istanbul to Bandirma (Yenikapi - Bandirma) I was going to use the ferry to save time and money on gas driving from Istanbul to Izmir. Curious if anyone had any recommendations on where the seats with the best view are (left or right side window)? Thanks
  5. I'll be moving to Turkey (Izmir) soon and didn't realize I might have a hard time being a single female. Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope your neighbor has warmed up to you.
  6. I sent you a PM before I saw you posted here. Then thought I should post it here for others too... Thank you very much for taking the time to write back... So you live on the other side of the bay? Do you work on that side or you just prefer it? Do you think it's a hassle to get to the other side? I was thinking about that area b/c it seems like there are a few nicer apartment complex's with swimming pools and good views for a better price. I'm going to be working at NATO and although I was thinking I wanted to live in Alsancak, I'm starting to think I'll be better near Buca (that's
  7. Quinn, Hi, I'm guessing since it's been about a year from this thread you found a place to live... I'll be coming to Izmir about the same time you arrived last year, 1 Aug, and was curious if you could share your experience, where you found a place and any recommendations? Thanks
  8. Thanks!!!! I just took my first lesson (Sample lesson for newbies) from the first link! Think I'll struggle with thank you :-). Appreciate the post
  9. Just browsed through this topic and I'll have to say I'm really hungry now. Thanks everyone for posting. Breakfast for me lately has been a shake or fruit but my favorite thing for breakfast would be fried eggs with bacon and a piece of toast or American Pancakes :-). The Turkish style breakfast looks really good can't wait.
  10. Academlin, I love the trip report you are posting of your husbands trip! Reference your post to my introduction, I'd love to hear your husband's recommendation for traveling from Belgium. No rush, whenever he has the time, I have a few months still before I will be leaving. I was trying to decide if I should go through Italy and take ferries or take the google maps recommended trip the other way. My goal won't be there to get there as fast as possible but to rather make it a few days longer to stop and do some sight seeing along the way. Also I will be traveling with friend from
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