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  1. Hi everyone, Planning a road trip to Izmir. I know there are a few members that have driven to Turkey so hopefully someone can help me. I'm taking the route that goes through Bulgaria vs. the route that goes through Italy. I'm trying to find out if anyone can recommend a decent gas station or the last one near the Bulgaria/Turkey border. From the research I have done the fuel is very expensive in Turkey so thinking I should fuel up before I cross the border... I have ready most of the trip reports posted on this site, but any advice/tips reference the trip outside of the question above would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Andrea
  2. Hi, wanted to see if anyone has taken the Fast Ferry from Istanbul to Bandirma (Yenikapi - Bandirma) I was going to use the ferry to save time and money on gas driving from Istanbul to Izmir. Curious if anyone had any recommendations on where the seats with the best view are (left or right side window)? Thanks
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