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  1. Take all your documents to the immigration section of your police station and it will be processed. They will guide you accordingly. There will be some running around from building to building to get it sorted. My little one got hers within 4 months, she was born abroad too.
  2. In my country it's 36 degrees all year round. The American consulate there is a shed with no AC for customers. An appointment at 9am might start at 1pm, and if you have too much money in your bank then you just have too much funds and will migrate and never come back, so visa denied! If you have not much money in the bank then you're going to there to work and will never come back lol, so visa denied! But at least there's no bulletproof glass or vault doors, just an old security guard.
  3. You were much more prepared than I was! I would never have gotten citizenship if I had to sing the anthem, wasn't gonna happen lol I didn't have the military on my panel, I guess in Hatay they take it more serious there. I lived there few years ago.
  4. Lol @ can you mae Turkish coffee My interview was in turkish and I could only speak in english so it lasted literally 1 minute, then they called in my husband and spoke with him while they ate lots of buiscuits and tea. So I wasn't asked anything. Mine was in Izmir, where was yours?
  5. I had to collect it in person because I had to sign for it. I don't think we had a tracking number, because my husband kept checking for it every month by swinging by the office, it was close to our house.
  6. Mine took about 10 months, we kept checking for it at the pickup office after 6 months passed.
  7. Dating Turkish people is, different. They are very clanish and there's alot of heavy gossiping that goes on within families, friend circles, and society in general. Pressure! This causes the type of behaviour you are seeing now, which ushers in confusion, and they feel a need to conform to whatever they think will look good to everyone else, regardless or her own feelings and your feelings. It's like being in junior high all over again unfortunately.
  8. I find Turkish relatives can be like spoilt kids with zero understanding and how they feel so entitled is beyond me. It's like teenage behaviour, they don't get what they want so they pout and stop talking to you over minor things. I always though foreign wives had to put up with stuff like this and not the foreign husbands.
  9. Tony07 everybody else has had this problem. Well done though, Kudos now you won't have this problem anymore. Don't worry they can't ignore you forever it will blow over, I've been in your shoes a few times. Like the time I declared no smoking in my house. Turkish relatives are like spoilt kids sometimes. Stand your ground, men are supposed to be head of the home in Turkey! .... unless the wife is a yabancigirl
  10. James you should write a letter to your naybar.
  11. Oregano and thyme are both part of the mint family of herbs. So maybe kekik could be either. A professional will have to taste test. Like Ali missing NY pizza, I miss coconut water which I drank everyday until I moved here.
  12. He wants NY style pizza! I've never even had a NY style pizza so I doubt I can make one. I put all sorts of things in my pizza, experiment with carrot, sweet corn, sun dried tomatos etc. One day I had some sauerkraut and added a bit on the top, that's not for everyone. Authentic italian pizza always has oregano and that special marinara sauce, one has to know how to make a good marinara.
  13. The special ingedient is 'oregano' herb lightly sprinkled over the cheese and the marinara sauce on the dough. Any other tomato sauce would change the flavour. I make pizza at home, but it always comes out different everytime There isn't anywhere I can recall that does authentic italian or NY style pizza. The secret NY flavour must be in the marinana sauce.
  14. Rainman my husband and I don't have any wills made. We both aquired Turkish citizenship including our child, so we are all dual citizens. If we pass away is there a default law that our children will automatically inherit everything as next of kin? How does this work if they are under 18 years old if something tragic did happen? I ask this because, my mother died when I was 12 and she left a house for me in her will. My brother was listed as Executor of everything since he was the oldest. He sold everything before I was 15 so I didn't inherit anything.
  15. Sounds kind of fishy ... have the prison documents checked by a Turkish lawyer in the UK, there's lots in North London.
  16. A DNA report showing you both as biological parents of the baby is a document with all your names on it and it's also proof. Maybe you could use that.
  17. YabanciGirl


    If all this is in your tenant's agreement with the landlord, then you are obligated to pay. We pay for services also a fixed amount of 70tl per month. Read your contract to resolve this issue and get proper bills, it's the only way to know if you've been over charged.
  18. I've never gotten use to the loud speakers in the mosque. I always assumed it was a recording they played everytime.
  19. True Not sure Just don't live near the mosque, that's your problem. Partly True Happens in every country Turks are social & like gossip. They like to know everyone's business, hard to get away from that. Now I know how she got there lol
  20. Well that's something I did not know, that there was a female PM in Turkey, how did that happen ... did she pass any laws for the protection of women in her country? I would have if I was her.
  21. Sounds like Venezuela a bit, but they have people riding in the trunk and the back of the wagon with the back door open.
  22. Never been to Istanbul, been everywhere else, I got 10 out of 50.
  23. YabanciGirl


    You need to ask them or get someone to ask them dear. Only way to know.
  24. YabanciGirl


    My electric bill is usually 200 - 300tl in the winter due to the heaters. Rest of the year is about 100tl or less. Water is never more than 50tl. I get utility billls from the companies. Internet + phone is 70tl. Request your bills, it's for your apartment. Only way to know the amount. I don' know if you could check the amount from the Utilities' offices.
  25. HijabiMama, I think they teach Turkish and English as foreign languages, so yes that may be good for your little ones, maybe not your older ones, but you never know.
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