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  1. I'm in the UK though. Will a chemist in Turkey fill a UK prescription
  2. Hi everyone, How are you all doing It's been a long time since I posted on here. I need to get some meds for my husband. Are there any online pharmacies I can buy from in Turkey? I used to send Meds to friends abroad when I used to live in Kusadasi. It's so much more affordable there
  3. I will pop in now and then thanks Ibrahim x
  4. She got the divorce done! I have full custody of my llittle one too. Great lawyer she sorted it within a month, even without the marriage book. Would like to share her details if possible
  5. Using the Ankara Association Agreement treaty with the EU, a Turkish person can open a business, or join an exisiting business, big or small, in the EU or UK & it will give them right to stay for 1 year and if it's a ligitmate business it will be renewed for another 3 years. A good application, a great business plan & some money in the bank can get this approved. I think a service oriented business, like hairdresser, cleaning business, etc where the overheads are low will be a good option if funds are limited. * Please don't send this girl your hard earned cash to do this. Work save & apply.
  6. So you're Falling for a Turkish guy, ... pay attention to the word Falling' lol
  7. Thanks for the good advice Eglegal. It's been a few weeks, the lawyer said she will do tekzip. Not sure what that is. I realised I still have the marriage book. She didn't ask for it. I sent her a message asking her if she needs it she hasn't replied yet, I assume she might. Should I post it to her, or maybe she doesn't need it.
  8. We have both consented to path ways on good and friendly terms. I left Turkey and have given Power of Attorny to a lawyer via the Turkish consulate here to sort out a simple divorce. She said it depends on the court date could take days or months I want a good lawyer that can get this done quickly. We have no assets to split. I don't require anything from him financially We have 1 child. I require full custody and he has agreed. Ours is a simple divorce, straightfoward, no surprises. I just want out, how long do you think it will take? Is there anything we can do it just get it done, since we both want out and there's nothing else to it?
  9. I used to live in Kichoren close to Akkopru station. Ankara is boring if you don't have people to hang out with there. Kizilay has lots of nightlife if you're into that, there's a lake close to Bilkent, you can rowboat, and there's a few underground casinos if you like games. Lots and lots of malls as you already know. I tried the churches to meet people, but it was all Turks and I didn't find the atmosphere peaceful. Connected with some people over Couchsurfing and Expatblog. I only made it to one year then left.
  10. Maybe your approach is wrong. Don't flirt at all, ask for directions or tell them you like baklava and turkish coffee and you want to know where is the best place to get it lol. They will surely jump on such conversations, after all they think everything Turish is cok guzel As well your chances for socializing are better in big cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Kusadasi and touristic places. not in conservative areas like antep.
  11. Flies swarming in and out of the hospitals and everyone is calm and normal. I made the mistake to go to the public hospital for a blood test once, and every room has open bins which encourages flies to fester. All they have to do is cover the bins, that's all, but they seem to like the flies. Pests become pets at the hastane lol. The same should go with the street bins just keep them closed. As well Turks throw garbage everywhere, no matter where you go, you will see trash on the streets. They come off as so patriotic but !?!
  12. If my mother died, the last thing I would want to do is have a wedding celebration. Maybe you should let him greive, and not ask about new wedding dates right now. It's the logical thing to do no matter what culture he's from. Seems like he gave you the most polite answer he could.
  13. If you have a 4 yr degree at least, you can try teaching english, it's not too hard actually, you get books, CDs materials etc to follow. Turk kids can be rowdy but that's about it. I used to work with Oxfordvision, they're like an employment agency. Salary is ok, and they give you some cash just for starting the job to get you setup etc. You get to pick a location, they'll place you in a school and you start. As well if you google, 'turkish jobs UK' you will find many jobs that require bilingual people
  14. YabanciGirl


    Just stop paying the aidat until you get a breakdown of what you are paying for, and tell them you are no longer paying for it. Best thing you can do is move out why are you staying in a bad situation, it seems to be bothering you alot. Are you renting, how come you have to pay for roof repairs, speak to your landlord.
  15. When I got married all was well, then we moved here to his country. I can't say he changed, I think that's a mistake most of us make in relationships, to say that they 'changed'. The mask he was wearing fell off and it was sink or float after that. My advice on relationships is to take some years to decide, don't be implusive, and let your head and your heart make that executive decision to ensure that you'll be forever happy with the one you choose.
  16. YabanciGirl

    Is this a scam?

    Don't pay anymore until you get legitimate bills.
  17. It's not unique, you can find all the same recipes in Greece, Armenia, Persia, and all Arab countires homes and restaurants. Most savory dishes use the same spices and everything is cooked in tomato puree, sauteed in onions or topped with tomato sauce and yogurt. I make turkish food all the time it's basic. The most complicated dishes in turkish cuisine are the sweets and deserts.
  18. You know you've been in turkey too long when you're dreaming and everyone in the dream is talking turikish and you can't understand anything!!! More like a nightmare
  19. I agree with that. Recently I saw some builders cut down an entrie hill. Beautiful hill with trees and various shrubs. It's flat now and they've built the most hideous buildings ever. Some painted pink and cream and others green and cream. Why those colours it's like they got the paint free lol.
  20. I used that type of contract for many years, but I've never rented via an emlak (real estate agent). I always found places online and rented from the owner.
  21. They're ripping you off and will continue to do so. Cut your losses and move. No one has to pay for that. You can go to any stationary store and get a Kiralik ev contract, tenancy agreement, It looks like a form. Fill it out and you both sign it.
  22. I used to pick a city, then search all the schools in the area and send out emails. So over the years I've accumalated quite a few email addresses. I can share this list just pm me if you want it. You can send one email application and blind copy the email addresses so they don't see all the schools you've applied to.
  23. That's true, if I did have a boy I would not have registed him.
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