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  1. once again thank you i will be seeing my daughter tomorrow so will put everything you have said to her The part of my post i am most worried about is loosing my grandson It is good of you to take the time to fill me in on details
  2. Thank you for reply My daughter had to comply with husband as he hat threatened to harm her and also their son she had to return to Turkey as her son was here he would not let her take him to u/k My daughter told me she never went into the interview room with her husband and i was told his passport was not checked i did find this unusual myself .II have read every thing you have written and will get my daughter to read it and question her a bit more.
  3. Thanks for correct initials lol Yes he went back 3days before interview forced my daughter to go as well under threat of hurting her or son he goes back for 10days every 2 years very crafty does not like English people or country just wanted the visa His mum said it was a trophy as no one in her family had got one she paid for it You would have thought they would have checked his passport or checked he was at the address he said he was living but they never did We know this for sure as he used my brothers address.
  4. That sounds really good I am flighing back to u/k for a funeral going next friday for 10days so hope to see you all when i get back . dont know if we can do private messages but if we can i will send you my phone number then you could call me any time after the 9th April
  5. Hi Aston Perhaps i have not got correct initals but it means they can stay as long as they want it may be LRI But they are supposed to be living in u/k when they apply my daughters husband was living in Turkey and had started up a new hotel Think it Leave to remain indefinatly
  6. Hi Academlyin Thank you for the welcome. My grand daughter who is over here is 15yrs we have been here since she was 11yrs she loves it also Elissa has settled very well into school she speaks Turkish as if she has lived here all her life. As for me not much Turkish at all only a few words although i do understand quite a bit This week i got the Rosetta Stone course as it is supposed to be very good . We live about 5min walk from the New Fountains in Marmaris When you come over perhaps it would be good for your daughter to meet up with Elissa Dont worry about your dogs thet will be fine. My hu
  7. Hi Aby Yes she has reported it to police but not much done only one time as she went straight to a judge in court building he put complaint in he got a judgement put against him but did not stop him seems he gets his own way with everything here. I love the country and we have met some lovely people but we have been very unfortunate to have come across this family ,who on the surface are very nice but so bad underneath . As for evidence against him it wont count as she cant get a lawyer and has been told she can not stand up in court here and fight without a lawyer.
  8. Hi Vic & Aby Where are you ? My dogs are a Spanial and a Shi-tzu Hollie and Callie Hollie is 4years old and Callie is 8yrs ,they have settled here ok no problems with the heat.
  9. I have just joined Origanaly i am from Preston Lanc/c u/k We have lived here in Marmaris for almost 4 years, on the whole we are happy. But oh the winter we cant find much to do unless we want to join the Brits drinking in bars everyday. Our grand daughter loves it here and has lots of friends, she loves the school even though she has to get up so early. I have 2 little dogs brought from u/k
  10. Daughters Turkish husband fraudulantly obtained LNRvisa After beating and kicking her almost every day now divorcing her and wants full custody of son 5yrs old he has told her he has paid people to say she sleeps around goes in bars with son and gets drunk none of this is true but what can she do she cant afford a lawyer as he does not give her any money he lives with his family who own 2 hotels in Marmaris The Seler and The Melodi yet they say they have no money and they will take the boy if she cant feed him (their words) He has got a government lawyer as says he only earns 800tl a month I t
  11. My daughter married a Turkish man who we thought loved her but later as usual we have found out he wanted a visa and as they have a son together he now wants him He is divorcing her and seeks full custody of son He has told her he has paid people to say she is always in bars drunk and with little boy also she sleeps around none of this is true my daughter is a good mother .Her husband has been with other women while married but hey this does not count. He owns The Melodi hotel in Marmaris yet says he only earns 8ootl a month so he can get government lawyer my daughter cant afford the cost of l
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