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    For anyone living in Antalya, I really recommend a trip up to Arykanda, an old Roman city located 20 km North from Finike. Although not so well know as some of the other ancient sites around the area, it really is breathtaking. Worth going for the views alone.
  2. My rather off beat account of my experiences with "Sunnet" whilst in Turkey http://maninantalya.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-first-cut-is-deepest.html
  3. I have just written a piece on cultural relationships if anyone would like to read.. DEAD LINK
  4. I think the frog statues are the most photographed part of Antalya these days. I pass it nearly every day and always someone is having a photo taken next to them. There are some great "off the wall" statues near the clock tower. They really have done that area up so beautifully compared how it used to be. An abundance of street portrait artist and cafes. Makes me feel like I'm in Paris.
  5. The amount of shoes my wife buys I am pretty sure it is a stable industry:). Why do woman need so many shoes? I have 5 pairs max:)
  6. Thanks Aston, Very interesting...I am tempted to do a Turkish driving test just to check on how easy or how difficult it actually is
  7. It just seems so odd Vic. Of course, the Van Earthquake was a tragic event and rightly received national attention. However, four times as many people die on the roads in Turkey and not a word is said about it. It's just baffling to me!
  8. Oh wow - I have never read that. That's brilliant!...thanks for showing me I would love a copy of that book
  9. My latest blog entry where I take a look at the lack of driving skills in Turkey and what maybe the root causes of them.http://maninantalya.blogspot.com/2013/03/driving-on-wrong-side-of-insanity.html
  10. Istanbul is a mostly cosmopolitan City, so you should have no problems. Just an idea, what about cooking her some Turkish food. Believe me , most Turkish foods are easy to cook, and absolutely delicious:)
  11. Hi Paul, I have been very happily married to a Turkish woman for 11 years. Like Abi said, just be yourself and all will be fine. She obviously has a westernized outlook on life if she was married to a British guy. However, what ethnic origin was the guy, as the UK is made up of a mix of ethnicity these days. It maybe interesting to know what area of Turkey she is from?, Different areas have different cultures and customs and may be an idea to study and know a little of her local customs. I promise you that will put you in her good books . Just one thing , not all Turkish men are bad, unfortun
  12. Maybe I do , a dainty size 7 ....It seems that every home I go to and then give me over size slippers to wear, I feel like I am on "its a knockout "
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