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    For anyone living in Antalya, I really recommend a trip up to Arykanda, an old Roman city located 20 km North from Finike. Although not so well know as some of the other ancient sites around the area, it really is breathtaking. Worth going for the views alone.
  2. My rather off beat account of my experiences with "Sunnet" whilst in Turkey http://maninantalya.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-first-cut-is-deepest.html
  3. Recently I watched a wonderful Turkish film in Turkey. What was unusual was the film was centred around the gay society in Turkey. Something that is usually hidden well away. I thought I would look deeper into the homosexual society in Turkey and wrote something up. For those that would like to read..http://maninantalya.blogspot.com/2013/03/homosexuality-is-closet-door-creaking.html
  4. When I first arrived in Turkey, the work options seemed very limited. I have a degree in marketing but actually spent a lot of my adult world working in the football arena!. I did manage to get a job working for a company. My job was to internationally market PLG tanks for automobiles and to increase the companies international awareness. As the company had a maximum of five staff - me included. It was as a exciting as queuing to pay your electric bill at the PTT!. After a month though, I woke up for work as usual, took the hour long bus ride to the company and NOTHING!. They had completely disappeared overnight. Along with my 2.5 milyar monthly salary! I then did my TEFL qualifications and worked in various language schools, same problem..getting paid was a nightmare. The stock answer of " oh tomorrow definitely we will pay..after your lesson" ! It was truly a nightmare and without having savings would have struggled to live!. I then obtained a really good job in a College with a very well known name in Turkey as it has colleges throughout the land!..same problem!. After a while I realized that doing private lessons was the only way forward. I ensure that I am paid after each lesson or a month in advance!. It was the best thing I did and now have managed over the years to get quite a good list of students and recommendations. For those that need advice in doing private language work, please message me and I can give you all the advice you want.
  5. My tongue firmly in cheek article regarding marrying a beautiful Turkish girl http://maninantalya.blogspot.com/2013/03/so-you-want-turkish-wife.html
  6. Back home from an incredible holiday in northern turkey...

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