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  1. Hello. I'm new to the forum, and after some advice please.. My Mother is 67 & planning to retire to Alanya , but she has had some Health issues recently. She had been staying in Alanya under a Visa until summer of last year when she had health problems, when she had to return to the UK. She loves it in Turkey and can't wait to get back now she is better. She has been quoted for Private Insurance, but they have excluded her Health conditions, and I'm worried about what might happen, if they were to re-occur whilst she is abroad. I've seen horror stories about Healthcare costs if she is forced to pay out of her own pocket, and we are not a wealthy family, especially if she were to be hospitalised from one of her conditions. Am I right in thinking, that if she were to gain a Residents Permit, she would be able to join the SGK and get cover that way?any help greatly appreciated, as from the forums I've read it gets very confussing, and I want her to be as protected as possible... Many thanks!!
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