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  1. thank you. And I know I should start getting used to it.... I have never been in a long distance relationship before let alone with someone who lives in a different country, so this is all hard to adjust to. I would be okay if we could skype every day, but since he is in the army for his five month term it has been hard for the both of us.
  2. So I am American and my turkish boyfriend recently had to complete his military service. We are very careful about being in contact once a week when he has his off day. He is stationed in Ankara which is supposedly the safest place to be, but the problem is I have not heard from him this week or last week. He has not even been online at all either. I know he would never ignore me for the sake of breaking up with me or something ridiculous like that, so I'm not exactly sure what else could be going on. Has anything happened recently in Ankara besides the U.S. embassy bombing? Is there any way the army would give him a punishment that would prevent him from speaking to me on his off days? Someone please help, I really want to be put at ease.
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