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  1. Well, let me know how it goes! I could try it one time and surprise my DH. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dzfsD9Jlbg OMG! TOTALLY not how I thought you do it! I had this image of women in salvar sitting on the floor with tiny pieces of dough, pinching meat into them! Shocked that it was a man... Guess that means I'm sexist, huh?
  2. Too much work. In a pinch, I just use tortellini. I know... But I've always got yogurt, salca and mint on hand, so it's all good.
  3. Bad news trumps good news. If it bleeds, it ledes, as is the journalism rule.
  4. People always say to teachers, with slight distain, "that must be nice to have your summers off." True, but there are many days that go by where we don't get to go to the bathroom at ALL from the moment the kids come until they leave 7 hours later.
  5. I stand corrected in that area. There can be a lot of milestones between those years. For me, though, I was still drifting at 24. Good for you for having more focus than me! My biggest growth happened once I had a "real" job. Then, once I had a child. Wondering when my next growth spurt will occur. I'd hate to think I've topped off!
  6. 24 vs 18 ain't that much of a difference! I'm going to be (gasp) 40 in two weeks!!! I joined this group only about a year ago, but I wrote a lot about my relationship on two other forums when I first started dating my Turk, now husband. Some were supportive, some cautioned me. Others were downright mean! (I bet some members on here may even know of whom I speak.) But that's the beauty of being able to post stuff on these boards. You get a wide variety of opinions to help you gage your feelings. I'm no longer on those other forums since my life has changed, but part of me would love t
  7. TMI, Clinky. What kind of teacher are you, anyway? I "vacation" before I leave the house and don't get another one till after the kids leave. I'd trade the 8 weeks in summer for porcelain time at will.
  8. People did say, "I told you so," by rubbing her nose in the fact that she was warned earlier on. Hey, Emre's English is way better than my Turkish, so I can't comment on that. Emre, I don't know how you found out about this posting, but I know you came on here to try to clear up your name. What I gather is, you lied to a woman- you said you were divorced when you were still married. AND you took her money. Don't you see how that's using her? Unfortunately, you just look worse now. You have no remorse. You want to clear your name, you say, "I'm sorry. I was wrong. I will never do th
  9. Linda- you never know... So, what I suggest is to "do your own thing" where you are. If you keep seeing him on and of b/c you like him and visit on spring breaks and summers, so be it. But don't pass up things right now for a giant maybe in the future.
  10. A few rules if you are to continue this. 1. NEVER give him money or send him things. 2. Don't put your life on hold. If you're in school, stay there. If you have a chance at a great job, take it. Relationships come and go, but you'll always have to live with the consequences. 3. Be honest about your expectations. Like living in Turkey, for example. Or religion. Or kids. Maybe it's a bit early to discuss it, but since he mentioned meeting his parents, you may as well get those difficult conversations over with, as not to waste time with someone who wants different things. 4. Don't
  11. Are you both in the states? How far are the two of you?
  12. Not so bad... not so good. I'm about 40 minutes from Philadelphia. Okay if you want to make a meat run for the freezer. NOT cool when all you want is a cheesesteak at 7 pm. Now.
  13. Yeah, this happened on Dr. Phil with a Nigerian. You're smart and sound level headed. Good for you. So many will ignore the red flags just to be with someone. You're an attractive woman. You shouldn't have trouble meeting people. Try plentyoffish. It's fee with tons of local people. Use that to see what they look like, exchange a few emails to see if they meet your intellect/personality and then meet sooner than later in a public place with friends who know what you're doing. Heck, bring them along for the first time. A sensible guy would understand. That would weed a lot out, act
  14. I've been craving meat. I started teaching, so my fridge is bear and nothing looks good. All I want is a burger. But we only eat halal. I've been eating beets from last week with spinach and feta. Maybe I've been too healthy and my devil side is revolting. Can't wait to go to Turkey in December. Need kebap!
  15. Borek? You're braver than I am! I know they usually use an aluminum pan, so that may be it. I don't make it because I can't bear to consume all that butter! I keep it simple- pilav, different soups, beans, dolmas, ispinak ve yurmurta. And any desserts by Ulker! Electric vs gas- what a difference! I burned many things when we moved from a gas to electric. With gas, when you turn down the fire on the stove, it's immediate. NOT so with electric. But at least my glass top is easier to clean- I don't miss taking out all those grates! You'll get there!
  16. In a way, I'd examine how you'd feel being the only one. Maybe it would make you uncomfortable??? I know many Black people who only associate with other Blacks... the whole lunch table phenomenon. I know I'm totally rushing it, but how would you feel being the only non-Turk AND having no other Black people??? Heck, I'm WHITE and kind of look Turkish, but at times, it's STILL overwhelming! We'll eventually move to Turkey, and it does kind of freak me out that they'll be no Mexicans or Indians around. Just Turkish culture! Granted, it's a great culture, but how will I adjust without hear
  17. Cool question. There are not that many other races there, so they can't be that prejudiced, since they've nothing to base their opinion. I'd think the religion would come up more than skin color. You may find this ineresting, but my husband says that Turkey's view of American Blacks are that of Hollywood and rap videos. Many Black actors are very funny and charismatic and cool and fashionable. All are Chris Rock, Will Smith and Jay-Z. Quite different from the South, huh?
  18. LindaAnne- maybe you can answer this question, as I always wondered... First, what makes you think you are a bad cook? Then, why can't you cook? I don't mean this to be rude, but if you get a cookbook and read it, there are directions! Maybe I just take too much for granted, but I want to try to understand why. This is a great website to get you started. http://www.turkishcookbook.com We could try one together! How bout you pick one you like and read it ahead, ask me anything you don't understand and see how they turn out?
  19. Married in Italy- That sounds so dreamy! How do you and his family get along? Are you English? I find that a lot of us who marry a foreign are teachers! I think it's because we have the patience to handle the challenges!
  20. Well, there are tons of Turks in Germany. If you want to do cake, I'd go for German chocolate. They do love sweet and that divine caramel nut coconut icing is not that far off from baklava flavors... Yum!
  21. I thought it might be nice for those of us married to a Turk to give a little overview of our lives with them! For example: Where live Kids How met How long dated/are married The wedding Misc I'll cut and paste these and respond. Look forward to everyone's answers! Where live- Near Philadelphia, PA. He's from Izmit, which is about 1 1/2 hours from Istanbul Kids- daughter, 8, from my previous situation. One 14 month old with my husband. He wants one more! (But I'll be 40 in a few weeks, so hello, pressure!) How met- "a mutual friend" is our story. How long dated/are married- we
  22. Is that more of an English thing- pointing out "I told you so?"
  23. Hobbit, I agree with your last paragraph mostly, but I do find it odd that there are many "English teachers" who do not have sufficient command of the language- the blind leading the blind, if you will. "My bad." Ha-ha. That's a newer one to me, too. One time, I made a student apologize to another for something. He said this phrase and I didn't get it. Then, other students defended him as having admitted it was his fault. I don't know where it comes from, but the student was black. Maybe it's a hip-hop culture thing. I should look it up, as it has been taking off.
  24. Duh. Sorry. I read too fast and missed the "im" part. My bad.
  25. Fil- I'm not disagreeing or arguing with you, but how can one be an English teacher w/o a degree? I went to school for years and have had much training in pedagogy. I think it's offensive that some people could do what I do w/o any credentials. (Not that you have anything to do with it!) I've met some "English teachers" who are Turks and they can't converse at all. I've also met some English English teachers on other forums, and their lack of command of the written word is disturbing. How can these unqualified people be responsible for passing along any knowledge of the language?
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