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  1. Hate to say it, but once you have a bebek, you'll need all the $$$ for diapers- not diamonds!
  2. I had a CZ ring for an engagement, too. But one of the stones fell out. : ( It was too big, anyway. Diamonds are so expensive, anyway. I'd put the $$$ away as a down payment for a house... But I did tell my hubby that one day, I was some real sparkles. When we've got money coming out our @sses, then he'll have to cough up!
  3. Gotta see the bazaar. And I don't know why, but I'm a fiend when it comes to Islak Burgerler!
  4. I'd worry more about the weather and dress for it. A nice dressy overcoat in the chilly weather is always a good look, no matter what.
  5. If you say, "hastayim" maybe that'll help? I know there's something like Alka-Seltzer... Paramecetol... or something like that. Get well soon!
  6. Turkish relationships may be a bit more demanding than your garden variety Anglo ones (I'm from the States), but this is OTT. I get the no drinking or sex before marriage due to Islam, but what's the deal with alienating you from your mother? Family's usually very important to Turks. How long have you been with her? The addiction thing is very important for you to deal with. Not to be an armchair psychiatrist, but did you ever think that you are with her just so you don't abandon her like your father did to your mum? Do you feel like you owe this woman something, or that you don't des
  7. Nah, he lived too far away from his delivery route. But towards the end of our courtship, the owner allowed me to ride with him. He's trying to get a job in his real profession now that he has his greencard, but it's difficult. He still does pizza at our new home as extra cash and it gets him out of the house after watching our son all day. Sometimes if he closes, he brings home the extra pizza. That's convenient for me, as I teach and it's easy lunches. Still, I'd trade free food for a job in his career of advertising any day. But for tnow, it works. At least right now, his duties
  8. I also know that the stamps for metals are different. For example, on the inside of US rings, .925 is sterling, 10, 14, 18 or 22 K is for gold. My Turkish wedding band has 585 on th inside. You want to make sure you get the real stuff, not the plated that will wear off.
  9. Yeah, I got a bunch of tricks up my sleeve, lol! Glad you enjoyed. Nothing like making a comfort meal and hankering down!
  10. My guy was a student and pizza driver when we met. He came here to learn English, but had a job in advertising back in Turkey. That was 4 1/2 years ago. Our son just turned 15 months!
  11. No offense to Nigerians! Just that there have been so many online scammers from there recently. Any chance your uncle's a cop, lol? I know most people on here were like, "RUN!" but if you notice, I just asked more questions. SOME Turks are legit, even if it seems very weird compared to our culture. Hey- you're left pregnant by your husband. Why is some random guy suspect for maybe being nice?
  12. Hmmm... If they are talking, why would they speak in English? You'd think they'd default to Turkish. Something's not right. Nigeria, huh? Even not righter... I'm in Phila, too. Congrats on your baby, btw.
  13. Here's a question for you: Are all Asian guys like ______? Don't go by ethnicity; go by behavior.
  14. Wow- is this is the US? This is an incredible story. Who knows what's going on in his head? I want to know more about your situation, but I have to get ready for work... I'll writ more later!
  15. One thing you neglected to mention- how YOU feel about all of this.
  16. I'll try not to sound rude... Sorry if I do. You're my age. Crying all day over a holiday romance? Really? Did he even say anything about getting into a serious relationship? Turks love families and you're a bit on the older side to begin one with a guy who's not already got one. The heart? Sounds like he's got a deal with one of the local gift shops. I'm willing to bet there are quite a few women who have his "mother's necklace." If you want to continue to have a little fun with him, it's your right. But don't think you'll have anything meaningful with him.
  17. Aw, thanks for sharing! Makes me miss it... Now I want to try to post some of mine! : )
  18. Sunny, libel means to write a falsehood, knowing it's not true. I did not do that, and you prove my point. I never said anything about MUSLIMS- I was speaking of people's views of ISLAM. Just the fact that you confirm that paranoia means there's truth in what I speak. Just because Erdogan fought for the rights of women to keep hijab, how does that make Turkey like Iran??? He's actually protecting democracy that way. I will now be able to teach at university because of him. Now THAT'S progress!
  19. DEAD LINK This was in my inbox this morning! Didn't look at it yet and I don't know if it'll help answer your questions, but I thought I'd share. Just make sure any info you get is from the source, not from some tea party group or other bias.
  20. My makeup was a bit OTT, lol. But hey, when in Turkey... People say I look like a supermodel. NOT my usual look, but I'll take it! I'd spring for the full studio package, too. It's like prom on steroids! Crazy backdrops and effects, but you get a huge album/bound book. It's done BEFORE the wedding and it's just you and him. Totally different from what we do in the states. No family shots, so be prepared for that.
  21. Gifts are nice, but they receive them a little differently. Don't be offended if she doesn't fawn over them. So excited for you. Get ready for an adventure!
  22. Sunny, I don't think you mean libel. There are MANY Turks who think that we who keep hijab, pray, etc. are backwards and stupid. Why do so many people hate Erdogan? People say he's trying to turn Turkey into Iran just because he's trying to protect Muslims' rights. DO learn how to make Turkish coffee- it's a tradition for the bride to make it for the parents. A nikah is a spiritual wedding. It makes you and your intended okay to be together and not worry about offending God if you are "impure." I can elaborate more later, but I must be off to an appointment!
  23. Well, I have a different perspective, as my husband's family is very religious. Some Turks actually look down on Islam, so I don't know what you should do. But I know what I'd do with my husband's. Here they are: Kiss her hand and put it to your forehead. Call her Annecim. Serve her the bride's coffee. Get a nikah so all relations with your fiancé are deemed appropriate. Sleep on the sofa or better yet, you sleep over at a girlfriend's house. No alcohol. No physical stuff beyond a gentle loving touch every now and then. You won't die. Now, seeing as their divorced and you mentioned th
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