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  1. Well, I don't know how old you are, but I pretty much gave up on finding my soul mate and then, at 37, he came along! Then, I realized what the long wait was for! If I had met him sooner, I probably would have screwed it up! You know what worked for me? I made a list of 100 qualities in my ideal husband. It took the better part of an evening. I made the list really specific, too. It's a lesson in manifestation/magical thinking. Or call it prayer put into action, if you prefer. But he came along within months, alhamdulillah! Why not try it? It may even help to get over your ex;
  2. I am so sorry you haven't found the one for you! But something that sticks with me about your story is that you seem to think that all Turkish women are like your ex-gf. I think you're still not over her and even if you do find another one similar to her, it's not really fair to that woman, since she'll only be a replacement version of your past love.But if you ever do find "the one," if she's Muslim and you clearly are, then all should be good!Best of luck and Inshallah, you will find her!
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