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  1. How COOL!! Amazing dancing..... And I already have a headache just from that video! Thanks for your responses!! ( now where did I put those aspirin?)
  2. Well, as the title says, in March this year (2015) we are heading over to a new part of TUrkey for us, Trabzon, to attend a wedding. I would say that it is going to be a " traditional Turkish wedding" however the groom, thoroughly Turkish, is marrying a Russian bride, so I don't know just how traditional it might be. But I do need somebody's help with regards to a number of things. 1/ what should we take as. A gift, is it generally like an ENglish wedding where you would bring something lovely for their new home together or is there some deep seated custom which we should pay heed to? 2/
  3. Aaaaaw, stay strong for him little crescent, the time will fly by!:)Then you will be together forever!

    1. conan198903


      Hope you enjoy your days at the beaches, Lin. :)

  5. I don't know about your english bad Ramazan, sounds like you da bad daddio, bruvver!!;)Lol. I hope someone may be along soon to translate this for you.
  6. QUOTE THE DUDE # 2 The big question should NOT be about how the USA deals with illegal immigrants.The big question should be about why these people, fleeing to the USA, cannot make their own country as great as the USA is.( still don't know how to lift a quote! Soz )I think the point the hobbit is trying to make is that your initial point was differen, the one in answer two, directly after the OPS commentt??!Don't mean to get embroiled in this, just thought I'd mention...............
  7. CAMBRIDGE IS NICE AND IS LESS THAN AN HOUR AND HALF AWAY BY TUBEhttp://www.bidwells.co.uk/properties/search/?search_type=rsl&search_type_a=residential&search_type_b=lettings&location=Cambridge&minPrice=0&maxPrice=0&minBedrooms=0&minArea=0&maxArea=0&status=2&type=0&radius=0Link to rental detached property in that area.Peterborough may be cheaper.Try HuntingdonTry high WycombeTry beacons field ( bit dear )Try seven oaksTry turn ridge wellsAll nice towns. :)EDIT AGAIN!!Just read post number 19!Lol! Ammo, you're so funny!!
  8. I know!!!Thanks KEN!Huge smiles because it seems I'm moving in the right direction!!!:)After three years I have realised that what is missing for me over here is a beach!I've been spoiled in the UK because I've lived in Newquay, Cornwall for over twenty years where there are seven beaches and beautiful sands........ Turkey is idyllic and it seems almost churlish of me to ask for a beach aswell as all it's other lovlieness!;)But anyway- I've done it now, and the answers are steering me where I had already thought!Ooh can't wait till Friday!
  9. Ah, thank you!Seems a little built up and touristic for my liking ( says she, living in Marmaris ) which is why I'm looking for something else...Have booked a three night stopover in Cirali.Anybody been? DEAD LINK Just found this thread! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! That's why I'm going to Cirali.....Thank you to the single poster John Sun!Sand, sand.... REAL sand!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi tarikadele,Welcome !Congratulations on your up coming wedding- hopefully there will be someone along shortly who knows.http://www.turkeycentral.com/topic/20154-finally-married/Check out that thread ^^^ and try to pm Colette?
  11. Good morning my good people of TC.I NEED YOUR HELP!After years sailing around much of Turkeys beautiful coastline, I realise that I need some advice and some of your inspirations. I am looking for a beach. A stretch of golden soft sand which gently shelves into the clear,turquoise waters..... ( don't say the Maldives! )So come on please, pull out your holiday snaps and steer me in the right direction of this dream.In anticipation, Lin x
  12. The USA has a right to enact its own immigration laws and enforce them, just like any other country. These laws should be respected, by everyone, just as we as aliens, living in Turkey (or whatever country we live in), should respect the laws of the country we live in.True dat
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