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  1. Hi thanks for the info. Much appreciated We have decided to change our flights to October to be on the safe side :-)
  2. Hi thanks for your welcome and your reply, very much appreciated. We have stayed twice before in Altinkum and really enjoyed it which is why we decided to return, we booked our flights in a Janruary Blues Hurry, should of checked out the weather beforehand really Heres to hoping its nice for at least some of my ten days stay in Altinkum.
  3. Hi there, thanks for your reply with temperatures. This is appreciated.Do you know or can you remember if rain fell/ cloudy etc? As this website doesnt really tell you.I have booked a ten days for 18th-28th March and now wondering if i have made a mistake?Thanks again.
  4. Hi all,I am new to this website and forum.Can anyone please tell me what to expect for the weather in March? 18th-28th March we will be in Altinkum.Thanks in advance :-)
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