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  1. I agree with Ken....and yes, his "sister" can be his "wife" too (???) I'd be a little bit harsh and suggest you to let him go... if he feels the need of hiding you, he's not worth to keep. IMHO.
  2. I live in Konyaaltı. I'm in if you would like meet for a coffee.
  3. Good morning Mian, Hence you are a family of five, I'd say that minimum 5000TL would be good... I guess. A good flat rent is app: 1000TL Electricity: 100TL Water: 20TL Tel: 50TL Internet: 50TL Petrol+Food+Drink+Others: 3000TL School: ?? (I don't know the school prices but I heard that they can be quite high) Last year I did a research for some other people for English schools and I found out that there's no school with directly English education. All the schools are teaching English as the second language but there's no school for foreigners. So, it's better to send your kids to a Turkish course or hire a Turkish teacher (probably better to learn Turkish as family too) asap. Cheers, Aysun
  4. All the signs are so clear.... better run away asap
  5. Bursa is one of the greenest cities of Turkey. I've never lived there but I had some friends from Bursa. They love the place. There's a very famous ski center (Uludağ) is there. Food is great (Hometown of Iskender Kebap), people are calm, environment is nice, there are lots of nice places to visit in summer. Not very far from Istanbul. These are the plus things I heard about Bursa. Is there any member from Bursa here?
  6. Wow! Applause guys As a Turkish person, I'd say that you all did a great job and gave a great summary about all the options I was born and grown up in Istanbul but when I reached to a certain age, I couldn't stand the stress of the city anymore and moved to Antalya. I'm quite happy to live in my dream city....yes, the heat and humidity kills you sometimes and I started to think about moving to a little bit healthier climate...maybe direction to the hills... Antalya can satisfy all my social needs with all the concerts/cinemas/theatres/festivals/outdoor activites/historical sites/beaches.... I'd just wish to have a little bit more considerate people around... Good luck on your quest Shoala
  7. Hi Denise Yes, there are quite a few mistakes. Do you want me to correct them?
  8. There are quite a few schools in Antalya. Which part of Antalya you want to live? Konyaaltı? Side? Lara?
  9. You can check ICC College and TED Koleji in Antalya. I think these are good for the expat kids.
  10. Hi Vallillo As an Istanbul fugitive, I'd say Antalya! It's so relaxing to live here and social life is great. There are way too many cultural/outdoor etc acitivities to do....unfortunately time is not enough to catch up them all Not only in summer....also in winter. Antalya is in the middle of many great destinations...just an hour or a few hours drive Expat community is also great....there many groups to hang out. night life lovers, cultural activity lovers, dance lovers, outdoor lovers.... I have no idea about Mersin but Antalya is definitely a great resort after Istanbul Hope to see you here sometime. Cheers, Aysun
  11. Aysun

    AC Kite&Smite Day

    Traditional AC Kite Festival was much more colorful this year...with the new game Smite :) (Thanks Mack!)
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