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  1. Dear Abi, Sunny, Clinky and Mouse 64,:-) thank you for listening and replying.xI found it really painfull to write what had happened, but it was also a relief to say these things. I was so glad to hear your perspectives on the events which occurred too.His actions were a con in the end.We first met face to face, and after many trips it felt real. :-) After reading your comments Mouse64, I realised that I had allowed them to crush me with that awfull phone call. I hadnot been able to see it from the point of view that you kindly observed. Yes, I see it now and your words explained what I couldn
  2. Dear Abi and Sunny,Many thanks for taking the time to reply, it means a lot.Before this happened, I had no idea these kind of cons went on. Its only since it happened to me and I have been searching the internet, that I found out how much it does occur, and the events which have happened to other women. I am so very sorry to hear what I have read has happened to others, I am appalled. My heart goes out to those women, The emotional and financial devastation they have been caused.He never let his mask slip. There seamed to be reasonable reasons for everything that happened, which never made me
  3. Hi Abi, x many thanks for your reply, its really appreciated. :-) I have found 'him' on Facebook, although he is hiding. Unfortunately ( for me ) he is being very carefull, and in the last year there are no clues whatsoever about where he lives or works. He is a hairdresser, and worked in Blue Bays Hotel 2008, Club Excelsior 2009 & 2010 and possibly Cettia Hotel in 2011. An emailed enquiry to the hotels last summer about if he still worked there came up with nothing. I dropped in by surprise/unexpectidly to Cettia Hotel in summer 2011 and although they definately knew him, he wasnt there.I
  4. Hi All,I am trying to locate the home address of someone who lives in Marmaris.When someone marries in the UK, they give their home address at that time to the Registrar and I imagine that its kept at the Registrars Office, along with the other marriage details.Is it the same in Turkey? Would the Turkish Registrar's office in Marmaris have the home address of both bride and groom at the time of the marriage ?If so, Is this information available to view at the Registrars Office by members of the public?, or could I request this information from them by e-mail.I have the date of marriage - 20th
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