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  1. ^ From Turkish Consulate General today via email.. Looks like they are not up to date themselves. From UK's Gov site https://www.gov.uk/living-in-turkey
  2. I got this from the Turkish Embassy. They are saying Brits can apply in Turkey but it costs £271. INFORMATION ON VISA FOR RESIDENCE If you wish to reside in Turkey longer than the normal period allowed to tourists or set up a business, you will need a residence visa. British nationals can also apply for residence visa while in Turkey. They need to apply to the nearest police headquarters before their 90 days sticker type visa, obtained at the border gate, expires. If you wish to obtain a residence visa from this Consulate, you will need to submit the following documents in person: Visa application form "must be filled in full" Please click here for PDF or here for MS WORD formats. A passport size photo attached to the visa application form Latest bank statement (original to be returned) & a photocopy. Bank statement must show the applicant's current financial standing Reference letter from your employer / school / accountant (if applicable) Visa fee (271 GBP for the year 2013) in cash or by postal order/company cheque made payable to "Turkish Consulate General" A self-addressed envelope (no stamp is necessary) to receive your passport back by post.( if you wish to have your passport returned by post, you should submit your documents to this Consulate General at least two weeks before your departure for Turkey). A letter specifying the reasons for the applicant's intended settlement in Turkey Details of pensions or other assets from which the applicant receive a regular income & a photocopy Particulars of any assets in Turkey (if any), and a photocopy Any other evidence supporting your application, if any All documents for residence visa must be submitted to this Consulate General at least eight weeks before the intended date of departure. Please note that applications must be referred to the relevant Turkish authorities for their approval. After obtaining the visa, you are required to register with the local police within a month following the arrival in Turkey in order to obtain a residence permit. If you wish to extend your permit for a further period, you should apply to the same police headquarters before the permit expires. Household items may be taken into Turkey through a system called "temporary import" provided that the validity of the residence permit is not less than one year. For details of the relevant regulation please contact with the Office of the Finance and Customs Counselor at Turkish Embassy in London which can also provide information on the regulation concerning the temporary import of a car into Turkey. Information on Turkish Customs Regulation is available at the the official website of Turkish Customs Administration on http://www.gtb.gov.tr/ Please Click here to make an online appointment for visa applications to Turkey.
  3. I am thinking of returning to Istanbul to teach. I feel I haven't the right experience or qualifications to teach in Universities. I have a degree (NOT English and TESOL cert). What are the best schools/chains? I assume most vacancies are not advertised - schools have people sending in CVs all the time. A minimum of 2500 TL salary seem about right?
  4. What are the best schools/chains now? I feel I haven't the right experience for Universities....There don't seem to be many advertised vacancies. I tend to look on TEFL.com, ESLcafe and ESLbase as well just sending out my CV.
  5. This has been useful to me to as I'm thinking of returning to Istanbul.
  6. It is 48% cheaper to live in Istanbul than London. http://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living/comparison/london/istanbul
  7. How much would I expect to pay for accommodation a month?
  8. IstanbulWhiteBoy, thanks for that very detailed response. I have a TEFL cert and degree - and assumed I'd be looking at private language schools.
  9. I am thinking of a job in Istanbul. What is the average salary? Do schools provide free accommodation (like they used to), how much would a shared furnish flat cost?How many hours a week would be spent in the classroom? Or perhaps i should say how long lessons are and how many a week on average?Apart from TEFL.Com, EFLbase.com and ESlcafe.com, what are other good sources of info? Craigslist seems dodgy!Thanks in advance.
  10. This is a very helpful thread. You should consider it being a 'sticky'.
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