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  1. It was a joke lol I'm a brunette myself and I still find his revenge plans very funny.
  2. Seriously? How old are you ? 16...? lol If you really want revenge, I assume she - your ex- is a brunette, find a lovely blondie to show up at work one day. She will hate it haha
  3. Just want to say good luck and don't rush the marriage. Go visit him and see yourself if he can provide well as he says. Doesn't matter where they are from people can lie.
  4. I don't think It is about him being turkish. Obviously you found a crazy jealous man. British men can be worse in long distance relationship - I experienced it. You have to make sure if you can live like this forever or not. In my opinion, no men in the world worths it.
  5. She will be happier in a private school and most of the private schools offer basic classes like science, maths etc... in english and yes, you have to pay for it. Best you can do is checking private schools in marmaris and e-mailing them about your questions. Good Luck!
  6. modest enough? lol you go to istanbul not to tehran or kabul.
  7. semper

    Turkish Ring Size

    Very small fingers lol It will be something between 9 and 10 in turkish size. Go for 10
  8. It is odd and to be honest at some point guys family will arrange someone younger to have grandchildren Probably It won't be a problem if you can still give birth
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