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  1. I taught him everything so yes I am quite proud of that! But then again it makes it easier to do it again i guess,, Yes I think you are right an apology at least would have helped the situation slightly, but of course its all about him and everyone needs to feel sorry for him. Yes I can not have a full blazing row with my blocked ex infront of everyone. Yes he did attack me and hit me and he admits to attacking me numerous times, please ask him. As he believes he is allowed too. I am still going to the doctors as I was ill for 4 months from mental abuse and luckily the physical abuse was not as bad as most girls suffer. I need to try and move on with my life I loved this man and he has shown 0 love for me, I fought with my family, I now need to leave my home and job because he had everything from me. yes I am lucky I am only 24 and hopefully rebuild my life but I can just hope I will trust a man again. I just want people to be aware as I know he will move away from his hometown, and now he is so broke he will be looking for an easy target, anybody that has been through this will understand. I have learnt a hell of a lot and now I can say what some Turkish man can be like and understand others now. Oh and he says he will pay me back? He looks like such a lovely innocent man...he has no job and cant pay for his home... I am intrigued to see when I get this money...£1000 wow it is easy how quickly people forget or just lie so much they do not know reality.
  2. Hi there first I will say i am 24 living in London, a strong independent girl who has been going to Turkey for 5 years. I went to see family and met a man Emre Salar in Gian Carlos in Turgetreis, Bodrum. He spoke no English but I liked him ( I tried not too as I knew the stories of Turkish Waiters) I told him he was a visa hunter or a money hunter I was drunk! He said no no...later I tried walking away as I knew he was trouble! I went back home and found out he was married with a son and was completely disgusted (shouldve known!) 5 months later he added me on facebook. I was shocked and obviously told him I knew he was married etc, he told me the reason he didnt get in touch was because of the divorce!( of course i took with a pinch of salt) We started talking (well i taught him english) we went on webcam everyday and spoke and messaged, skype etc all day! (worming his way in!) He then asked me to come visit him so I went to his sisters house in Ankara as he lived with his parents in Mersin. Then 2 ,months later I went to a Hotel in Mersin. He told me the truth he was married and it was half ok half awful. We worked it out he had said they are trying to get a divorce but she still loved him. It was very hard and i didnt know what to think! Then 2,5 months we went to another hotel and he was really nice which I still wasnt sure about. I came back and he started telling me he needed money or he will go back to his RICH wife! (she wasnt of course!) Unfortunately he had trapped me.. It was hell for a few months and we had tried ending it. Then he begged me to come back and meet his family etc (which I knew was one if their games) I was really ill and even said if you need money i will pay and stay in London! He said no he wanted to see me.. So I went for 5 days and it was hell on earth! He took the money from my purse, the police took him court the second day! apparently? he smoked weed everyday with my money with his friends, he used me for sex when he wanted, then when i refused he hit me. He called me orospu, prostitiute and basically shown me his true colours 15 months later luckily as I hadnt moved there! I noticed his and his wifes facebook and there were photos uploaded together on holiday the days after I went back home. I wish I had noticed before as he begged me for money a few weeks later..obviously to pay for it! After he went back to his wife I told him to explain! He didnt so i said il ring his wife he said ok!? Obviously thinking I wouldnt. But i rang her and tried to tell her everything, she said she hated him and said sorry and says she has a son etc. I dont know if she was in on it or not but I am sending them all the photos! and these posts so they can see I am not just a liar online? never met???? I think what hurts the most is everyone I met comments on their photos what a beautiful couple! How they can live with themselves! Thank god I saw the real him and that poor girl has him for the rest of our life! I now need to leave my flat and my health is really bad I went for a blood test he even said Insallah u kill! Then a few days later he said if you dont ring my wife again you can be my mistress and pay me for 4 months then we can get married!!!! I am gobsmacked I fell for this but it has taught me so much and it could be worse! I am still young and can move on! I feel so bad for everyone that has been in this situation and I hope noone gets caught by him again! Now i taught him English I am sure he will find it easier to trap poor young girls now! Please do not believe a word he says he is a nasty evil vile man!
  3. Hi there, me again! I am in such a pickle!! Basically, I visited my family in Turkey last year as I have been doing for a good few years now. I have always been warned about the Turkish men but also knew how lovely some of them are, but have just been aware. Personally i did always say I would never want a Turkish man because i knew how hard a relationship would be. I went out for dinner and had a few seraps! I saw a waiter and he really caught my eye, even though i didnt think any turkish man was my type! i tried flirting with him but he was so hard faced and was in no way trying it on with me, I then asked a turkish friend to see if he would join us later on(I would never instigate anything in a million years,..before!) He joined us and I was trying to talk to him eventhough he could hardly speak a word of English! After a bit of a kiss at the end of the night i backed off and said no this isnt going to work your probably a visa hunter or something, the next day i flew home. I couldnt stop thinking about him but knew i shouldnt, I then found out he was still married and had a son, i felt awful for his wife mainly! Then a few months later out of the blew he contacted me on facebook, I was jubious but knew i needed to go in with my eyes open. I told him i knew he was married with a son, he admitted he had a son, but apparently was divorced(which i was not sure about and always thought he still was but knew he wasnt living with her). So after speaking every day and slowly his english was improving i went over to see him in December and stayed at his sisters house. We had a good time, didnt do anything exciting just did the usual, going shops making turkish food watching tv. I came back to the UK and knew i was doomed i loved him and now what am i supposed to do. I have just visited him again in his hometown, we stayed in a hotel as he is now living with his parents, we went outside his house and his dad looked at me out of the window and said something to my bf. I knew he had told his parents about me and his mother saw me on webcam once, he told them he loved me which i thought was too soon to tell them but he said they were ok with it as he told them i was muslim. We had a hard time together as we were thinking how we can be together and for the last month he has not been working and he told me he had something to tell me and i knew what it was...he was still married but trying to divorce which i wouldnt have minded if he has just told me from the beginning. I came home and he told me he had been fighting with his parents, they had said that they are not happy he is jobless, pennyless, not with his wife, not living with his son, and now has an english girlfriend. They have told him they are not going to help him anymore and that he needs to go back to his wife and that i am a pipedream i think. he said they think i am just coming over every few months for a holiday and i am not serious, he has to pay his debts and bills etc in a weeks time and they have just said he needs to go to his wife for the money, of course alarm bells are ringing like crazy and i have gone mad at him basically saying that he needs money or he will have to go to his wife..i did not see this coming and there is nothing i can do. he doesnt need alot of money but it is still money. i know he is now going crazy and does not love his wife, and we both know his wife loves him and everybody will be happy if he goes back to her apart from him. I am absolutely gutted as i thought we could actually give this a go eventhough it is not what i wanted in the beginning, i had almost got a job over there and thought it was all possible, now i am just devastated at the thought he is now going to have to go back to his wife and can not believe money has had to come into the equasion..he has never been charming and the typical visa hunter type as he said he wouldnt want to live here, he is 30 and has a son, he would like to visit to see where i am from but i know our aim was to live in turkey. Now everybody is telling me he never loved me and has only got in touch with me for my money..i am so shocked i have only been back a week and so much has happened..
  4. Hi thereI am planning on moving to Turkey in a few months, my partner lives there as well as some of my family. I am looking to find work over there as I am a professional childcarer, I would prefer to Nanny which is what I do here in London. I am a qualified Nanny and have worked in Nursery Schools too. I have found some positions in Istanbul which offer a fantastic wage for very long hours but they want the nanny to live in which obviously wouldnt work with me having a partner, I have also looked on au pair sites but they do not seem very legit. Has anybody worked as a Nanny or Childcarer in Turkey? Is it possible? Appreciate your replies!
  5. Hi thereI have just found this forum and hope I can get some advice! I cant believe I am going to say this but here goes.. I met a Turkish waiter in May, I was visiting family and on the last night went for a few (too many) drinks. In the four years I have been visiting Turkey I had never found anyone attractive then I spotted him! At the end of the night he wanted my number etc and I told him no as I didnt want this problem of having a boyfriend abroad and I know the stereotype. The next day I came home and couldnt stop thinking about him so asked my friends/relatives to ask for his number. They got back to me saying he is married with a child, i was disgusted but thought ok fine. Then 5 months later I got a friend request on facebook and it was him! I accepted after a while as I knew I shouldnt! I asked him about his marriage and son, he said yes he was married and does have a son, and explained everything to me. Basically he had finished all the divorce and everything then plucked the courage to add me. Basically I have just come back from 10 days with him and I am going crazy. I really like him, I know it all sounds ridiculous and I can not believe I have fell for a Turkish man. He wants me to go and live there with him, but I just do not know what he sees in me, he knows when i met him I said he was a visa hunter etc. He knows I have little money I am only 23, I have nothing to offer him, I am not beautiful so am confused. He said he has met very rich english people but has never been interested, he does want to visit London but he is not sure about living here and I have told him it is impossible to even try that. We stayed at his sisters house as he now lives back with his parents, we went out with his friends and cousins, and just lived the normal turkish lifestyle no going to nice restaurants bars etc. We had such a bizaar time we are both a bit crazy and very alike in alot of ways, his english is minimal but we always manage to understand eachother. Am I crazy for being involved with this man? I have no idea what to do I have been back 3 days and it is driving me insane.
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