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Technical Inspection Fines Recalculated

By Alejandra Pousa, 11/06/21

Within the scope of the new integrated system of driver points, fines for the delay in complying with technical inspections of motor vehicles will now be calculated on the basis of the Domestic Producers Price Index (YÜFE) as  announced in the Turkish Resmi Gazette. This measure will be in place until Dec.31st, 2021.

Provided the owner of the vehicle has no motor vehicle tax debt, no traffic fines or toll debts, or if he/she is paying these in installments and has already covered a 10% of the total, he can be given a technical inspection permit and thus benefit from lower prices in the delay fines, as follows:

Delay fine -  5% of vehicle inspection fee for each month of delay. Under the former calculations: 1 year delay Tl 205.08. New calculation by the YÜFE index: TL 14.36. Commercial vehicle: 5 year delay fine - Tl 1,062. With YÜFE index: TL 74.68

Appointments for technical inspections are given free of charge by TÜVTURK www.tuvturk.com.tr, 0850-222 8888 or through e-Devlet.

Source: Milliyet



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